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Warframe – Controller Options 5 - steamlists.com
Warframe – Controller Options 5 - steamlists.com

Welcome to this post We hope you find this Warframe – Controller Options guide useful.

This guide included screenshots of my entire Controller Options Page, you can follow along to copy them if you wish, and I will explain any noteworthy changes below the images.

Controller Options

Warframe - Controller Options - Controller Options - EF8E0A6

Look Sensitivity

I personally struggle with high sensitivity so I keep this low.

Aim Sensitivity

I have dropped Aim Sensitivity to a lower setting that my Look Sensitivity, this makes it so when I Aim my reticle speed is reduced further allowing my to easily aim with accuracy.

Enable Vibration – Disabled

I have this turned off as I dislike vibration when on controller, sometimes it throws off my aim so I keep it off.

Use Abilities on Selection – Enabled

Having this on paired with my custom bindings allows you to quickly use any Warframe ability or switch to Operator with just 2 inputs; LB + (X, Y, A, B, RB)

Auto-Swap Weapon on Empty – Disabled

This is a personal preference, I often use the Kuva Bramma so sometimes my ammo runs out while there is more available to pick up.

Having this disabled means I don’t have to switch back to my Primary when I collect more ammo.

Reload with Context Action Input – Enabled

I have this enabled to allow X on my custom bindings to manually reload my weapons, if this gets in the way for you for some reason you can Disable this.

Melee With Fire Weapon Input – Enabled

With this enabled, when you have your Melee Weapon drawn (Hold Y) you are able to use RT for your Light Attack and RB for your heavy attack with my custom bindings.

This allows you to use Melee freely without having to take your thumb off the Joysticks, making turning and aiming mid-fight easy.

Warframe - Controller Options - Controller Options - CF8EED5

Nothing noteworthy here.

Warframe - Controller Options - Controller Options - F5A551F

Nothing noteworthy here.

Warframe - Controller Options - Controller Options - 441EF54

Nothing noteworthy here.

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