Verdun – Hardest Achievement Strategy Guide

Verdun – Hardest Achievement Strategy Guide 1 -
Verdun – Hardest Achievement Strategy Guide 1 -

Welcome to Verdun – Hardest Achievement Strategy Guide

This is the impossible achievement any gamer could ever attempt. This achievement is simple: complete one round of Front lines without dying.

The Achievement guide

The Problem with the “Do You Even Die?” The TTK of this game (Time for you to kill). To end your achievement run, you only need one shot or an unlucky artillery piece.

I tried the sniping method. An enemy sniper killed me in the last 7 minutes. I had a 33-kill streak before that death. That was my cowardly method.

Some maps in Verdun are difficult to escape to the rear without dying, while others are simple. Push-and-pull gameplay doesn’t help you. If your team manages to start, you will be forced forward.

The Best Possible strategy is to snipe the match or use an MG for support until your team runs out of ammo. You can use the other guides to learn how not to die quickly and not to get greedy. This achievement will not work in matches that are joined mid-match, as it isn’t one round. If you are lucky, custom matches might give you the achievement. But where is the fun?

How to do it

There are three possible ways to succeed, but each has its risks. The first is to use the AI custom match on the easiest settings with the lowest bot count. This is probably a good idea, but it’s only you and one AI bot. An Ai bot with good close-range accuracy can sometimes get the odd medium-range shot. Artillery can make it difficult to have a full lobby of you and your ais. If one of these shots lands on you, your run will be invalid.

The MG sentry route is the first strategy. Your mg will be used at the rear lines with a clear view of your defending or attacking trenches (, if possible). Please do not overdo it when you are on the offensive. It is best to not push your team too hard as you could quickly die halfway there. If your MG runs out, you are effectively rendered useless to your team. You will now need to rely on your pistol to get the gun to you. Keep your (trench in attack mode), and stay out of the way for the rest. Pull back when necessary.

Second Strategy: The Sniper

This one will be used for the Sniper rifle. Many guides will help you get better with them, but my best advice would be to find a good spot to snipe and not peak. Although you can rack up a high kill count, it is also one of the riskiest as you must peak. This strategy almost got me the achievement, but an enemy sniper’s shot, unfortunately, killed me. This is not about being a hero, it’s about survival. You are defenseless if you run out of ammo. It all depends on the role of your sniper and if they have a pistol in their pack.

Third Strategy: The Coward

This is the most boring but is also the best if you play your cards well. Some maps don’t allow you to retreat far from your rear lines, while offensives keep you in front. This strat requires that you fight the fight out. If you want to help your team in any way you can, the Sniper role will be a good choice. Some maps will allow you to support the rear. Retreated to your rear lines on some maps can spell doom. Enemy snipers are still a danger.

This guide is intended to a*sist anyone who wants to achieve the most difficult achievement in a WW1 game. This impossible challenge is still not something I have attempted, so props to anyone who succeeds in this feat in a Front lines multiplayer game against real people.


Written by Evolve117

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Verdun – Hardest Achievement Strategy Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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