Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Pros and Cons

Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Pros and Cons 1 -
Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Pros and Cons 1 -

Welcome. This Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Pros and Cons Guide was written to be useful to you, and we genuinely hope it is.

This guide will show you how to unlock Arca and the Pros and Cons.


”Time survival game Vampire Survivors has roguelite and simple gameplay.
There is nowhere to hide or run when the devils are present in an empty hell. All you can do is hang on as long as you can until death, which will inevitably end your battles, ends them. Gather gold during each run to pay for upgrades and assist the following survivor.”

Why and why not (pros & cons)

Why Arca?

Please have a look at him! he’s cool. He’s Alucard in Symphony Of The Night, all the way to the three fireballs he could throw like the Hellfire spell. While he’s not a wizard, his selection of stats makes him versatile as Might helps out by dealing damage to all weapons, and cooldowns allow for quicker weapons fire for all weapons. He can take advantage of the 40% cooldown provided by Endless Tome or Spinach and 50 percent Might.

Why not Arca?

Ever wondered why Dracula and Alucard teleport away to try to blast you in your back with the Hellfire spell. CAUSE IT COMING FROM A MILE AWAY YOU CAN SEE IT! This is a issue that Fire Wand also has. Because it fires randomly at targets, it is difficult to take advantage of all the damage it does. Fifty enemies often chase Arca, and Fire Wand thinks that tree that is way out there is the weapon it needs to turn to ash. Even though it has evolved, it fires randomly, which makes the Fire Wand/Hellfire unpredictable and Arca having to acquire a second weapon fast

How do you unlock Arca?

Before you can unlock Arca You must first level Fire Wand to level 4, and then open Arca at a price of 500 gold.

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