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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – What is the best DLC to buy FAQS 1 - steamlists.com

This is a common question, especially since the game was given away for free if downloaded during the giveaway period. This guide is intended to reduce the number of thread posts in which people ask, “Which DLC should I buy? Here’s a tip for you guys which DLC is the best in-game?

Introduction – Updated

This guide will be as brief and easy as possible. However, it will contain enough information about each DLC to tell you what it contains and what it can do to improve your game experience. You could easily go to the store pages to get a summary rather than reading these pages. This guide is different than the store pages in that it provides more detail about the career gameplay than the descriptions.

They will be classified separately in:


Winds of Magic

Maps and Weapons

Purchase Priority

While this game has a lot of cosmetics that can be purchased with money, I will not include those because they only serve as cosmetics and provide no advantage/disadvantage to your game. It is up to you to decide whether or not to purchase the cosmetics and any other items in this guide.

This is not a tier list for DLCs. This blog is solely for information and sharing my experiences with certain DLCs.

You will also find very few to no tips on building your characters using the DLCs. If you are looking for them, there are already guides.

Last but not least, the prices for DLCs will reflect the base price or “off-sale”. ”

Let’s now get to the point.

Careers (1/2 –

Grail Knight (Kruber) ($3.99)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Careers (1/2) - 7DA1001

This is the first DLC career to be added to the game. Grail Knight is a melee-only profession with skills and a special quest system that rewards players for completing certain tasks. These tasks can include killing specific enemies or picking up a book. He is capable of killing elites and clearing hordes. Additionally, he can kill monsters quickly thanks to his career ult. This is because he has the double-stab talent, which is not available until level 30. Again, He is a melee-only professional. This means that he is unable to defeat ranged special enemies. It is a good idea to have a ranged character alongside him. This career has a notable trait: the ability to block warpfire strikes with any shielded weapon. This is a great advantage for warp fire throwers who sneak into fights. He can draw the aggro of warpfire and block it completely, while another can finish them.

Each run, his quests, and the boons he gives to players are randomly generated. This adds an element of randomness to the game without being too overwhelming to be required in every run. Although very few boons are rewarded, they are extremely useful. These include, but are not limited to, career ult cooldown reduction, health regen and strength potions after every kill, etc.

Exclusive DLC weapons:

Bretonnian Longsword is a long sword with broad sweeps, enormous stagger potential, and a unique trait that allows blocking while you charge a heavy attack.

Usable by: All career

Bretonnian Sword & Shield: This is a great weapon for hordes. It has a shield-bashing attack that staggers enemies and allows for insane temp health generation. This can be used to block warpfire attack.

Usable by: Grail Knight

Should you buy?

Grail Knight is an excellent choice for players who enjoy melee combat. However, Grail Knight can also deal a lot of burst damage with just a click. Grail Knight is a very efficient career, even though it is limited to melee weapons.

Outcast Engineer (Bardin) ($3.99)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Careers (1/2) - B9ABB86

Bardin’s small package can do big damage with Outcast Engineer. His kit allows for a lot of versatility in gameplay style. The Coghammer’s signature is great for elites and hordes, the Masterwork Pistol is able to quickly eliminate specials and elites that don’t belong to chaos warriors. He’s also the only career that can carry more bombs than one, and can carry up three bombs. This career is incredibly special and fun because of his Minigun. I didn’t make a typo and what you just read is correct. He has a freaking minigun that he can whip out and charge himself. It’s great for horde clearing but has a talent that can turn it into an elite killer and take away its horde-clearing abilities. You can’t go wrong either way, it all depends on how you play him… be careful with the friendly fire please.

Exclusive DLC Weapons:

Coghammer is an incredible weapon that can do everything. It has broad sweeps to control crowds and a heavy attack that can knock elites down in just one to three swings.

Usable by: All Careers

Masterwork Pistol is Bardin’s only semi-auto handgun and has incredible elite killing potential. Shots take a second to wind up per bullet. However, you can hold the right click to unload the entire magazine much faster at the expense of accuracy.

Usable by: All jobs except Slayer

Should you buy?

This career is enjoyable and can be used in any situation. His Coghammer can kill elites quickly and effectively, snipe special enemies or unwanted enemies with the Masterwork in just a few shots, and easily cleans up hordes of monsters. His melee game is average as he doesn’t have an AoE knockback effect. However, his minigun shines when he is far away. This makes me think this career could be a good way to practice positioning. Outcast is very sensitive to his minigun’s vulnerability. You will be able to adapt to this over time, without a doubt.

