Vixen Wars – Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody)

Vixen Wars – Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody) 6 -
Vixen Wars – Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody) 6 -
All facts for each of the five Aspects along with keywords for each question they ask and the correct response.


What This Guide Covers

This guide provides all the facts for each of the five Aspects currently available in Vixen Wars. In addition, it lists keywords for each question asked by the Aspect and the correct response. Any questions related to facts about an Aspect have been excluded since these are easy to answer from the facts chart. Some questions have similar keywords, so if the answer listed doesn’t match any of the choices, look back through the list for the appropriate question and answer. 


Vixen Wars - Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody) 

Color Light Blue
Age 18
Cupsize B
Height 5’9"
Toys Yes
An*l No
Masturbation Yes
Born July
Compliment Healing
Talent Writing erotic novels
Hometown Uptight
Pubic Clean shaved


Animal? Bunny.
Bedroom weapon? Sacred toys.
Body part? Eyes.
Breasts? Soft and squishy.
Date? Beautiful view.
Erotic stories? Nice and steamy.
First saw me? Grace and beauty.
Fetish? Cute girls.
Gift? Treasure any gift.
Girl? Pure heart.
Harem? Support it.
How far? Build a grand cathedral.
Interest? Absolutely. Throbbing.
"Ladies’ Man"? Charming chivalry.
Lose virginity? Came of age.
Make love? Location doesn’t matter.
Outfit? Shade of blue.
Plans? Unify the Kingdoms.
Position? Missionary.
Prayers? Return from battle.
Romance? Slow dancing.
Turn on? Everything about you.
Wildest s*x? Magic wand.
Wish? Right person.



Vixen Wars - Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody) 

Born March
Pubic Trimmed
Age 22
Masturbation Yes
Talent Flexible
Toys Yes
An*l Yes
Height 5’4"
Color Green
Hometown The Swamp
Cupsize DD
Compliment Wild


Animal? Sheep.
Animal talent? Cat.
Body part? Plump br*asts.
Breasts? Plump and juicy.
Conjure potion? Temperature control.
Date? Swimming, warm sand.
Decorate? Large windows.
Dildo? Dragon.
Fetish? Dig her nails.
First saw me? Natural beauty.
Gift? Potion.
Girl? Surrounding nature.
How far? Preservations of land.
Interest? Absolutely. Wild.
Make love? Inside a forest.
My features? Nails are really long.
Nature? I love it.
Outfit? Love the loose fit.
Plans? Woods and caves.
Position? Doggystyle.
Public s*x? Of course! Natural act.
Romance? Cuddling under stars.
Wild animal? You as my pet.
Wildest s*x? Ran with wolves.
Wish? Waterfall in the woods.



Vixen Wars - Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody) 

An*l Yes
Age 28
Compliment Skill
Toys No
Season Summer
Born January
Height 5’10"
Hometown Rugged
Color Red
Masturbation No
Pubic Bush
Cupsize C-cup


Animal? Lion.
Armor? Not to be provoked.
Battlefield weapon? Broadsword.
Bedroom weapon? Cóck.
Body part? Strong physique.
Breasts? Perfect part.
Date? Training one on one.
First saw me? In awe.
Gift? Challenge.
Girl? A powerful woman!
How far? Strictest training.
Interest? More woman.
Join army? Commander.
Lovers? Don’t keep track.
Make love? Highest mountain.
Moves? Spar with our swords.
My body? How strong you look.
Outfit? Hole at the bottom.
Plans? Defending.
Position? Switching.
Public s*x? Even in public.
Romance? Horseback ride.
Sword move? Build my endurance.
Wildest s*x? Fought 100 men.
Wish? Strong woman.



Vixen Wars - Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody) 

An*l Yes
Age 20
Season Spring
Height 5’5"
Hometown The Forest
Pubic Trimmed
Born August
Masturbation Yes
Cupsize C-cup
Fetish Bondage
Talent Bondage
Color Black


Animal? Eagles and hawks
Asses? Fantastic. Beautiful.
Bedroom weapon? Box of toys.
Better place? More respect.
Body part? Smooth, tan skin.
Bondage? Tying up my partner.
Climate? Temperate and mild.
Decorate? Nothing that obscures.
First saw me? I was stunned.
Gift? Your presence.
Girl? Strong but silent.
How far? Swathe of land.
Interest? Lost in your eyes.
Make love? Under the moon.
My features? A*s.
Nature? I think it’s beautiful.
Outfit? Breathes a bit more.
Pet? A few different pets.
Plans? Travel.
Position? Tying my partner up.
Romance? Savoring the beauty.
Skill? How to tie knots.
Style? Comfortable.
Your feature? Dexterous fingers.



Vixen Wars - Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody) 

Compliment Kindness
Masturbation Yes
Toys Yes
Hometown Mages Town
Talent Cooking
Fetish Spanking
Color Purple
Born March
Cupsize D-cup
Height 5’8"
Age 29
Pubic Clean shaved


Bedroom weapon? My hands.
Better place? Rate of literacy.
Body part? Breasts.
Breasts? Fantastic part.
Climate? Crisp breeze.
Effects of a spell? Once or twice.
First saw me? Curves, sharp mind.
Gift? A good book.
Girl? Intelligent girls.
How far? Grand magical library.
Interest? Eyes on you.
Lovers? I don’t keep track.
Magic? Fantastic thing!
Magic spell? Flight.
Make love? Library.
My features? What doesn’t stand out.
Older women? Love them!
Outfit? Gorgeous as you are.
Plans? Study.
Position? Doggystyle.
Public s*x? Time and place.
Read? As often as I can.
Romance? Fireplace, tome.
Subject? History.


Written by crookedstar122

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Vixen Wars – Aspect Facts, Questions & Answers (Claire, Tonya, Grace, Katri, Melody); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!


  1. Skara Q&A
    After Plans? Settle into Castle, Take Stock Tresaury
    Type Woman? Go-getter
    Woman Aggressive? Yes bring it on
    Shorter Girls? Love them
    Small Breasts? Love them
    First Impression? skills, quest success
    Romance? Fine dining, grand gifts
    Better world? Higher living standards for everyone
    Romantic interest? Shower with gifts
    Change outfit? More straps & leather & jewelery, less fabrics
    Trusting person? Future Emperor, always wary
    Where make love? Grand treasury
    How greedy? Pockets jingling gold
    Learn Special Skills? Better Charm people
    Fav Body Part? Midriff
    Weapon Bedroom? Fingers
    Standout Feature? Petite-ness
    Decorate Bedroom? Finery / Trophies / Jewleries
    Sex position? Seated
    Empire Tresaury? Grand and Glorious
    Smooth/Timmred/Bush? Clean Shaved
    How far? Appoint as Master of Treasury
    Fav Gift to Recieve? Prefer to Give Gifts
    Most precious possession? Not sure good idea to tell
    Plan for kids? Maybe One or Two

  2. Skara facts:
    Age 24, masturbation yes, color gold, season summer, height 5’0″, compliment awesomeness, born April, toys no, fetish exhibitionism, cup size A, and hometown city.

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