War Thunder – How to Setup Tiger E Correctly

War Thunder – How to Setup Tiger E Correctly 1 - steamlists.com
War Thunder – How to Setup Tiger E Correctly 1 - steamlists.com

This guide will cover basic ammo setup, proper angle, typical ranges, and weaknesses of opponents, as well as how to position yourself for gameplay.


I had a decent 4.11 K/D rate in AB and a 2.476K/D ratio in RB for my Tiger E(, including data about where I was grinding the stock tiger. I also had a 30% chance of getting up-tiered). As my silver lion grinder, I play Tiger E: active a 10-kill wager. Get into RB, eliminate opponents, and profit! I’d like to share my RB knowledge and tricks.

War Thunder - How to Setup Tiger E Correctly - Introduction - F396081

War Thunder - How to Setup Tiger E Correctly - Introduction - 33E6FB4

Correctly Setup Tiger E

1. Only bring 29/92(+63) shells (25 Pzgr. + 1 Sprgr. L/4.5 + 3 Sprgr 40 –

War Thunder - How to Setup Tiger E Correctly - Setup Tiger E Correctly - A4555AB

Your survival rate will be greatly increased if you have a small ammo rack (more than 50% reduction in ammo rack surface area)). This setup will ensure that your opponents won’t be able to kill you in one hit. You have good armor to save you time. 29 shells are enough (. I played 335 RB rounds and ran out of ammo after 12 kills.

2.Use Pzgr. Not PzGr 39

2.1 The 10 mm penetration is a myth!

Take a look at the armor of your opponent. You can reliably penetrate any armor you can reach. Even Pzgr 40 won’t work reliably for those you can’t penetrate with Pzgr.

2.2 Pzgr. Gives you more one-shot kills

This doesn’t even require statistics support. All you have to do is play for an afternoon, and you will be able to tell.

3. Only four shells are needed for Sprgr. L/4.5 and 40 PzGr!

APCR and HE shells are not necessary. For rare situations, only bring a few. (I felt Pzgr 40 was a waste of money when I ran out. My penetration didn’t result in a kill).

Positioning, Armour, and Gun


According to the opponents it faces at the BR), Tiger E has the most effective armour in all of the German tech trees (. It has super reliable frontal and turret armour.

Important Image!

War Thunder - How to Setup Tiger E Correctly - Armour, Gun, and Positioning - FB225E1

1.1 If you only expose your Turret in an emergency, you don’t need to worry about your gun barrel getting sniped or bombs being dropped by enemy planes.

1.2 If you are going to expose your turret and one side of your armour, be aware of this small but crucial detail:

Your side armour will be safe if the central line of your barrel is at 24-A19122254A. So use side peak.

When your barrel’s central line is at position 3, Your front armor is safe and secure. Use front peak.

1.3 If you are in an open situation, face your enemy when your central line is at position 2. This angle is safe for most enemy guns, but it is not reliable. micro maneuver To bait enemy shots.

First, maintain momentum to help you turn left/right (. You will turn faster if you have the 1 or 2 km/h speed you already have than if you are stable).

Second, time enemy shots. After the enemy has shot one, count 5 seconds and press A and D for every half second. This will place you in a position where you can see pictures 1 and 3. Your enemy will have to choose one side to shoot. Then, suddenly, you will be at picture position 1 or 3. Your enemy will generally be so frustrated that they lose their ability to take a clear shot. (If your enemy penetrates you, remember that you are at a disadvantage and the enemy has skills in this situation)

Third, aim straight at your enemy. Your hits will most likely penetrate. Easy duel.


Common Ranges

If you meet your “love”, at corners, give it an 0 m.

Give it 200 m if you feel the enemy is very close and can easily aim at weak surfaces.

If you are unsure and the enemy feels far away, try 800 m (800m is so familiar in war thunder maps).

Where to aim

(is the most common target, with little armor). You can aim at the center of the chassis at the surface that is most in your face.

Special targets:

American Jumbo -> aim at the chassis frontal machine gun port. Jumbo’s penetration is horrible. To get to the machine gun port, the angle at position 2. Don’t get your gun barrel destroyed. (Jumbo players are terrible at angling, and will just sit there waiting for you to grab the machine gun port)

American Pershings -> You will need allies. Even if you do die, it is not your fault. It is unbalanced. All you can do is get the enemy gun barrel.

German Pz.Bef.Wg.VI P (Tiger P) -> Big juicy commander’s cupola

German Tiger II (P) -> Big juicy turret face

German Panthers -> Big juicy Turret Face

German Jagdpanther > lower glacis. Allies will be needed to help you. You will need help from allies, even if you do die.

German Ferdinand-> lower glacis. Allies will be needed to help you. You will need help from allies, even if you do die.

USSR T-34s -> remember that they might be capable of entering you even if you are correctly angled. It is a one-hit-one pen, so you have the advantage.

USSR T-44 -> Centre level of the Turret Face. It is difficult to hit, so you are at a disadvantage. Even if you do die, it is not your fault.

USSR IS-2s -> Centre level of the Turret Face or Lower Glaciers. Both sides are fighting fair.

Great Britain Tortoise -> None! Allies will be needed to help you. You will need help from allies, even if you do die.

3. Positioning

Tiger E in War Thunder is a front-line breacher, not a sniper. Either you get one kill as trade, or you kill all enemies on this side of the map. This BR is where people don’t like to listen to the sounds. It is important to learn this and decide whether you want to rush into enemies(. They won’t be able to pen you at any angle or ambush. Because people at this BR are unable to properly counter-strafe, I prefer to rush.

Begin by running towards the danger zone from either the left or right side. This is not mapped knowledge. This will allow you to discover where the enemy’s fastest M18 might hide (danger area).

The second stage is to “Hard Clear Enemy Corners.” This stage requires that you always angle correctly and pre-aim corners. Wait for 10 seconds to hear the sounds of enemies and check your mini-map if you don’t see them. Next, cross between covers using proper angling.

Third, clear the site and capture it. Move to a corner so you can see the middle of the map.

Fourth, shoot your enemies in the middle. They don’t communicate with each other, and you will kill many.

Finally, watch your back occasionally (direction to the site you captured)


Written by War Alpaca

Hope you enjoy the Guide about War Thunder – How to Setup Tiger E Correctly, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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