Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions – Chapter walkthrough + spoiler-free hints section

Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions – Chapter walkthrough + spoiler-free hints section 1 -
Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions – Chapter walkthrough + spoiler-free hints section 1 -
I’ve been a bit frustrated with the lack of English language information on this game on the web. Aggro Incarnate has done a good job of providing a lot of that, up to Chapter 11 but after that you really feel on your own. I don’t have the time to make an exhaustive list of all the chapter data but I thought someone might find it helpful to have some key points listed on each chapter in a mostly spoiler-free way.



This is a WIP guide from the perspective of a player who wants to not feel like he’s “missing out on anything” during his playthrough. That means often efficiency is sacrificed in order to get unique things, full recruitment is a given, but also grinding for the sake of grinding is kept to a minimum.

I realized a bunch of chapters in that my chapter details were getting longer and longer and more detailed, so I made the spoiler-free hints and put it at the top in case you do want to play spoiler-free but want a heads up on some things that aren’t obvious at first glance.

Spoiler-free hints

I realized while writing other chapters that I get into too much detail, so here’s a quicker, spoiler-free version of things:

– Save the ship for some money

Ch 1:
– Visit Lucca village with Zade
– It’s okay to kill Haldyn

Ch 2:
– Keep Merida alive
– Visit the seashell
– Clear by turn 27

Ch 3:
– Have Cezar or Sheeda visit the yurt
– Have Sheeda and Zayid talk to each other
– Visit the cave above the Yapa Yurt after
– Have Zayid or Sheeda (it matters which one) bring the idol back to the Yapa Elder
– Destroy sentinels with magic/magic weapons
– Visit the Greattree and Pink Flower

Ch 4:
– An axe user can destroy the rock
– There’s a silver key on the skeleton
– Have Zayid or Sheeda talk to Barl

Ch 5:
– Have a female unit (preferably Merida) talk to Lost Girl
– Have Nina go stand in range of Marlena
– Visit houses for all sorts of things

Ch 6:
– Deploy Jean, Troy and Dune
– Rout the chapter, then have Jean talk to Hulking Man
– Troy visits top left house (Lilia can too after)
– Visit Pink Flower and Purple Mushroom

Ch 7:
– Don’t kill the mumiya/revenant queen
– Talk to Diabolist with Zade
– Visit cave with Zade after seizing the second thing
– Don’t visit three southwest houses until talking to Diabolist
– Zade talks to Cyltan

Ch 8:
– Don’t bother sending Zade to top yurt
– Visit pink flower, second top yurt, yellow flower
– Baymonk moves and can kill you if you’re not prepared
– First reinforcements are bottom right, then top
– Dulcan leaves if less than 15 HP

Ch 9:
– Don’t raid any yurts
– Deploy Dune
– Scroll through enemy units to find assassins
– Cyltan talks to Ke’mar
– Seeker bow has very few uses, be careful
– Visit pink flower

Ch 10:
– Visit as many yurts as you want, centre one is most important followed by top left, then bottom right and bottom left are optional.

Ch 11:
– Don’t poison the river
– Talk to Ma’aya with Yaeri
– Kill demon at top (he cannot kill your units)
– Ambush wagon when it arrives turn 15 at the top right (be prepared for a lot of reinforcements)
– You can do lots of things to help break the siege.
– Storehouse guards do not move.
– Make sure to have Cyltan equipped, plus a bunch of items in your convoy.

Ch 12:
– Have Lianka and Hilda both visit house south of where they go, picking up pink flower on the way.
– Have Cyltan go southwest to that house.
– Don’t attack Jamulan or Neira
– Have Cyltan and Hoelun both talk to Siegfried
– Hoelun or Ma’aya can visit the monument, think about which one you want to use first.

Ch 13:
– Kill guard holding the hostage, then have Zade visit the village
– Save before having Siegfried open the red chest on Turn 10
– Visit the middle leftmost yurt
– Visit the crystal, the skeleton, and any cacti
– Destroy the fort to the east after beating the boss.

