Vampire Survivors – Building Tips Guide

Vampire Survivors – Building Tips Guide 1 -
Vampire Survivors – Building Tips Guide 1 -

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This guide will show you the basic weapon build guide

Tips and builds


It would be best if you got a second weapon as quickly as Gennaro. Fire Wands’ random fire makes for a great support weapon. But it doesn’t have a build unless the cooldown can easily be reduced. Fire Wand is great as a support weapon. Its power is vital for runs, particularly on stages with many tanky enemies, such as Mad Forrest’s werewolves and Capella Magna’s suits of cursed gear and devils.

Pierce build

Weapons: Axes, Runechaser and Magic Wand, Knife, Axe, Axe, Runechaser, Cross, Magic Wand, Cross

Passives: Armor, Attractorb, Bracer, Candelabra, Endless Tome, Spinach

The Pierce build uses Arca’s Might and Cooldown. While the Pierce from all the weapons can provide coverage and clearing, it outpaces level scaling as weapons get leveled and evolved. Fire Wand is already being extremely random so Cross, Runechaser, and Runechaser have been added to give Fire Wand a few equally lucky friends. The knife is a single-target fire, Ax has even more power, and Magic Wand Pot shoots anything that gets too close. As weapons evolve, more pierce is added to the build. Hellfire, Death Spiral, Cross, and No Future have the best pierce. Holy Wand, Death Spiral, Cross, and Thousand Edge have limited damage but high firing rates. Arca fills your screen with firepower and hides a powerful weapon that can kill a boss.
Focused Might is a way to build

Weapons: Knife.

Passives: Armor, Bracer, Candelabra, Hollow Heart, Spellbinder, Spinach

Focused Might allows Arca’s Might to be fully utilized with weapons with high damage output. He can also focus down elites/bosses. Arca’s cooldown bonus has been removed. However, it’s still useful. Bible and Runechaser both work well with enemy clear. This allows them to do their magic longer and start overlapping firings. Spellbinder gives them a longer duration, which makes them last longer than their cooldowns. Candelabra can be left out if you have Bible in your build. Bible can gain enough Area just by leveling it. Focused Might builds have Bible out there. It hits pretty hard, killing weaker enemies while softening down the tanker ones. Whip and Knife help take out those who get past the Bible. Arca has an endless stream of firepower that allows him to drill through waves, regardless of how hard or how many they are. Unholy Vespers is a deadly combination of Death Spiral and Thousand Edge. Bloody Tear supplies HP to crits to keep Arca occupied between floor chickens. No Future allows Arca retaliate against anything that touches him while Hellfire thins all around

Arca – is like playing Symphony Of The Night. He brings a different style to the table and it’s almost like playing with Symphony Of The Night. While the Fire Wand may not be the most powerful starting weapon (it is a much better supporting weapon), Arca uses it well and all other weapons, thanks to his combination of starting stats. His cooldown was unbeatable for a time, even before Christine was added. Arca is your man if you’re looking for someone who’s decently versatile and has that cool factor.

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