Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires – Character Creation Overview

Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires – Character Creation Overview 1 -
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires – Character Creation Overview 1 -

Refer Sheets and an in-depth explanation of how character creation works in Chapter 1 are available as Reference Sheets.


Sins of the Sires, for whatever reason, hides which stats are allocated during character creation. Character creation is broken up into several sections that are not connected. This makes it difficult to see when stats have been allocated. The Personality traits in Chapter 1 will still be able to change to reflect different options, but not nearly as much as Chapter 1. Skills cannot be changed after Chapter 1. They will remain the same for the remainder of the game. You cannot change your disciplines (, except in one case if you play your cards correctly).
Sins of the Sire stats are percentages and not whole numbers. Adding points to the percentages will result in diminishing returns. This means that the more stats are created in character, the less points will be allocated to them and they will plateau. It is impossible for any stat to reach 100%. In general, stats over 80% don't seem to have much value. Stat checks typically require 40-50% of a stat in order to pass, and very few checks require stats higher than 70%-80%. If you are following very specific routes, it is better to aim for stats that are at least 50% than for those below 50%.

All-in-One Reference Book

This contains all stat gains in the order they are decided, except for Disciplines or Clans which don't fit well into it. Continue reading to find out more about the meaning of all stats.
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires - Character Creation Overview - All-in-One Reference Sheet - 3306443


The bulk of stat checks in SotS are based on skills. If the associated skill isn’t sufficient to pass a check, options will indicate the likelihood of passing it by adding words like "try too" and "a lie" to indicate that option. If an option sounds confident that the skill check will pass, it probably will.
Skills can be divided into four groups: Combat Skills (Athletics; Fight, Stealth); People Skills (Etiquette; Intimidation and Learned; Persuasion); General Use (Awareness, Composure, Composure); Background Specific (Streetwise. Tech). Background Skills are the "dump" skills. These skills can be made obsolete by all the other skills, and none of the Background Special skills are used to determine the endings. It is a good idea to invest in some general use skills for combat situations and interpersonal communication.
People Skills and Combat Skills are the most commonly used skills. one very low skill in these categories is not enough to pass many of the checks. If there is no Stealth or Athletics, it's difficult to make good use high Fight. High Learned without Persuasion and Intimidation are also not useful. Combat Skills are not necessarily better than People Skills. It all depends on the end routes taken. Some routes will require excellent Combat Skills, while others will need need to have battle checks fail. Others will require high People Skills. It all depends on the type of ending you are aiming for.
Skills start at 30%. Each option will add points on top of the base 30%. If a stat is greater than 30%, it will get less. Points are not given in fixed values but as a range. The higher a skill is before more point are added, the fewer points will be added.

Background and Hobbies

These are the only options that can give you more than one skill at once. These are also likely to give you the highest stat increases during the character creation process. Unless Background or Hobby double up on skills they will not exceed 70%. Having certain checks on some skills will require you to invest more points elsewhere.
Background titles are just fluff. They don't really matter for the story. All Backgrounds and Hobbies are able to finish the game with a decent or good ending, provided that they have complementary skills.
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires - Character Creation Overview - Skills - E0CDF91

Door Opening Method, Building Navigation Style, and Price Increase Style

The item obtained by opening the door can can be used later… but other skills checks can cover the possibility of not having the "right" item in almost any situation. These are simple choices that can be made for decent character building. Background is not important at all. Most skills that are truly needed can be acquired here.
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires - Character Creation Overview - Skills - 53A3BB4

Type of Predator

This establishes a few things, including stats. As all feeding is scripted, it doesn't really matter what style you choose. The Humanity Score does not seem to have much impact on the story. These are the last skill points earned in the game. Make sure they count.
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires - Character Creation Overview - Skills - EBD9445