Ch 14:
– Talk to the abbot with Theodel
– You can get NPC reinforcements in various ways

Ch 15:


– All the houses get you 100D each
– Southwest village gets you a Cutlass, which is a 2x hit sword. I think it is worth going out of your way to get it.
– It’s probably not worth going out of your way to get the pink flower which gives you the herbs or the jeweled knife thief who you face very low hit rates on.
– Making sure the Thorcian Carrack doesn’t die (survive until turn 10) nets you 1200D.

Zade: Worth using, Edelstern will one-round most things.
Athol: Worth using, but can’t promote.
Troy: Probably best unit in the game
Bonacel: Think of him like Oswin from FE7, great bases but too slow to field later.
Prody: Not worth it, but it’s fine to use him for now.

Chapter 1

– Beeline Zade to Lucca village to recruit a bunch of units.
– Kill Haldyn, don’t worry he won’t die and he doesn’t move.
– You can’t recruit Amundsen or Hooke, they just provide droppable items. Careful Hooke has crazy high damage at a low hitrate, and he will move after you provoke him, so you may want to wait until after a save to engage.
– The southwest houses have items (Liquid Magic and a Service Sword)

Dune: Lots of tough enemies die to a good archer and there are a lot of great bows, but he’s still a footlocked archer – choose whether or not you want to use him and commit to that.
Jean: Pretty decent, it’s pretty easy to double in this game so his low speed is not so bad, and his high strength helps punch through the half damage/high DEF enemies you face later on, and also makes him feel faster than say Ash because he can wield more weapons while losing less speed.
Ash: Okay, worse bases than Jean but might be worth it later due to getting Lightfooted. Struggles to double for a long time so ultimately I just ditch him.
Alysia: Will leave in two chapters, so don’t invest anything in her. Do use her as a healer when necessary though.

Chapter 2

– Start with the axe bros positioned at the south and cross the cliffs to Merida to maximise her chance of survival (she’s worth it). You don’t have to talk to her with Zade to recruit her, but you might want to in order to get her leveled sooner. If Merida dies she will rejoin in Chapter 11 but underleveled and you lose a very valuable unit for Chapters 3-9
– Seize port, then the bridge to the cave to the north will open up and the cave will be the new seize point.
– Southwest seashell has a Liquid Defense
– Keep Dune alive and finish before Chapter 27 for a Liquid Dexterity.
– Alysia will leave after this chapter

Merida: Needs a bit of babying at first, but she has a great personal weapon. Use Dandelion liberally to begin with to help get her up to speed, then switch to Cutlasses and Spears when you have the prof for it. Once she gets going she’ll be one of your best units due to 9 move.

Chapter 3

– Jean/Ash/Dune can scale cliffs to help you clear the enemies if you want to access the shop on the cliff, which has Cutlasses, which are the best weapon in the game for the price. Don’t buy any Rambling Roses.
– The shop on the lower right has Wargoddess Swords and Iffyres. I’d buy at least two Iffyres since they will be invaluable for the upcoming chapters. I think the Wargoddess Sword is also worth it.
– Don’t cross the bridge until Cezar can visit the Yapa Yurt
– It’s easier to go left, and wait for Cezar to open the bridge, but you can go up if you like.
– Seizing Thebes will recruit Sheela.
– Visiting the Yapa Yurt with Cezar or Sheela (Cezar is faster) will recruit Zayid.
– Talk to Zayid with Sheela or other way around to get a Rambling Rose
– Visit the East cave entrance with anyone but Zayid or Sheela to get the Old Statue, then bring it to the southeast village for 2000G. You may want to wait until after a save to turn the Statue in.
– Once you have reobtained the statue, have Zayid or Sheela return the Old Statue to the Yapa Elder to get their personal weapon (Zayid is better than Sheela, so he’d be a better choice unless you want to use Sheela).
– To kill the Sentinels, use Theodel or the Wargoddess Sword. The chest contains a Starfall Dagger which is 5x hit but very low Mt.
– Pink flower has an Octavo Herbs (15 healing 8 times)
– Visit the southwest village with anyone other the Theodel, then visit the north cave for a Liquid Vitality.
– Visit the Greattree for a Liquid Strength – two enemies will appear but they can’t kill you.
– Tyron will be able to attack at 2 range if you attack him at two range, so be careful, especially with Theodel who can die due to weapon effectiveness.

