Vampire Survivors – King’s Bible + Holy Wand Build Guide

Vampire Survivors – King’s Bible + Holy Wand Build Guide 1 -
Vampire Survivors – King’s Bible + Holy Wand Build Guide 1 -

This is a very simple guide to show you video proof of why you should always upgrade holy bible and wand until you can get the final upgrades for both of these weapons:

Bible —> King’s Bible (Never ends)

Wand —> Holy Wand (No cooldown)

Video Proof of King’s Bible + Holy Wand with Imelda (Lvl 43 20 min Run)

Above shows just a simple 1 min video of my run with Imelda using King’s Bible and Holy Wand with several upgrades to pick up range.

In this video you can see with King’s Bible, it never ends, this serves as a bubble for the character making it very difficult to get close to the character.

Also we see the Holy Wand being used, this simply makes it have no cooldown and shoot like a magic minigun, very effective for mowing down enemies.

Thirdly for the last part of my build is the PICK UP RANGE, this is very important if you have played the game you will know that you will often find your self killing hordes of enemies but unable to pick up the experience gems. With upgraded pick up range, you can kill these hordes and get the XP quickly. This leads to more levels and more power level > leading to a longer and more profitable run.

If you get the gold to do so, Upgrade your pick up range in the shop as well as get your self one level of hp recovery. 0.1 hp regen is HUGE compared to no regen at all.

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Written by Hightierian

This is all about Vampire Survivors – King’s Bible + Holy Wand Build Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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