Convictions and Personality Traits

Personality traits are percentages, just like Skills. Personality Traits, unlike Skills, start at 50%. You can add more points on either side of the bars to increase the value, shifting the values as you go. They also have diminishing returns, but the opposite is true. This means that if a trait's value is high, then points for the "opposite" trait are added. Then, "extra" points for the opposite trait are added. This can lead to significant personality shifts over the course SotS.
The main traits are mainly tonal changes at various points in the story. As far as I know, there are no skill tests for personality traits. Convictions are closely related to personality traits. You can choose both. These are similar to Personality traits but cause tonal shifts and not lock you out of your options. The personality traits can only cause tonal changes, so it is possible for some pretty crazy situations to arise. For example, someone who is a Rebel with the Establishment or vice versa.
This is also the most difficult part of character creation. Many traits are difficult to raise in character creation. Many conviction options don't alter personality traits even though they seem like they should. These strange glitches will be discussed later.

Unlife PoV and the First Round of Convictions

Unlife PoV does exactly as it says and sets the tone for the rest of Convictions. This is where the traits become more complicated and the glitches begin to occur.
You can pick the first round of Convictions can that you want to see back when you choose who your family member will be. Different family members allow you to pick a conviction that is specific to them. If the conviction is picked (, if at all), it will determine if it grants trait points or not. It will in the First Round, but it won't in the Second Round. A "family" conviction will result in a special conviction on your character sheet.
Any conviction from the 1st round will be recorded not. These other convictions will still award trait points. This is further complicated by the fact that additional convictions for Unlife PoVs can be added to the list alongside the "family" conviction. These convictions will not result in a conviction on your character sheet, which is odd. They can give you different traits depending on whether your Unlife PoV added Self serving or Self-punishing trait points.
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires - Character Creation Overview - Personality Traits and Convictions - C0223F9

Life PoV and Second Round Of Convictions

This set of Personality Traits is even worse than the first. It felt strangely weighted when it came down to trait points. It has even more glitches. The "Life PoV” answers still give points that are comparable to normal.
The Second Round of Convictions… No trait change may occur depending on which "Life PoV" option is selected. A trait change could occur if the right "told" option and is selected. If a "family" Conviction is picked in the First Round, then any conviction picked this round will be a Conviction on your Character Sheet. If it wasn’t, any other non-family conviction picked this round will not. If it wasn't picked in the previous round, a "family" conviction will still be given. However, there are no points.
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires - Character Creation Overview - Personality Traits and Convictions - 66DC7ED

Feelings about Vole

The final character trait change in Chapter 1. Finally, one that works as intended. There are no bugs here, but some very strange ranges based upon the weird values that were obtained earlier.
Vampire: The Masquerade β€” Sins of the Sires - Character Creation Overview - Personality Traits and Convictions - AD3CB8E

Disciplines and Clans

Stat-wise, Disciplines don't seem to be that important. Disciplines can be used to compensate for lower skills but this comes at the expense of Hunger, which isn’t always desirable. Some Disciplines are unable to compensate for a lack in skills. It is much more stable to choose skills that match the end goal.
The biggest decisions in character creation are made by the first two Disciplines. These are the most important decisions you make in character creation. They determine which Clan your character belongs to, and this will greatly impact the kind of endings you can achieve.
There are seven Disciplines to choose from, which makes it twenty-one combinations. Only four of the twenty-one combinations offer specific clans. All the other combinations are the same clan, regardless of the individual Disciplines.
Here are the Discipline pairings for players who don't want spoilers about what these clans are. They give specific clans in any order.

Fortitude, Dominate
Auspex, Dominate
Auspex, Obfuscate
Cerlity, Obfuscate

If you are interested in the Clan Specifics, these are the Discipline pairings for the Clans.

Fortitude, Dominate - Ventrue
Auspex, Dominate - Tremere
Auspex, Obfuscate - Malkavian
Cerlity, Obfuscate - Banu Haqim
Any other pairing - Thin-Blood

One of the most important take-aways from these lists was that none of the Disciplines that can be used in combat are part clans. There are many endings that require combat skills to resolve. Keep this in mind when planning the fourth and fifth Disciplines and skills.


This will hopefully help people to set up their characters so that skill checks are easier to pass.
Please let me know if you have noticed any changes in your character creation process.


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