Vampire: The Masquerade — Sins of the Sires – All Achievements Walkthrough

Vampire: The Masquerade — Sins of the Sires – All Achievements Walkthrough 1 -
Vampire: The Masquerade — Sins of the Sires – All Achievements Walkthrough 1 -

There are several valid plot paths that can be taken to obtain (nearly) all of the achievements.


With the exception of four, all of the milestones necessitate very precise routes. And the majority of routes require specific Clans, which in turn demand specific pairs of Disciplines during character creation. The Clans and Disciplines required to obtain them are detailed below. A general reminder regarding skills: the majority of skill assessments fall between 40 and 50. Rarely do skill checks require 70 to 80 points. Obtaining a small amount of each Discipline (except Tech and Streetwise) will suffice for the majority of the game without the requirement for specialized Disciplines. However, acquiring Cerlity or Potence if your clan lacks these is *extremely* advantageous for warfare.

Ventrue – Fortitude, Dominate

Tremere – Auspex, Dominate

Malkavian – Auspex, Obfuscate

Banu Haqim – Cerlity, Obfuscate

Thin-Blood – Any other pairing

—General Achievements—

These achievements can be gotten in the bulk of playthroughs. Don’t go for these specifically, instead go for the Specific Achievements and these will come naturally.


Fulfill a prophecy.

Fulfill the prophecy associated with your clan. This is all but guarantied; there are some very few playthroughs that will skip this, but you almost have to hunt for those specifically.

A First Time For Everything

Athens has a female Prince for the first time.

Make Sophia the Prince of Athens. Most playthroughs that end up with you in Athens after going after Gor (whether you kill him or not) end this way except if you’re Malkavian. You also don’t have to survive the ending for this to happen, only Sophia does.

The Fall of Peisistratos

Depose the old Prince Peisistratos.

Kill Peisistratos. This is easiest to do on a Thin-Blood or Malkavian playthoughs as it’s part of their normal prophecy. It is very difficult (if not almost impossible) to do on Ventrue, Tremere and Banu Haquim playthoughs. Getting Blood-Bound by Kapriel prevents this. Either high Combat or high Social skills can get this. Talking Peisistratos into believing prophecies can come true is fun.


You discovered who your sire is.

Unmissable if you’re from a Clan. Thin-Blood playthroughs cannot get this. Unfortunately, the majority of playthorughs are Thin-Blood if you don’t know what Diciplines to pick. Fortunately, most of the Specific Achievements need specific Clans…

—Specific Achievements—

These all require specific Clans and/or specific story routes to get. Several of these can be gotten by multiple Clans via different routes.

The Law Around Here

Become the city’s new Scythian.

There are numerous ways to obtain this. You cannot complete any of them during a Thin-Blood playing. Being pro-Camarilla generally makes these more manageable.
Being a member of the clan Malkavian or Tremere is the easiest way. Do cleanly dispose of Gor and return his skull to Athens (if Kapril appears, this won’t work). It doesn’t matter whose side you take if you are a Malkavian. Kill Peisistratos if you’re Tremere, then make Neoptolemos Prince by persuading him that you’re on his side so he won’t betray you. After that, stop Selene, and you’ll get the job.
Instead of going for Gor, Banu Haquim can obtain this by approaching the individual Sophia threatens. If Kapriel is successfully kept at bay, Markos will appear. Go to Peisistratos and tell him you want more power after proving your loyalty to him. He will give you the job if you stop Selene.
Malkavian can obtain this by approaching the person Sophia threatens (except Alex). Neoptolemos will become Blood-Bound as a result of this. If you kill Peisistratos, Neoptolemos will turn you into a Sythian. If you follow this method precisely, you will receive A Promise Kept, Blood Debt, and Vengeance.
The Ventrue road is arguably the most difficult path to take in order to obtain this, but it’s also one of the very few paths that won’t result in your death as a Ventrue. To make this function, you will need at least one point of Celerity and good Stealth. To be brought back to Sophia, you must be Blood-Bound by either Kapriel or Neoptolemos (do not kill Gor or go to the person Sophia threatens). After that, Markos or Persa will sneak you out of Sophia’s, giving you the chance to visit Peisistratos. Tell him you want more authority so you can stop Selene, and he will hire you.


Thin-Blood Alchemy

You’ve become a student Alchemist.

Make Athens into a Thin-Blood haven. This needs to be a Thin-Blood playthrough. Make a good impression on Neoptolemos (speak up at the Council) and make an alliance with him when you meet him while feeding. Instead of going after Gor, go protect whoever Sophia threatens. If you did this right, he will not Blood-Bond you. From there, go with Neoptolemos and kill Peisistratos. For your boon, pick to make Athens a haven for Thin-Bloods. Stop Selene and favor Thin-Bloods afterwards.

Kai Su, Teknon?

You destroyed your own sire.

For this you either need to kill or Diablerize your own sire. Banu Haqim are the only Clan that lets you do this (currently). Ally with Gor and win against Kapriel. Stop Gor with force and you’ll get this. Or if you romanced Markos, committing Diablerie will also work.

Technically, Malkavians should be able to get this… but I’m pretty sure this is bugged for Malkavians! For some reason, this achievement only shows up on the routes Thin-Bloods and Tremere can get. It doesn’t show up on the routes Malkavians get.

If anyone has gotten this achievement as a Malkavian, please let me know how you got it and if it was on the current patch or not! Credit will be given.

Camarilla No More

Put a dent in the Camarilla’s hold on the city of Athens.

