Vampire Survivors – Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone

Vampire Survivors – Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone 1 -
Vampire Survivors – Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone 1 -

Easy gold farm for any level eggs on Bone Zone With Red Death. Maximum Power Ups recommended before you attempt to farm.

Before you start, please review the requirements and recommend any changes.

Before you can attempt this farm, please ensure that the following are unlocked.
1. Randomazzo / Arcanas
2. Red Death character
3. Bone Zone level
4. XV Disco of Gold arcana
5. XX Silent Old Sanctuary arcana
6. Mindbender relic
7. Great Gospel relic
The following are also recommended:
1. All PowerUps maxed
2. XVI Slash Arcana
This run does not require any golden eggs, but it will be more effective if golden eggs for Red Death are purchased.


1. Choose the Red Death
2. Limit maximum weapons to 1
3. Check Eggs
Vampire Survivors - Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone - Strategy - BD2DFEC
4. Choose Bone Zone
5. Select Hyper
6. Select Arcanas
7. Select Limit Break
Vampire Survivors - Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone - Strategy - 02F5428
8. Start of the run: Select Disco of Gold arcana
9. These passive items are yours:

  • Empty Tome
  • Skull O’Maniac
  • Crown
  • Torrona’s Box
  • Stone Mask
  • If you have trouble surviving or are under 500 eggs, armor (or Attractorb if you are over 500 eggs)

10. You should try to keep Gold Fever active for at least 1-2 minutes. This will ensure that you get the most gold and healing. Also, collect the majority of the experience gems available on ground when activating Gold Fever.
11. After all passive items have been maxed out, you can select Random Always to upgrade your Death Spiral weapon limit break upgrades.
12. Depending on how many golden eggs you have purchased, it may take you up to 10 minutes to dodge the Stalker/green reaper.
13. You should be able to find the chest for the second Arcana in around 11-14 minutes.
14. As long as you keep Gold Fever going, you shouldn’t be in danger of death. Gold Fever should last for 2-3 minutes before it needs to be reactivated.
15. The third and final arcana are available in 21 minutes. I have had the greatest success with XVI Slash.


Sample run with 0 red eggs on Red Death – 265k [v0.9]
Vampire Survivors - Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone - Results - C5DA02B
Sample run with 1,000 eggs on Red Death – 879k (v0.9)
Vampire Survivors - Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone - Results - 18630EE

Other factors and notes

  • Moongolow is said to be better at low egg levels because it allows you to get 12 eggs + and gold per 15-minute run (or 7.5 minutes on Hurry mode). This run is easier to play, even at 0 eggs, and can be used for a lot of idle time after the second arcana has been obtained at 13 minutes.
  • I tried Gatti Amari/Vicious Hunger, but it was more difficult to set up and the gold earned per run was lower.
  • I tried the third arcana with VII Iron Blue Will and VIII Mad Groove as alternatives to XVI Slash. I had worse results.
  • My desktop computer has given me better results than my Steam Deck. I believe that the frame rate can affect how much gold you can collect in a run. My Steam Deck earns 650k per run, while my desktop earns 850k.
  • Red Death felt like a glass cannon in Bone Zone, so I used the Armor passive. I don’t know how many eggs it was used up. I wasn’t sure which passive would be best to replace Armor so I chose Magnet. I struggled to find experience gems towards end of runs due to my impaired visibility. You are free to try another.
  • At 1k eggs, I can fairly reliably tank the green reaper/stalker in 10-11 minutes. It is helpful if the other boss skeleton at 10 minutes is killed quickly. You should have enough revives to ensure that an accidental death is not an issue.
  • It is possible that the Reaper may take a while to kill me after a run. I pick up any objects close to me and end the run manually through the pause menu, rather than waiting for 8+ deaths.
  • I tried a few different upgrades for Death Spiral. Prioritizing Amount > Area> Might> Speed gave me better results. It is likely that the extra effort and time required is not worth it.
  • I don’t bother trying for the rings/arrows. It doesn’t seem worthwhile walking to them or sacrificing an Arcana for Mad Groove.



I would love to hear your suggestions! Let me know if there are any ways to improve this run, if your farm produces more eggs than you need, or if you find any mistakes.


Written by fradigit

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Vampire Survivors – Gold & Egg Farming in Bone Zone, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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