VillageRhapsody – Oil and Gold Farming Tips

VillageRhapsody – Oil and Gold Farming Tips 1 -
VillageRhapsody – Oil and Gold Farming Tips 1 -

Welcome to VillageRhapsody – Oil and Gold Farming Tips Guide.

A step-by-step guide to becoming the richest man in the hemisphere using only your bare hands (child labor) and hard work (exploitation of the vulnerable)



1. Humble Beginnings

Either you are just starting out with grandiose goals of fortune, or you have struggled to make a living. You don’t have to worry; everything is a great way to make a ridiculous amount of money.

To begin with, ignore all the women trying to talk to your face. They are just distractions from the real path to absolute riches. You can always buy them later.

Take your pickaxe and go straight to the mine. Once you have gold ore, take the stones with you.

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The fun can then begin.

2. The Prelude to Madness

After you have received your precious Gold Ore, you will want to quickly go to the general store to purchase as much illusion flower as you can (6 –

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After you have purchased your illusion bloom, you will need to go back to your farm to water it. For approximately 6 days, you should cycle between sleeping, waking, watering, then sleeping again. (Until it is ready to be harvested)

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Unfortunately, we cannot live up to our dreams of being like Nestle (but). We must work with our hands to make the illusion bloom instead of using child labor.

For a healthy profit of approximately 3,150 Coins, harvest your illusion bloom and then sell it back to the shopkeeper.

3. The Butterfly Effect

You might feel satisfied now that you have made a healthy profit.


With your newfound wealth, return to the shopkeeper and buy EVEN MORE illusion flowers.

Your greedy appendages can be used to grab every illusion flower seed you can and then leave.

Plant it, and you will reap a profit of nearly 10k coins.

You know what happens next, but you can buy more illusion flowers and continue the process!

4. A Sudden Wall.

As you may have noticed, you are already very wealthy. However, this is not enough to quench our insatiable hunger.

You may have experienced the problem of not being able to water all your crops. You may have tried to overcome this by using other crops to replenish your stamina.

But you’re not thinking like a TRUE tycoon. Instead of spending several minutes watering all the crops manually, we need to automate using the amazing power of child labor (. This is why I said yet.

5. Automation’s Beautiful Power

You will need to finish harvesting your illusion blooms until your plot is flat as when you first arrived. We will take a break from our current endeavor to explore other markets, mainly in the Sprinkler market.

Unfortunately, we cannot buy everything with money (, unlike in real life). We must use manual labor to obtain copper, wood, and iron. We will be getting as many medium Sprinklers from the carpenter as possible, (. A medium sprinkler can cover 24 spots of fertile ground, while a larger sprinkler covers 47. This is a small amount compared to the sharply increased price).

These sprinklers are not ordinary sprinklers powered with electricity (. They come with a monthly taxable fee)

These sprinklers are made from children’s tears and water your crops twice daily.

The tears positively affect the crops by providing more nutrients and hydration than normal liquid water.

Place your sprinklers so the edges of the squares it water are up against each other. You can now plant your illusion flower and wait for it grow.

6. Unlimted Riches (end?)

You can use your accumulated wealth to buy a better scythe at the shopkeeper, allowing you to cut down significantly more crops at once, increasing your efficiency.

You may also have noticed that you can plant your crops almost anywhere. This is excellent news because free real estate can be used to continue exploitation of the land.

Keep expanding.

More to Plant and Harvest

Earn More Money

You don’t have to stop until every piece of land has been covered with the illusion bloom a sweet money printing plant.

You are by far the richest man to ever live.

(, or you could have used cheat engines like a NERD NERD)


Written by Subhuman trash

This is all about VillageRhapsody – Oil and Gold Farming Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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