Theodel: Fantastic combat, and his Zade support + Commander makes him incredibly accurate. Get Iffyre ASAP since Raecryst weighs him down and you won’t see any cavalry for a while, and Iffyre is effective on infantry. His move is a bit low though.
Cezar: Your only lockpick unit for a while. You can also put him next to Athol once per chapter if you’re under 1000D to get a Cezar’s Lucre which sells for 1000D. His combat is terrible though.
Sheela: Lightfooted is nice but ultimately her base strength is just the pits. If you do want to use her you’ll probably need her personal weapon and will need to rely on that for a while.
Zayid: Great bases and still usable later but will fall off compared to where he is now. His 6 move cliff scaling will probably be handy in a bunch of upcoming chapters.

Chapter 4

– Deploy Zayid or Sheela, and Cezar
– Talk to Barl with Zayid or Sheela for a Liquid Agility and he will leave the map (you can’t recruit him)
– Examine the rock on the left with an axe user to get to the chest for a Multichance Tome
– The Skeleton has the silver key to open the middle chest for a Thunderlight Sword
– Firewyrm is defeatable with a few units who can take a hit. Raecryst might be helpful here, as will bows. Chest has an Iron Duke, which is great.
– The reinforcing thiefs from the top will mostly ignore you if you ignore them.
– The top centre cave ambush reinforcements sometimes have a Crooked Axe and can one shot your units if you’re unlucky, so you might want to place someone on that cave to stop the reinforcements.

Chapter 5

– Lots of ways to approach this map, but it’s very confusing to the blind player. Here’s one strategy that I used:
– Merida talks to the little girl for a Ring of Bliss.
– Have Cezar unlock the bridge near the southern house from the left, bring Theodel nearby.
– Bring Troy, Merida, Cezar and Zade or Zayid to the southern house.
– After a Turn 5 save, visit the southern house to warp 4 units to the other side, then have Merida do a double Wargoddess Sword hit on the Grand Guard. If she misses you can either try Troy with a Thunderlight Sword or Zayid with his personal weapon. Then finish off with a Raecryst hit from Theodel from the other side of the bridge.
– Unlock the right side of the bridge with Cezar and bring over the rest of your army.
– Have Rubina fly down to block the reinforcements from the fort.
– Bring Cezar to unlock the bridge to the Northern Village.
– You can now talk to the middle house to get past the Grand Guard for the Harpoon and get a jump on the initial enemies by the gate for the Seriatim bow. Since most of them don’t move a cavalry unit can very safely take all of them out (careful for Nim’s 2x strike though).
– Bring Nina over into the range of Marlena to make her and Beorn into NPCs,
– Bring everyone through the village and over to where the pegasus sisters started.
– When Zade crosses the bridge (you may want some other units to be close to the drawbridge first), the drawbridge to the Concio lowers and reinforcements spawn
– Defeat boss and seize.

Another maybe easier option is to talk to the little girl with Merida, beeline her and Troy down to the south house, ferry over and then head up to the middle house to bypass the Double Pilum guard altogether, then hit the lever to bring all your units across from the initial area once you’ve dealt with Marlene and Beorn.

– The door to the enemies on the left will open on Turn 2 enemy phase, so be prepared.
– When Zade crosses the bridge to where the pegasus sisters start, you have to act fast or else all the NPCs will start dying. You still have a bit of time, but don’t dawdle. Do cross the bridge before Turn 30 though, or else the same will start without you.
– Left shop has Pilums and Hurlbats which are nice, ignore the Rapier since magic weapons deal much better with Grand Guards.
– The village to the north has a bunch of shops with goodies, I’d suggest blowing a bunch of cash on Cutlasses, Spears and a Raezer tome or two. You can also get a Champion’s Mark and Golden Axe from the houses on the right, and Tisane from the northernmost house.

Aslanne: Feel free to use her on this chapter, but grab her weapons before she leaves for a lot of chapters.
Yaeri: The best of the pegasus sisters due to her better bases over Rubina and Multichance. Having only 6 move sucks but flying over terrain is still worth it and Doyenne is a nice 1-2 range option before promotion.
Rubina: Probably also worth it but I can only baby so many units with abysmal strength bases and there are a lot in this game. A secret to making her better is to give her something that isn’t the Estoc.

