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VRChat – Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 1 - steamlists.com
We all know VRChat can be overwhelmingly laggy sometimes especially in VR. Low end PC’s tend to suffer and that poor CPU is at the brink of exploding (metaphorically speaking, that is). Here are some way to spare your PC and potentially sparking some frames.



VRChat’s minimum / recommended requirements are as shown from the store page below: 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
With the option of changing settings you can still run VRChat with pc setups under this threshold. 
The options below can change your FPS to running around: 
50-90 fps in home world 
30-60 fps in a less populated public world 
15-40 fps in a more crowded/bigger public world 
This all still depends on the world, the amount of people, and the type of avatars these people are using. 

Getting Into The Launch Options Tab

Steps to getting to your Launch Options: 
1. Go to your steam library 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
2. Find VRChat, and right click it 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
3. Click on properties and a new window will open with a few tab options. 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
4. For our methods, we’ll be in the General tab looking at the “Launch Options” spot. 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 

VRChat Launch Options (General)

Here are some launch options that VRChat has under their documents 
via https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/launch-options 

–no-vr Forces Desktop Mode
–profile=X Launches with a difference user profile, where X is a number. 0 is the default profile
–fps=X Overrides the FPS cap to X instead of the default. On Desktop, 90 is the default. In VR, the headset’s reported maximum refresh rate is the default.
–enable-sdk-log-levels Enables a large amount of additional logging 
WARNING: Will cause your log to get VERY large!
–enable-udon-debug-logging Enable Udon heap and stack dumps in the client. usually only enable in editor. 
WARNING: May cause your log to get quite large in Udon worlds that are having issues!
–legacy-fbt-calibrate Forces the legacy method of Full-Body Tracking calibration. Not recommended.
–disable-friendsync NOT RECOMMENDED 
Forces the legacy method of update your Social menu. Slower, may not work properly
–midi=deviceName Force the MIDI drive to search for a connected MIDI device which contains the deviceName specified, including partial matches, case-insensitive


VRChat Launch Options (FPS/Quality/etc.)

Launch options for a better VRChat experience / frame saving: 

–enable-debug-gui This will enable debug options so you can debug your worlds from in-game.
-force-d3d9 Make the game use Direct3D 9.
-force-d3d11 Make the game use Direct3D 11.
-force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded Make the game use Direct3D 11 + multithreading.
-adapter (X) Changes which monitor VRChat launches in -adapter 1 = Monitor 1
This can be adjusted in the VRChat configuration menu, but the option is here if you need it. -screen-width 1920 
-screen-height 1080
-screen-fullscreen (X) Launches VRChat in fullscreen – you can also do this by pressing ALT + Enter in-game. 1 = ON 
0 = OFF 
-screen-fullscreen 1
-popupwindow Launches VRChat in a borderless window


VRChat Safety Settings

When in VRChat, you can open your menu and fine a tab that says “Safety”. 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
From here, you can select several premade options such as: 
Maximum: this will turn off most avatar features for all user in all ranks 
Normal: this will turn off avatar features for less trusted users and enables more features for trusted users 
None: this will show all avatar features excluding nuisance users. 
Custom: choose the features you want to see. 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
In this case, setting your safety to Maximum will give you an advantage FPS-wise, but will turn everyone on VRChat into grey robots. 

Additional Methods

1. Go to your library and launch VRChat up until you get to the choice of VR or Desktop (if you have steamVR installed) 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
2. Before pressing play with whichever option you choose, press and hold SHIFT. This will open a menu with some extra options you can configure to spare your frames. 
VRChat - Best Settings for Best FPS Guide 
Screen Resolution 
Changing the screen resolution will change what resolution VRChat will launch in. 
Graphics Quality 
Change the quality that VRChat launches in. 
in this case, VRLow may be what you want to save some FPS 
Select Monitor 
Choose which Monitor VRChat launches on. 


The suggested settings for lower spec setups would be the following: 
Launching the game in Direct X 9 via -force-d3d9 in the launch options 
Adjusting the resolution and game quality to 1280 x 720 for a wider screen or 640×400 for a blurry screen. 
Graphics quality of DesktopLow 
Unchecking windowed mode 
Note: these settings will not assure a perfect FPS experience as all worlds/avatars/population within VRChat can still cause FPS issues 

Written by koyo

Hope you enjoy the Guide about VRChat – Best Settings for Best FPS Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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