Careers (2/2 –

Sister Of The Thorn (Kerillian)($3.99)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Careers (2/2) - 6756AEA

This is a terrifying career as she can control battle flow with her unique kit. She can lift any enemy that isn’t monsters and disable them temporarily, making patrols a joke. You can also build walls to block enemies from reaching you or your team. This is very useful in horde fights, where enemies have multiple routes to attack you. She also has a passive that boosts the team’s healing by 25%, gains temporary energy from her teammates attacks when their health is full (being the best THP generator in the game)) and applies a debuff on all enemies she hits using a melee attack, increasing their damage, stacked together with a poison that does DDOT.

Although she doesn’t have exclusive melee weapons, her package includes two secondary ranged weapons which are amazing in their own right. Sister of the Thorn is versatile and can be used as a support, pure DPS or hybrid. You can also get a free ult casting with a cooldown time of 60 seconds. However, you can shorten it by using a specific talent. Sister is Kerillian’s most versatile career, as you can do a lot with her.

Exclusive Weapons:

Deepwood Staff is a Jedi power that allows you to lift all enemies, including chaos warriors. Monsters are not allowed. The primary fire is an attack with an infinite range and no damage loss. It’s extremely accurate and makes it easy to land headshots on floating enemies.

Usable by: Sister Of The Thorn

Briar Javelin These make quick work of elites, specials, and… well, just about everything. They can also store infinite ammo if you have the safety to hold reload to create more. They can also be used as a melee weapon, even though they are a ranged secondary. These can be dangerous for your teammates so please be careful. These can cause some friendly fire damage on higher difficulty levels so be considerate and don’t throw them at targets your team has already pursued.

Usable by: All career

Should you buy it?

insanely valuable. Having a Sister-of-the-Thorn on the team that is knowledgeable is a huge advantage. Her extra healing buff is huge and the debuffs that she can apply to all enemies through melee attacks alone give her a genuine edge. This career brings two amazing secondary weapons. One of them is shared by all her careers. The Briar Javelin with sister is a great weapon to have. Any elite or special would be stopped in their tracks by just one throw. Or more if they were a Chaos Warrior. The javelin’s effectiveness in disarming enemies is appealing, but the Deepwood Staff makes this career stand out from Kerillian’s other counterparts. The fight is easier for everyone when you lift elites and specials, which makes your team appreciate you even more. You can also recharge your staff quickly and inexpensively, as everyone generates THP for you. This career is more than just a support role. If you decide to become the Sister of Thorn, you’re a storm coming.

Warrior priest of Sigmar (Saltzpyre $3.99 –

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Careers (2/2) - 0C445AA

Saltzpyre is another melee-only career option for our favorite zealot. This man doesn’t have two exclusive weapons like other careers. There are six types of melee weapons. Because of his healing support and crowd control, a Warrior Priest is often welcomed into any team that isn’t melee-only. His weapons will glow and deal extra damage if he does enough damage within a period. This damage can heal your team with permanent green healing with the required talent. It is the only career that can heal your team this way. Remember how annoyingly durable Chaos Warriors can be! Warrior Priest deals extra damage to them, so you can easily humble those ignorant armor-wearing bastards. It is also worth noting that he is immune to curse damage. This means that his maximum health will remain the same regardless of the circumstances.

His career ult provides him or a team member with an immunity bubble that grants complete immunity to all damage until it becomes active. The shield bubble then explodes with an AOE ring that does AOE damage around you. You can customize it in other ways to increase utility.

Exclusive Weapons:

Paired Skull-Splitters They are dual hammers for Saltzpyre. They have amazing crowd control and wide sweeps.

Usable by: Warrior Priest, Zealot

Skull Splitter and Tome – Has a fast attack speed, sweeps, and special weapon attacking where you can enable your next heavy attack on a fly, turning the swing into a lunge that sprints forward or a harder hitting overhead.

Usable by: Priest of the Warrior

Flail and Shield ignore shields and have heavy crowd control attacks with wide sweeps. Also, it has a shield that protects against enemy machine gunners/beastmen arrows.

Usable by: Priest of the Warrior

Reckoner Great Hammer Heavy attacks focus more on crowd control and are ineffective against elites. Light attacks are single-target based and can be effective against elites, but they do decent damage to monsters.

Usable by: Warrior Priest, Zealot

Skull Splitter Hammer is a similar product to Paired Skull Splitters but with one hammer.

Usable by: Warrior Priest, Zealot

Skull Splitter Hammer and Shield – Has wide, sweeping light attacks and heavy attacks that alternate. It also has a shield that blocks projectiles.

Usable by: Priest of the Warrior

Should you buy it?