Chapter 6

– Deploy Troy, Dune and Jean for personal reasons. If you don’t want to use Dune or Jean later though then it’s not important. Zayid and fliers also help with the terrain in this map.
– Beeline Jean to the end of the map and then rout the enemies. Talk to the Hulking Man for his personal weapon. Once you rout the map the wain gains 3 move so you’ll have to move fast before the map ends.
– Deploying Dune in this map and Chapter 9 will get him his personal weapon.
– Visit the left house with Troy for a Slice of Tasha’s, which only Troy can use but gives him +5 max HP.
– Visiting the left house with Lilia gets you a Bottle of Tasha’s which is basically a regen potion. Not really worth it since you really have to hurry to get her there in time.
– Right house gives a Herbs
– Pink flower gives an Octavo Herbs
– Purple Mushroom gives a Liquid Vitality

Lilia: A decent healer though her low move can be a pain. Just deploying her though gets you a bunch of Herbs though which can contribute significantly to your funds if you sell them and eventually keeps people more topped off than fielding another healer.

Chapter 7

– Don’t kill any of the initial enemies (Revenant Witch or Revenant Knights). Unequipped Bonacel might help here. I don’t think the Revenant Witch even attacks if you leave her alone.
– You can talk to all the southeast villages immediately, but wait on the southwest villages.
– Talk to the Diabolist with Zade, after this the initial Abbey will spawn a boss and a bunch of reinforcements, so you may want to be prepared/saved before doing that. Killing the new boss early will be helpful since he can revive Mumiya. This also recruits Accorte if you didn’t kill the Revenant Witch
– After talking to the Diabolist you can visit all the houses again for a bunch of medium items. (Southwest villages give nothing if you killed the Revenant Knights)
– Once all the enemies are taken care of start to beeline all your units except Zade over to the yurt on the top left. Most foot units can cross the bridge but cavalry cannot. You need to protect at least one little yurt from the enemies to avoid a game over.
– Zade can seize and then walk up to the cave for a Far Healing Staff, then beeline to the Yurt to talk to Cyltan
– Yellow Flower has a Bellflower Leaf, which can be useful later in the game.
– The Devotionist shop sells Thief’s Repeaters, which are pretty nice. Nothing else is worth it though.
– The shop on the left has Light Spears, Altium Axes and Iffyres, which can all be helpful but are all situational or just decent.
– You may want to keep the Masudian Brand you get from the one Mumiya for a cheese-kill on enemy boss mages.

Accorte: If your Theodel is already up and running I don’t really see a reason to deploy another low-move mage. She’s probably mostly fine but since she comes a bit late and underleveled I’m not a fan.

Chapter 8

– Instead of dealing with all the reinforcements, it’s probably easiest just to beeline to the boss and his contingent since all the good item drops are there anyway and then the yurts will be safe for 3000D at the end of the chapter.
– You may want to leave a couple of low move units near Cyltan since he’s a bit of a sitting duck on Turn 6.
– Don’t bother visiting the top yurt with Zade since he’ll disappear for 10 turns by which point the map is probably already over.
– Be careful of Baymonk, who does move unlike most of the boss contingent, and his Euphoria can one-round most of your units. Use a bulky unit like Troy to bait him out.
– Try to plan out in such a way to kill most of Dulcan’s contingent, and then Dulcan, since they have a lot of great drops. If you get Dulcan under 15 HP, he’ll leave and you won’t get the Siurian Thaumite.
– Second uppermost yurt yields a Tisane
– Pink flower yields a Liquid Mobility (!) (I’d give to Zade, but it can also patch up a flier who often needs one more move to outrange an arbalest or siege tome)
– Yellow flower yields a Bellflower Leaf.

Hoelun: Again abysmal strength, but probably the best Rambling Rose user. Mounted lockpick is situationally useful. Once she gets her personal weapon she can start one-rounding for a while but will probably drop back to decent chip damage after that. There’s a lot to be said for a mounted bow-user though since it’s easy for her to contribute while keeping safe, and she’s forced deployed a lot anyway so you may as well use her for something.

