Wargame: Red Dragon – Wargame Tactical Fear Gamemode

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Wargame: Red Dragon – Wargame Tactical Fear Gamemode 1 - steamlists.com

Wargame Tactical Fear Gamemode is a redundant and horrible idea I had while playing Wargame Red Dragon with my friends. This gamemode is meant to make the game monotonous and horribly agonizing for anyone playing it.

The goal of the gamemode is to encourage player-to-player communication and make the game truly reliant on co-ordination and efficient communication. This mode can also be used for small businesses for exercises involving teamwork and co-operation.


Basic Definition

The basic definition of the gamemode is to ensure that players are communicating effectively. Throughout this guide, as stated in the description, we will be uncovering the basics of this gamemode. The gamemode in question, ‘Tactical Fear’ is meant to force the player into creating a deck specifically pertaining to their role within the game. They are forced to stick to this role and this role alone, and although it may not make for a very entertaining game experience, it can lead to a very stressful, and redundant one which can ultimately turn into enjoyment.


In order to ensure that Tactical Fear is done properly, a series of rules must be implemented of which all players are expected to follow. You may be required to share your decks with members of your team and/or your friends as to ensure that no one is cheating, however I recommend against this as it could allow your enemy to develop ways to counter your deck. Alternatively, I suggest falling unto a strict trust system and understanding what each deck must comprise of.

1) Individuals must communicate.
Communication is a key part of this gamemode. If you do not communicate, you’re better off just spamming Helicopters and calling it a day.

2) Remain within your restriction.
At the start of each game, each player will decide their role for the match. If playing naval battles, please disregard this entire gamemode as it is only applicable to either Naval/Land battles, or Land Battles only.

3) Do not act independently.
This gamemode is meant to encourage co-operation against the opposing team, and is meant to show that strategy can apply in this of a game. If you just bop ahead, your other teammates may not be able to support you and will lead to not-fun times.

Player Role: Logistics

Logistics is the backbone of every great army, and subsequently the backbone of every Wargame Match.

Players choosing to undergo the role of Logistics are permitted a very limited arsenal. They are responsible for the distribution of defences, command troops, and basic supplies. Those playing the role of Logistics are limited to only granting themselves Anti-Air guns, Control Point/Capture Troops, and Resupply Vehicles. Individuals playing this deck may also grant themselves artillery and air units, however may not utilize:

– Recon Units
– Tank Units
– Non-Command Infantry Units
– Helicopters
– Non-Command Naval Units
– Vehicles (Non-AA; AA Vehicles are permitted.)

Player Role: Infantry

Ah the Infantry. The idiots of the military who were either forced in, or decided it’d be a great day to die for the sake of nationalism.

The player controlling infantry probably has the best role in the whole game. Almost all infantry units can be used except for airborne units, and units based by helicopter. Basic vehicles can be used such as Anti-Tank, and light-tanks can be used in support of this bastion of the offensive. Those playing infantry, cannot do the following:

– Utilize any logistical units
– Utilize any air-based units
– Utilize any Anti-Air units (excluding infantry*)
– Utilize any medium/concept tanks
– Utilize any navy based units (excluding marines)
– Utilize any support units

If you’re playing as the Infantry, you also maintain a heavy presence in the grande strategy of your game. Ensure to balance out your tactics with your allies.

Player Role: Airborne

So you like the airforce eh? You’re just a coward.

Anyways, you’re playing as the Airborne aspect. You cover the air and ensure airborne security right next to our good lad in logistics. Your role is maintain air superiority as well as provide basic CAS and ground-based assistance. You are limited to using only air-based units, including airborne infantry.
You may not use the following in your deck:

– Tanks
– Support Vehicles
– Logistics
– Recon (Airborne Recon Units Allowed)
– Non-Air based Infantry (Ex; May only use infantry based out of a huey/Chinook, etc)
– Non-Air based Naval Units

Now provide us with some general CAS or your team is gonna be mad.

Wargame: Red Dragon - Wargame Tactical Fear Gamemode

Player Role: Recon

Reconnaissance has been the deciding factor in nearly every battle known to man. Poor Reconnaissance often leads to mass-death, typically one seen as unnecessary. A good strategy, always accompanies a good reconnaissance mission.

Players who choose to play as Recon may only possess Recon Units, and any units allocated under the ‘Vehicle’ section of their desired nation. They are also permitted to utilize any naval unit they see fit. Individuals who choose to play as recon may not:

– Utilize Recon Units
– Utilize Tanks (Outside of the Vehicle Category*)
– Utilize Support or Basic Infantry of any kind
– Utilize Helicopters outside of the Recon Category or Planes.

Player Role: Armoured

The Armour of any nation is the unit that will strike fear into the hearts of the enemies. Individuals choosing to play as the armoured role may only utilize armoured units. This includes infantry units with mechanized bases, such as a US deck with M2 Bradleys.
NOTE: I recommend using armoured only in games where you’re using decks from any era.

While playing as an armoured deck, you may utilize all tanks, all vehicles based around tanks/mechanized units (this includes Command Vehicles), and you may use infantry utilizing mechanized methods. Individuals playing armoured may not:

– Utilize Non-Armoured Recon Units
– Utilize Aircraft of any kind
– Utilize non-armoured naval units
– Utilize any Support Units
– Utilize any anti-air
– Utilize any Anti-Tank infantry
– Utilize Logistics (excluding tank-based command units)

Concluding Statements

Ultimately the whole purpose of this gamemode is to drive you ♥♥♥ insane and enhance the use of the ‘Deck Type’ (regards to infantry, mechanized, etc) that already exists within the game. Feel free to not use this, I don’t really care in the end. If you do use it, please feel free to let me know any critiques you may have, or additional play styles that I should add to this guide. If you find any decks that particularly work well for you, please leave a comment with the link to such and I will add it to the guide. Otherwise, I wish you all well and hope you found this style of play as aggravating as I did!

Written by Dunkersplay

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Wargame: Red Dragon – Wargame Tactical Fear Gamemode, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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