Warframe – Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy

Warframe – Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy 16 - steamlists.com
Warframe – Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy 16 - steamlists.com
This guide contains visual & audio assistance with YouTube videos and descriptive text that will assist you in getting the pigments for your Dojo.


Pigment Introduction

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy - Pigment Introduction

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy

Warframe clan walls, floors, fog & lights can have their colour customised through pigments. Pigments can only be used once a clan has selected & farmed the required amount of resources for each colour. The Dojo’s Tenno Lab hosts the Terminal & UI needed to begin researching all pigments in game.

The amount of resources needed for each pigment will be displayed in the UI at the pigment terminal and for the active pigment, the amount will appear above the terminal itself alongside the unit that drops them. When members of your clan have acquired the resources they can be deposited into the terminal to complete the pigment research process.

Note: Pigment Resources do not drop from enemies if a pigment has not been selected at the terminal, depending on the selected pigment the drop chance, drop amount and drop rate will vary.

Dojo Pigments (Tenno Lab Terminal)

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy - Dojo Pigments (Tenno Lab Terminal)
The only requirement needed to start obtaining Dojo Pigments is the Tenno Lab.
The lab contains the Terminal that holds the UI for selecting & researching Pigments.

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy
The Pigment Terminal is located on the right side of the Tenno Lab and is the Furthest Terminal from the door along the window, as shown.

This terminal enables you to start & pause progression on a selected dojo pigment colour alongside previewing the amount of resources needed to research each pigment, that being credits and the pigment resource itself.

The amount of resources needed will vary based on the Pigment colour and the units you need to farm.
Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy
Within the Pigment terminal all of the available pigments in Warframe will appear, you can order them by Progression, Name or Prerequisites similar to the other Labs within your Dojo. A search function is also available if you wish to search for a single pigment directly.

You can hover over each pigment to see what enemy type drops each pigment and the research status & you can click on a pigment to have the resource requirements and the amount of clan affinity you’ll receive upon completion appear in the list to the right (as shown above).

Change the Room (Polychrome)

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy - Change the Room (Polychrome)
When your clan has researched a Pigment colour at the terminal, your clan’s architect can change the colour of a room and its lighting via a Polychrome.

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy
A polychrome can be placed in the room that you wish to customise via the decoration submenu in the games main menu.

Note: You must be in a Dojo Room & the room must not have an existing Polychrome.

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy
Upon interaction, the Polychrome has 4 options:

  • Fund Construction: Donate Resources to apply the colours to the Dojo Room.
  • Preview Colours: Roam the room and view the selected colours before application.
  • Change Room Colours: Select pigments for the Geometry.
  • Change Lighting Colours: Select pigments for the Lighting.

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy
Change Room Colours: This option opens a colour picker submenu that allows you to select or change the colour of varying parts in the room to that of your researched pigments.

Similar to that of a Warframe & its attachments, the customisation options follow:
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Accents & Lights.

Upon clicking on one of these options the pigment colour palette will open.

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy
Change Lighting Colours: The same as Room Colours, this option opens a colour picker submenu that allows you to select or change the colour of varying parts in the room to that of your researched pigments.

However, Unlike Room colours, this selection affects only the rooms lighting and has only three customisation options. Those being:
Key, Accent & Fog.

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy
The Colour palette will display all of the existing pigments that you can research and acquire.

The ability to preview locked pigments is available by hovering over one of the locked pigment colours.

This palette screen on top of the Pigment Terminal in the Tenno lab will notify you of any Pigments that you have yet to be researched via a locked icon. Researched pigments will simply appear as their colour.

The ability to randomise the colours based on your researched pigments is available for both the Colours & Lighting submenu’s at the Polychrome.

Locations & Farming (Information)

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy - Locations & Farming (Information)

