Vampire Survivors – How to kill Red Death

Vampire Survivors – How to kill Red Death & Recommended Setup 2 -
Vampire Survivors – How to kill Red Death & Recommended Setup 2 -


This guide will help you kill Red Death without using Toasty or the other old strategies legitimately.
Furthermore this guide assumes that you are already familiar with the game and have unlocked most of the unlockable stuff


Once you finish Moongolow and run the gauntlet at the end you unlock hidden map items, those being two rings (gold and silver) and two arrows (left and right pointing).
These items are used to upgrade the Clock Lancet and Laurel into items that will pretty much guarantee you a kill on Red Death.
Best stage to do this is the Inlaid Library, where you want to travel to the left first while getting passive items that you need to upgrade your weapons with.
Once you have all the slots filled (recommended) then pick up the silver ring and the arrow and proceed to travel to the other side of the map to collect the other two items.
Upgrade these items to +9 along with the Clock Lancet and Laurel to +8 and pick up chests to upgrade them into Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud.
When Red Death spawns at 30 mins you want to circle around him to deal massive damage with Infinite Corridor and after he dies a small scene plays out where you ultimately meet your demise.

My recommended setup that I finished with goes as follows:

Survivor: Gallo (Survivor doesn’t really matter as long as he/she has a weapon this guide uses)
Cards: Awake, Out of Bounds, Iron Blue Will (or Jail of Crystal which I wanted to use but didn’t get)
Weapons: Phieraggi, Holy Wand, Death Spiral, Unholy Vespers, Laurel, Clock Lancet
Passive Items: Tiragisu, Bracer, Crown, Attractorb, Caldebrator, Spellbinder
Pickups on the map (after you have all the passive items): Empty Tome, Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Right and Left Arrow, (optionally Stone Mask)

Closing remarks

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope it helped you unlock Red Death. Please consider liking this guide and putting it in your favourites.
This is my first guide so if you have any suggestions on what I could improve on don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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Written by Scintor

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