Vampire Survivors – Notes and advanced information

Vampire Survivors – Notes and advanced information 1 -
Vampire Survivors – Notes and advanced information 1 -

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Notes and more advanced information

Crimson Shroud
I’ve tried many weapons, but I’ve found that Crimson Shroud is the most effective for lag.

Crimson Shroud’s requirement for inbound tank attacks (to deal with dmg) is why this build does not have 100 percent uptime. However, it performs exceptionally well due to its massive screen, similar to Gatti amari, and insane dmg, which easily compensates for.

Level-up speed:

Gorgeous Moon is the most crucial element that can be used to achieve the highest speed of level-up. It is challenging to reach a max level-up speed at low Golden Egg levels as Growth is a crucial factor in the calculation.

The most important thing is to evolve to Gorgeous Moon before developing into Crimson Shroud. To ensure the development of Pentagram before Laurel, you can open Treasure Chests before the 10-minute mark to gain the current version. You can then choose Gorgeous Moon, and you will be able to get it before the 10 min mark. Limit Break will allow you to add thousands of levels to Gorgeous Moon without manually selecting it. Each limit break level for Gorgeous Moon adds 1 exp from the produced gems. This is then scalable with growth. Gorgeous Moon will give you 51,000 exp (1000*51) if it has +1000 levels and +5000% growth. At high Growth, a single tick from Gorgeous Moon will provide you with hundreds of stories. You should have all the materials before investing in exp gains. As you progress, it will stop you from opening any treasure chests, preventing you from developing your Laurel. (This is only for extreme exp gains).

When you are leveling the Limit Break of Pentagram, it will default to ‘Always Random’. If you Always select Gold’, it will not override any further limit break levels after you evolve. It is vital to choose Always Random’ for limit breaking before always choosing Gold’.

Bone Zone

Bone Zone is a map that lets you drop coins and coin bags from any light source. Bone Zone has more light sources than other maps. This will ensure that your Golden Fever is always up and running.

My enemies do not hit me:

With enough curse some enemies will move too fast to attack you, preventing Crimson Shroud from activating and any gold gains. Beautiful Moon can stop this by killing all the enemies on screen every 15 seconds, and creating a new set of enemies.

Possible improvements:

It is possible to run Crimson Shroud without Limit Break to reap the benefits of gold from leveling up. However, it will limit your ability to increase exp through Gorgeous Moon. This can be problematic in longer runs as your leveling speed and dmg rapidly decrease.

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