Warrior Priest, like the Grail Knight, is melee-only, but it’s also very effective, no matter what weapon you choose. Unlike the Grail Knight, this guy is more of a support warrior than a pure DPS. His horde clearing abilities are no joke, and his efforts to kill elites should not be laughed at. It’s all very satisfying. However, giving an ally protection when they are about to be attacked by enemies is pure bliss. If you time it right, you can turn the tide of the battle. They’ll take no damage and will be more likely to survive. This will also help alleviate any fear they may have had while the shield was active. He’s fun to use, has fun weapons, is a great teammate for carrying grims, and can even revive an ally from far away. Warrior Priest is an excellent option if you like to be a support but also want to have fun killing.


While writing this guide, Sienna’s DLC career was not yet released. For more information on her career, please refer to the pinned topic on the forums.

Winds of Magic

I had planned to merge this with other DLCs, but it was too long and needed its section. Winds of Magic is the largest non-career DLC. This is not for the sake or new maps, but because the weapon and mechanic enhancements are also significant.

It is important to remember that only the host requires the DLC to allow everyone to play the map. However, those who don’t have the DLC will not be able to get the exclusive weapons Winds of Magic has to provide.

Winds of Magic ($19.99)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Winds of Magic - A7ADD04

This unlocks Beastmen, a third enemy type that can randomly be generated in any base game story missions. This DLC cannot be removed from the game once purchased.

This challenging single map serves more or less as an introduction to the Beastmen of Vermintide 2. You will receive a new weapon for each character you beat after you complete it. In this case, difficulty is irrelevant.


Tuskgor Spear (Kruber) – Alternates between poking and occasional sweeps. It has good stagger and versatility.

Usable by: Mercenary, Hunstman

Throwing Axes (Bardin) is an infinite ammo-throwing weapon that can be used to deal with elites and specials quickly and do decent damage against monsters. They do not have a melee attack but can be thrown quickly at a shorter range or aimed at a longer distance. Slayer’s only ranged weapon. Similar to the briar javelins, please be cautious when using them around your teammates. These can cause serious injury on more difficult difficulties.

Usable by: Ranger Veteran, Slayer

Billhook (Saltzpyre) alternates between poking or wide sweeps. It also has a special attack that staggers any object it latches onto, except monsters.

Usable by: All jobs except Warrior Priest

Spear & Shield (Kerillian This weapon can be used to alternate between poking and wide sweeps. It also has a shield that blocks enemy projectiles. This weapon is a favorite pick for Handmaiden.

Usable by: Handmaiden

Flaiming Flail (Sienna) is a powerful tool that can do everything. Crowd control, elite killer speed, decent damage to monsters, ignores shields like nothing… there are no limits.

Usable by: All careers so far ()

New Game Mechanics

After purchasing Winds of Magic, you will unlock a new mode and difficulty and an enemy species. This new gamemode is called Weaves… and I don’t know much about it. This mode was a disappointment to the player base, and it is not often played. If you only want it for Weaves, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this DLC.

“Cataclysm” is the new difficulty. It is similar to Legend but much more challenging. This model is popular among players who feel Legend isn’t challenging enough. It has its meta, and books are often ignored. The end reward is the exact same after you have a map on Legend. This is a weapon vault. This difficulty is for those who are looking for a serious challenge.

The game now includes a new enemy species: Beastmen. These enemies can randomly spawn in your base games missions, and your Chaos Waste runs. As stated at the beginning of this section, Beastmen can only be disabled by mods once Winds of Magic are purchased. Please read the following if you want to learn more about Beastmen and how they can be defeated.

Notable Beastmen Enemies:

Archers is the literal bane to everyone’s existence… These enemies are very annoying, especially on legend and higher. They will spawn in groups and keep a certain distance from you(s) until they get close. They will then bring out a spear to attack you. They are a nuisance, but they do go down quickly.

Beastigor is an alternative to Rotbloods. However, they have light armor protection. They will charge toward you and try to ram you if they see you. This is usually easy to avoid. You can dodge to the side and timing doesn’t need to be perfect. They’re not too bad, and they’re fun to kill.

Minotaur is a Beastmen-type monster that can spawn over other monsters if Beastmen live in the area. It can inflict a light combo string and a charge when up close. Although they aren’t too bad, you must be careful when fighting one.

Should you buy it?

Winds of Magic offers more game content than the other DLC packs. This would be my only purchase, and that’s only when it’s on sale. But if you have the money, you can grab it whenever you like.

Maps and Weapons

The Winds of Magic map packs offer maps AND weapons for characters. The other map pack adds maps and no other information. There’s also a pack that only contains weapons.

This section won’t be as long as the Career section because I’m not as good at explaining what the maps look like. You can find tons of videos on Youtube if you want to see the maps for yourself. I’m not trying be harsh, but I am trying to save myself the pain of having to remember the maps.

It is important to remember that only the host requires the DLC to play the maps. However, those who don’t have the DLC will not be able to get the exclusive weapons and tools the map packs offer.