Chapter 9

– Don’t kill any of the yurts that drop things
– Looking at an enemy units’ information, and then scroll through all the enemies to see the position of all the invisible assassins.
– Deploy Dune if you did in Chapter 6 for his personal weapon.
– I’d beeline Merida and Yaeri down to Cyltan and Hoelun to help them out, then escort him over to the rock. A lot of the enemies that are stationed near there don’t move, so you can hit and run the rock with your mounted units (though the healer will heal it which is funny).
– None of the named Eagle Riders will move or attack you, so just ignore them. Talk to Ke’mar with Cyltan with all small yurts intact for a Seeker Bow, which as far as I can tell is the only way to beat the boss. Then have Hoelun, Cyltan and Dune all attack the boss with the Seeker Bow on the same turn to kill or else he will Tisane up and you could run out of Seeker Bow uses.
– When Zade seizes you’ll need to beeline everyone to the signpost to the south and Ku’than will reinforce soon after and chase you down. You can cliffwalk with infantry and Dune, and Zade/ministers can use the ladder but it’ll be very slow, and then your cavalry can take the long way and still be faster. Luckily a bunch of the horsemen will head the wrong way since they’ll be confused by your units stuck on the ladder so you’ll probably be pretty safe.
– The Siurian Thaumite chest at the bottom is a bit out of the way and guarded by a strong assassin, so I’d just skip it.
– It may be tempting to kill Ku’than for the Adept Sword but you probably won’t get someone with Prof 18 until later when you get the next one anyway, so you can decide whether it’s worth the risk and effort.
– You can buy more spears and cutlasses at the shop which is nice. But it’s probably worth it to save some cash for the next chapter.

Cyltan: Again he can be pretty safe as a mounted bow user except in this very chapter when he puts himself into a silly situation. Use Am Solim liberally to get his strength to the point where he can do something with other bows. Lightfooted is nice, especially since he needs to seize some things.

Chapter 10

– You’re down to just Hoelun and Urven for this chapter. Keeping them beside each other will make them pretty tanky since Athol will heal both of them to full at the beginning of each turn if you do so (as opposed to only Hoelun if she’s alone).
– You might want to buy a couple more items for this chapter from the store since it’s a long one if you visit all the yurts.
– If you accept Dolstoy, the Ulav Chieftain to the southwest’s offer, you will get 3000 and some NPC troops but Urven will leave forever after this chapter. If you refuse, the units there become enemies and will reinforce the enemy when you attack. It may be worth it just to ignore this yurt entirely.
– Visit the northwest Yurt to make Kukuma accessible, defeating Kukuma and revisiting will offer NPC troops and a Liquid Fortune
– Visit the middle Yurt to spawn an Errant Firewyrm. Save before visiting, since Hoelun has a shaky matchup against the firewyrm. I would hit it and then canto back onto the yurt for the evasion bonus, but it’s not the most reliable. Winning yields NPC troops and Hoelun’s personal weapon.
– Visit the southeast Yurt to spawn enemies near the Monument to the east. You’ll need to bring Hoelun to the Monument and then visit the yurt again for NPC trops and a Liquid Dexterity. This is by far the most annoying part of the map if you choose to undertake it, since the enemies all have a chance to paralyze Urven and Hoelun and you just have to wait it out by standing beside each other and hoping one of them gets out of paralysis to kill a unit and move forward – and mumiyas continue to reinforce all the while. Also, if you go too fast some of the mumiyas start to ignore you and head over to fight the NPC troops who won’t fight back and so will die if you don’t go save them, so you need to fight all the ones behind you before heading to the monument. All that for a Liquid Dexterity which is not that great.
– Pink flower yields a Royal Jelly
– After you have recruited as many NPCs as you want, you can bring Hoelun to the sign to signal the attack, and then seize the Nyman greatyurt to win.

Urven: Okay bases and 1-2 range at base is not bad, but his speed is a bit lacking to begin with.

