Warface – Blackwood Guide [2021]

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Blackwood just tries to make the world a better place. Sadly the Warface terrorists managed to successfully manipulate the citiziens into thinking that Blackwood is an evil company.
Warface is a terrorist cell who wants to push their communist agenda on everyone who thinks different than them, and they don’t hold back of killing for their views.

Warface - Blackwood Guide [2021]

List of warcrimes commited by Warface

1. Attacking without declaration of war
2. Killing everyone in sight, even if they don’t have their weapons raised
3. Not even bothering to take prisoners or use less leathal weapons
4. Opening fire in a demilitarized zone
5. Use of attillery and explosives near civilian facilities
6. Use of chemical weapons
7. Invading foreign Countries without declaration of War or justification
8. Intrude the Airspace of foreign countries

Warface - Blackwood Guide [2021]

Example team Cold Peak

Team Cold Peak, which you meet in the Black Shark mission, disappeared for a year, as the general confirms. But instead of eliminating it with hate and revenge, blackwood caught the team for 1 year, feeding it and heating up the jail cell. And all because they wanted to bring the team Cold Peak to the court to make everything right. Blackwood always sticks to the Geneva Conventions.

While the team Warface takes no prisoners and shoots on visual contact.

Warface - Blackwood Guide [2021]

What Blackwood does

Blackwood boosted the ecconomy of several poor countries by making lots of new jobs, and with those jobs, the citizens have now a higher living standard. And what does Warface do? They come out of nothing and destroy the factories and kill thousands.
Also Blackwood researches to cure HIV and Cancer and end diseases in research labs located in Brazil. And what does the warface team do yet again? Right! They come out of nothing and shoot everyone. The Blackwood soldiers work just like everyone else to feed their families, and the Warface team kills them in cold blood.

Warface - Blackwood Guide [2021]

Closing Words

So if you’ve thought about it and understood that Warface are the bad guys then join us. We have a group on steam. Join us and fight Warface!

Link to the group:

For Blackwood! For a better world!



Warface - Blackwood Guide [2021]

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Warface – Blackwood Guide [2021], if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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