Back to Ubersreik ($9.99)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Maps and Weapons - 7B5D44C

This map pack includes three new maps, as well as new weapons and weapon illusions/cosmetics. These maps are remastered versions of the Vermintide: End Times previous game. If you have, this might be a good purchase. I believe this map pack is mainly bought for the weapons it contains.

Maps include The Horn of Magnus and Garden of Morr.


Sword and (Kruber) can be used to control crowds and are capable of killing elites. Popular weapon choice for Krubers.

Usable by: All career

Dual Hammers (Bardin): Amazing crowd control, fast wide sweeps, great stagger, and decent elite killing.

Usable by: All career

Elven Axe (Kerillian)– sweep attacks, good to elites and shield breaking. It is not used often because her other arsenal outclasses it. Even if it isn’t the meta, I recommend that you focus on what’s more enjoyable to use.

Usable by: All career

Falchion and () Similar to the Mace and Sword it has excellent crowd control and armor-piercing for elite kills. This is a solid choice for any Saltz main who isn’t Warrior Priest.

Usable by: All jobs except Warrior Priest

Crowbill (Sienna): Alternates between sweeps or vertical strikes. Heavy attacks are more sweep-based. It’s not something I see very often, but it’s certainly not a bad weapon. Focus more on what you find enjoyable to use than what the meta says.

Shadows over Bogenhafen ($9.99)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Maps and Weapons - 7331A50

This map pack is not worth my time. It doesn’t provide much benefit to the player. This adds two new maps and extra cosmetics for characters/weapons/player frames. I don’t use the maps enough to be interested in them. You should only buy this if you need more levels or extra cosmetics. I purchased this map pack because I thought it was the “Back to Ubersreik”.

This is not a DLC tier listing. I don’t mean to criticize this map pack. I’m simply being honest about the DLC and how it benefits me as a player.

Maps include: The Pit, The Blightreaper

Forgotten Relics Weapon Pack ($5.99 –

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - What is the best DLC to buy FAQS - Maps and Weapons - 7092D8C

Although it doesn’t provide additional maps, it does provide an extra weapon for each profession, new paintings, and a new portrait framing. Although this may seem a bit excessive, having more weapons is always worth it in a game such as this. These weapons are used quite often. This was a worthwhile purchase, and I purchased it on sale.


Spear & Shield (Kruber – Alternates between pokes and sweeps. This is great for crowd control and can block projectiles. You can also use the special attack to block while attacking. It is very easy to use and can easily be implemented in most builds.

Usable by: All jobs except Grail Knight

Trollhammer Torpedo (Bardin) is a literal cannon for the go. Carry up to 7 rounds or 11 if Outcast Engineer. Block attacks and normally has 3 stamina defenses. You can easily erase specials and elites that cross your path. Did you trigger a Patrol? This is all they need. Amazing monster damage.

Usable by: Ironbreaker. Outcast Engineer

Griffon Foot Pistols (Saltzpyre) Pocket shotguns that can be carried in pockets and have great crowd control. They are perfect for eliminating specials and elites.

Usable by: All jobs except Warrior Priest

Moonfire Bow (Kerillian) is a bow with infinite ammunition. It has a charge meter similar to Sienna’s staves, but you can’t speed the recharge process up by any means. It can kill most elites and all specials very quickly, has DOT, and infinite ammo is always good.

Usable by: All career

The coruscation Staff (Sienna) is a versatile staff. It fires like a shotgun blast, and the right clicks trigger fire walls that last for a few seconds, doing constant damage to any object that is in its path. The DOT is a deadly weapon. Shotgun blasts can kill most elites in one hit. Specials can also be used to eliminate enemies. Firewalls can also be spammed to provide crowd control—an absolute beast of a weapon.

Priority Purchase

If you think you’ve read all of the above, which is a good thing, but before you buy any DLC, here’s something else to consider.

How can I tell which DLCs should be prioritized?

This is because only you know the answer. Everyone has a particular playstyle, even you.

Are you a host looking for more content?

Map packs can provide you with additional weapons/cosmetics. If you have friends who want to play these levels but don’t have the DLCs, they can host them for you and they’ll be able to enjoy the levels without any problems.

Are you enjoying the character(or) that you are playing but getting tired of their base careers and characters?

Career DLCs will fix this, giving you more gameplay options and customization. You can also bring the weapons to other careers, depending on your profession.

Do you desire more weapon options?

This problem can be mitigated by any DLCs that add additional weapons. This game’s more extensive arsenal of weapons will allow you to replay it more often and give you more opportunities to build.

You’ll eventually find what you want as you play more. You can’t go wrong with any purchase that adds to the game. However, certain DLCs are better bought when they are on sale. Winds of Magic. is one example.



Hope you enjoy the Guide about Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – What is the best DLC to buy FAQS, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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