Chapter 11

– Deploy Yaeri
– Again there’s a lot of ways to approach this chapter – each thing you can do is a way to make the eventual entry into the walls of the city easier. Some are worth it, some are not.
– You can get poison for the river by paying 200D at the centre left yurt which will kill some distance archers – don’t do this as then you can’t recruit Maaya.
– You can destroy all storehouses to get recruits outside the fort to ditch. The guards do not move and will not attack you if you are not in range and don’t provoke them.
– You can give a herb to the north left yurt and 1500D to the centre right yurt to get the townsfolk to kill the Penelope’s Bow distance archer and open the left door.
– You can pay 1200D to the mansion on the hill at the bottom right to get all the assassins to ditch
– You can destroy the gold wagon that reinforces from the top right at turn 15 to get all the siege mages to ditch and get 6000D
– You can kill the Raum at the top to remove a +3 Def/Res buff to all enemy units on the map (which is why none of your units are one rounding) and to get a Nightmare Blade
– After destroying the gold wagon, visit the bottom right house for a Hatchet.
– Talk to Ma’aya with Yaeri to get her to leave the map and recruit her the next chapter. The Eagle Knights do not move even when you’re in attack range.
– The chest on the top right has a Holy Vestment, a mage-class promotion item.
– Blue gem holds a Siurian Thaumite
– Yellow flower holds a Bellflower Leaf
– Cyltan must sieze (not Zade!)
– The shops in town sell lots of good stuff. A Folgore will be helpful for the upcoming desert map, as will Pilum+1s that your cavalry will start to be able to use when promoted.
– You will not get a battle preparations for the next chapter. Dump a bunch of gear in to the convoy and make sure Cyltan and the 3 other units you choose are equipped. You can choose (if I remember correctly):
– Troy, Bonacel and Prody
– Jean, Ash, Dune
– Sheela, Zayid, Theodel
– Accorte, Merida, Haldyn

– Personally I think the easiest way to win this chapter is to head straight up and hug left to avoid the reinforcements, then head over to kill the Raum since he actually can’t kill your units. So just attack him with effective weaponry until he dies. Send Rubina to the bottom right to pay off the assassins and grab the Hatchet later (Yaeri will be busy recruiting Ma’aya). Then, cross the forest, kill the bandits on the top right, grab the Holy Vestment and defeat the wain and mercenaries at that reinforce at Turn 15. Then, enter the city from the top entrance and the world is your oyster.

Chapter 12

– On turn 3 when Lianka and Hilda appear, have Lianka grab the pink flower, and then beeline both of them down to the house to their south. Make sure Cyltan is also prepared to visit the house on the other side of the river soon after to recruit Siegfried.
– Do not engage Jamulan (just run away, it’s easier)
– Have Cyltan talk to Siegfried to warp Neira closer, and have Hoelun talk to Siegfried too if you don’t want to promote Ma’aya.
– Talk to Neira to get both her and Jamulan to leave, and to deaggro every red unit.
– Place Ma’aya near the seize point so that you can quickly occupy the seize point when the boss is gone and prevent a game-over from having the Norden Dragonriders occupy the seize point.
– Have Lianka and then Cyltan talk to Jemma to get the Norden Dragonriders to leave.
– Either Hoelun or Ma’aya can visit the Monument at the centre island:
– Hoelun can promote to Tarkhan, reclass to some other classes, or get an Argent Saddle (“Cyltan needs more help than me!”) I suggest either Tarkhan or Argent Saddle since you probably want to promote Merida, Urven and Cyltan.
– Ma’aya can get an Empyrean Wings or reclass to Dragon Knight. I don’t know the exact answers you need to all 5 questions for this, so maybe save and try until you get it (sorry).

Ma’aya – A great shopper due to haggle. Very underleveled by this point but if you reclass her to Dragon Knight she does get very sizable bonuses to help her out. Not great though.

