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A quick and dirty guide to the Warrior Priest.


He is a 150 health character.
Ult cooldown is 70 seconds.
Righteous Fury: Killing enemies (I think) grants you meter. When at full meter, you use Righteous Fury. Enemies hit will be smitten (Smite) for 20% additional damage (and staggered). The meter drains and killing things refills the meter, so staying in combat can make it last longer. It also drains if you aren’t hitting stuff.
Shield of Faith: Divine Shield. 5 seconds of invuln. You can put it on someone else, too. It blows up at the end of duration, so if you are captured, it will free you.
Random Stats: 100% curse resist; 30% power against Chaos Warrior and Flag Bearer; 20% less damage taken, and 20% of damage taken is applied as a DoT.
Lvl 5:
Stagger, Cleave, Heal Share (standard stuff)
Lvl 10:
Cleaving 3 enemies grants half push costs for 4 seconds.
Hits increase power of next charge attack by 8%. Stacks 5 times. Cap is 40%.
(You) killing an elite grants 5% critical chance for 12 seconds. Stacks 3 times. Cap is 15%.
Lvl 15:
Smiter, Mainstay, Enhanced Power
Lvl 20:
Pushing during Righteous Fury sends a shockwave around you.
Smite is now delayed 1 second. Has increased stagger and deals 40% weapon damage.
(You) killing enemies heals the party (green health) during Righteous Fury
Lvl 25:
Party gains 35% crit power.
Party gains 25% stagger power.
Party gains 15% max health.
Lvl 30:
Shield lasts 8 seconds and you can trample small enemies.
Shield when put on someone else, also is put on you.
Shield will revive a player and heal them the damage they took in the last 3 seconds.


He has 6 weapons, so making reds will take 30 red dust. He can’t use a ranged weapon, and he can only use these.
Small Hammer (usable by zealot): An exact clone of the mace and dwarf hammer.
Small Hammer and Shield: An exact clone of the mace+shield and hammer+shield.
Flail and Shield: This is the easy-mode weapon. While charging heavies, it blocks for you (like Longsword), and you can literally solve all your problems by spamming heavies. Cleave, stagger, damage, and blocking all at once.
Hammer and Tome: This is his “ranged weapon”. Tertiary attack will charge the book (it can also be charged by holding heavy attack). When the book is charged, a heavy attack will launch him forward, closing distance on specials. You can probably move faster than normal if you spam it, too. The distance is quite short, so it’s mainly useful on leeches, fire rats, gutter runners, and flags.
Dual Hammers (usable by zealot): An exact clone of the dwarf dual hammers.
Big Hammer (usable by zealot): A variant of the other great hammers. It has some combo ability, if you mix the heavies and lights. Better or worse? Hard to say currently. Oh, and you can punch people with the tertiary attack.

Written by Ghoul Hunter

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Warrior Priest Overview; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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