Destroy all the heads of the Camarilla in Athens. To do this, you must be Blood-Bound by Kapriel and Peisistratos must be Prince of Athens. Then instead of stopping Selene, pick an option that will let her succeed. This is done by picking an option you don’t have the stats to clear (the Police option will almost always fail unless you go out of your way to ally with them). This can be done by all clans, although Ventrue has the hardest time staying alive long enough to confront Selene.


You are a real vampire now.

Commit diablerie as a Thin-Blood. Making Sophia or Neopotemos Prince will let you do this so long as you stop Selene. This will automatically give you the Diablerie achievement as well.


Commit diablerie.

As with The Law Around Here, there are several different ways to get this. The most obvious ways is while getting the Pinocchio achievement, but there’s some other more interesting ways of getting it in a non-Thin-Blood playthrough.

If you’re on Tremere or Banu Haqim playthough and you romanced Markos, you can get this from Kapriel. Ally with Gor and defeat Kapriel (have decent combat skills and do NOT use your Disciplines). You’ll then get the option to do this. If you’re Banu Haquim, you’ll get the Kai Su, Teknon? achievement as well.

Banu Hquim has yet another option. Kill Gor and then ally with Peisistratos. He’ll give you a boon with the option to punish Kapriel. When asked what kind of punishment, pick diablerie and then stop Selene.

The Embrace

Embrace your own childe.

Make another person into a vampire. Elias, Isidoros, Chrissie, and Alex are the four persons you can do this to; it just depends on which of those four you get along with the most. There are various approaches of doing this, similar to Diablerie.
With Alex or Isidoros is the easiest way to accomplish this. Spend as much time as you can with them. After Sophia threatens them, you are not required to visit them, although you are welcome to do so. You’ll eventually have the option to do this; just make sure you depart Athens with them by the end of the story. After dealing with Selene (it doesn’t matter if you manage to stop her or not), you can either depart the city as a Boon. Or, if you like Isidoros, you might go to him rather than Gor and flee with him. Elias and Chrissie cannot be used for this; they will always die as humans.
This can also be executed as a Malkvalian or Ventrue. It demands that you have a bad connection with Neoptolemos and refrain from promising him your assistance or owing him anything when you run into him after feeding. When you encounter him, don’t cause a scene at the Council and avoid selecting “Am I in trouble,” or you’ll be compelled to form an alliance or pay him back. Spend as much time as you can with anyone you’re attempting to obtain this with (don’t Blood-Bind Isidoros or it won’t work with him). After all that preparation, don’t go after Gor; instead, talk to the person Sophia is threatening. Neoptolemos will then give you the choice between murdering or accepting them. Decide on hugging them. Simply avoid going to Alex if you’re a Malkvalian because Kapriel will always appear there for Malkvalians. Malkvalians can visit the other three with no problems.


—The Final Four—

The only difference between these four accomplishments is who was involved. Only the Dancer Hobby will get you Chrissie. Alex has gotten along with everyone else. On any playthrough, if you’re specifically interested in Elias and Isidoros, you can find them. Choosing alternatives that allow you to speak with them as much as possible will make them feel intimidated by Sophia, indicating that you can pursue these goals. A Blood-Bond adds another layer of complexity to Isidoros. You must begin the Blood Bond when you first speak with him at Gor’s. Don’t give him blood again after you leave the hospital; if you do, Isidoros will become a ghoul, making it impossible for you to obtain this accomplishment later on when you encounter him at the LARP.

Vengeance, A Promise Kept, and Blood Debt

You destroyed Neoptolemos for what he did to Elias.

You destroyed Neoptolemos for what he did to Chrissie.

You destroyed Neoptolemos for what he did to Isidoros.

Kill Neoptolemos once he has taken the victim’s life. Due to a highly precise set of requirements, you must be Malkavian. This entails elevating Neoptolemos to the position of Prince, assuming the Sythian identity, and ensuring that Neoptolemos kills your target rather than going after Gor. The easiest part is becoming a Sythian and becoming Neoptolemos Prince since if you don’t go after Gor, he Blood-Bonds you and does this automatically. It’s more difficult to control Neoptolemos to kill your pal. To annoy Neoptolemos, use the second method to obtain The Embrace. Just follow the same instructions. Your friend’s home will be visited by Neoptolemos, who will give you the choice to either kill or embrace them. Choose the alternative that includes “I’m not able to murder (name),” then select “Say nothing” in the subsequent dialogue box. I’ll exact revenge one night on (name).” This is crucial because it makes it possible to kill Neoptolemos later. Neoptolemos will Blood-Bond you as usual after that. Be careful to finish the story, murder Peisistratos, and put an end to Selene. Following this, you can choose any route to earn the achievements. Just be careful because it won’t go well for you if you fall in love with Neoptolemos and then decide against killing him.

Avenger (Bugged?)

You destroyed Neoptolemos for what he did to Alex.

This is probably broken. For some reason, Kapriel appears when a Malkavian visits to Alex instead of Neoptolemos for the other three awards. All the Clans have problems. Tremere and Banu Haquim summon Kapriel. Neoptolemos sends Ventrues to Sophia to side with Peisistratos. Being a Thin-Blood brings Neoptolemos, but if Alex is slain and you make Neoptolemos Prince, you can’t kill him. Even if you choose a bad skill-check when Blood-Bound as a Thin-Blood versus Peisistratos, Neoptolemos can’t survive with Sophia as Prince, therefore you can’t Diablerize him later. Every route that delivers this achievement seems to be restricted from Clans that could match the prerequisit

If anyone has gotten this achievement, please let me know how you got it and if it was on the current patch or not! Credit will be given.


Written by 0bsidianFire

This is all about Vampire: The Masquerade — Sins of the Sires – All Achievements Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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