Chapter 13

– Have Theodel go and slaughter all the grand guards, then when the hostage is freed visit the southwest village with Zade for a Champion’s Mark.
– Have someone quickly run up to the leftmost village which will spawn a wain that if arrives at the arrival point will give you 3000 gold.
– Equip the Ward Ring on a thief (not Hoelun) and have them head up to the treasure above. They’ll be able to grab probably two of the three blue chests safely. There is: a Gemstone worth 2200D in the left chest, Thalavin in the right chest, and I forget what in the middle. A firewyrm will reinforce from the cave above the red chest before they have a chance to escape, so the Ward Ring will help them escape. If you use Tallan to do this he can access the convoy for healing items to survive.
– When Siegfried reinforces, beeline to the red chest, and move Zade, Lyttia and a good Axe user with the Morning Star to the Old Fort, then on Turn 10 save and then open the chest. He and Hilda will disappear and a boss will appear on the Old Fort. The Morning Star will do effective damage and if you can hit up to 4 times with Lyttia’s help the boss should go down, disappearing the demons who are otherwise too hard to really deal with. You could also use the Euphoria to kill the demon in front and then cheese kill the boss with a Masudian Brand. Alternatively, you can wait 5 turns for them to leave but then you have to deal with the boss reviving enemies and rewarping enemy ministers to attack you. Then, seize with Zade to recruit Hilda, Lianka and Siegfried.
– Send a couple of troops to help out the village to the southeast, then kill the fort enemies and destroy it for a Francisca and Masakari from the boss. I believe you need the village intact to get the Francisca. I like to send Troy and Merida who otherwise struggle to get around the desert.
– Visit the bones for a Zephyr Sword, the blue Crystal for Siurian Thaumite and Cacti for Tisanes.
– Theodel’s Raecryst and Jean’s Axe of Amity are both great against Firewyrms.

Neira: Mounted healer and bow user. Too little strength to be a real combat unit and low magic for healing but the horse is nice. Not in this chapter though.

Jamulan: Okay bases. Filler cavalry. Don’t field in this chapter.

Lianka: Her base prof is horrible but her personal weapon is good. She’s a bit too fragile to be really great but a decent delete button on archers and such and she can bypass defence.

Hilda: Great personal weapon and skill but a bit underwhelming bases. You might want to promote ASAP if you want to use her since the bonuses will give her the headstart she needs to be decent.

Siegfried: Formalinthe is a nice option to buff units and he can do a nice chunk of damage with Halidal. Worth using.

Aynellia: Incredible base speed and existent magic which makes her a decent user of magic swords and she has a decent personal weapon, but she struggles to one-round anything. Best thing about her is the +3 atk to adjacent units, which can help your morning star user this chapter to beat the boss.

Chapter 14

– Talk to the Abbot with Athol for his personal tome.
– You can pay 800 in the left yurt to bring 2 NPC axe users, who are not very good.
– You can visit the tent above Garland to have your choice of NPCs to join the fight for 5 turns.
– You can buy more cutlasses at the shop. Ma’aya is nice to field here to buy and ferry items around between parties.
– Send Yaeri, Cyltan and Merida up to help out Athol and Hoelun, and then Yaeri can head over to the wain to grab two gold bullions. Careful though, there are archer ambush reinforcements that come from the top right so Yaeri does face a chance of death if you position her poorly. Hoelun can grab the Adept Sword from the chest.
– The Wyrm that reinforces has an Empyrean Wings.
– The most dangerous reinforcements come from the bottom left, as there’s an Adept Bow archer that can one-round a lot of your units and a bunch of Distance Archers. Be careful on that side. Bottom right is pretty dangerous too, as all the enemies are mounted and one has a Seriatim Bow.
– On Turn 20 enemy phase, all enemies retreat and won’t attack you.

Slayne: A distance archer is always worth having around, if only for safe chip. He does get to doubling quickly too, and can one round some of the soldiers you will be facing this chapter.

Written by immunitybow

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  1. i let the knights be counterd by my tankier units then he has half his force, kill him with 3-4 ranged unit´s and then the rest. after that you can destroy all the yurt´s, which give insane exp and loot. on the cliff then spawn eagleriders from the fort, which can be tanked and the killed by hoelun und cyltan for massive exp as well. so if you kill the yurt´s last you only get the benefits

  2. hi. your guide was helpful so far. only thing in chaptr9 it says don´t destroy the yurt´s, but should be specified better. after you got the weapon from ke´mar and seized the greatyurt you have about 2-3 turn´s before Ku’than arrives, enough time to formate and kill him.

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