Pigment Names in White: Detailed VideosEnemy TypeEnemy LocationsRequired AmountDrop RateDrop Count
01000011 CyanTerra Raptor SXOrb Vallis/Fortuna
Alert Level 3+
https://youtu.be/ia0nV6clGIQZanuka HunterZanuka Beacon
Zanuka Death Mark
https://youtu.be/VX2DPTD4T5YCorrupted MoaThe Void/Fissure Missions30020%5
https://youtu.be/oUVQGTggVjIPhoridInfested Invasions10100%1
https://youtu.be/oUVQGTggVjIToxic AncientsDeimos & Dark Sector
Endless Missions
https://youtu.be/Jb4Me8V1UDQTerra Embattor MoaOrb Vallis / Fortuna – Alert Level 3+510%10
Coolant BlueTerra OvertakerOrb Vallis / Fortuna – Alert Level 3+50020%5
https://youtu.be/u813ZvlMvzsInfested CrawlerDeimos & Dark Sector Missions40050%2
https://youtu.be/j4tR0UWWtvcTusk Mortar BombardPlains of Eidolon/Cetus40020%5
https://youtu.be/oL67dmM11LICorrupted LancerThe Void/Fissure Missions55010%10
https://youtu.be/egXJgj7KBY4The SergeantIlliad – Phobos20100%1
https://youtu.be/O1jz_qw47z0Corpus CrewmanVenus & Phobos Survival20010%10
https://youtu.be/blQ-P2hYkwAGrineer TrooperTitan/Helene – Saturn
Adaro – Sedna
https://youtu.be/uooXl64AjsQCorpus Sniper CrewmanBaal, Abaddon & Kokabiel – Europa50100%1
https://youtu.be/sSoEiep8Ru8The StalkerStalker Beacons
Stalker Death Mark
https://youtu.be/OttFHDETqHgCorrupted CrewmanThe Void/Fissure Missions15010%10
Memoriam PurpleTerra ProvisorOrb Vallis/Fortuna25010%10
https://youtu.be/rBnS94K-MjIOrokin DroneThe Void/Fissure Missions20020%5
https://youtu.be/bfuv7VytHXYLeech OspreyLarissa Neptune
Europa & Pluto
Mortus PinkTusk FlamebladePlains of Eidolon/Cetus510%10
https://youtu.be/hafRvcjHxMYTar-Mutalist MoaDeimos/Dark Sector Missions15050%2
https://youtu.be/r_hgO03sr9UInfested ChargerDeimos/Dark Sector Missions55010%10
Neo PinkTerra TrencherOrb Vallis/Fortuna
Alert 3+
https://youtu.be/qtims35b8QkVay HekOro – Earth10100%1
https://youtu.be/lk6KxJFPRcEGrineer ButcherTitan – Saturn50020%5
https://youtu.be/j20EapDscHcGrineer LancerDraco/Pallas/Casta
– Ceres
https://youtu.be/zx4pZG8j_8MCorpus Railgun MoaTycho – Lua
Hades – Pluto
https://youtu.be/bNmjRCF5wNcGrineer SeekerDraco – Ceres
Titan – Saturn
https://youtu.be/emhJyiTZch4Grineer ScorpionHydron – Sedna
Helene – Saturn
https://youtu.be/EGfw_G4HKpoVomvalystPlains of Eidolon – Night25010%10
https://youtu.be/lIG6_Tpkf4sGrineer Arid EvisceratorSpear (10 waves) – Mars220100%1
https://youtu.be/4_i2Ji-3O7wGrineer BallistaAdaro – Sedna30050%2
Tower WhiteKuva JesterKuva Fortress
Kuva Missions
https://youtu.be/yvfG8abmrVMGrineer Arid LancerMars Endless450100%1
https://youtu.be/tFG_PchGu0kGrineer DargynPlains of Eidolon
See Video


Farming Advice & Notice

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy - Farming Advice & Notice
The above pigment requirements are the base values aka: Ghost Clan values and it’s important to note for those unaware, that as with all clan research, when your clan tier increases beyond Ghost, your research values scale significantly.

Ghost Clan’s: base value as shown above.
Shadow Clan’s: x3
Storm Clan’s: x10
Mountain Clan’s: x30
Moon Clan’s: x100

Therefor if you are apart of a larger clan and are farming/researching pigments its highly suggested that you farm as a group to increase enemy density within missions and the amount of pigments your clan receives per farming run.

As with nearly every resource in Warframe, Loot boosting Warframes and Abilities(Desecrate, etc.) are key to getting through the process of Pigment Research as fast as possible. A Smeeta Kavat with a Charm buff active will also increase the amount you pick up alongside a resource & resource drop chance booster (if you wish to acquire them).

Conclusion & Other Guides

Warframe - Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy - Conclusion & Other Guides
You can acquire the Iwoply graphic and branding in Warframe by using Promocode: IWOPLY

With my knowledge on Warframe’s Dojo Pigment system & farming shared, I now conclude this guide.

I am currently open to suggestions for new guides for the game that you may find useful or want to find on steam but for now, thank you again.

Written by iwoply

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Warframe – Dojo Pigment Farming Made Easy; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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