Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Basic Stats & Weapon

Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Basic Stats & Weapon 1 -
Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Basic Stats & Weapon 1 -

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Hello and welcome to this Vampire Survivors – Arca’s Basic Stats & Weapon guide.

Use this reference for an overview of Arca’s standard attributes and arsenal.
Minimalist gameplay and roguelike aspects combine in Vampire Survivors, a time survival game.
There is nowhere to go and no one to hide from the devils now that Hell has been emptied. You can only hold out for as long as you can until death finally ends your ordeal. To improve your chances of making it to the next round, it’s a good idea to collect gold at the end of each run.


Arca appears to be capable of putting his foot down when it came time to pick a stat to concentrate on. Arca, the obstinate man he is, stated that he was playing both Might and Cooldown. Both are extremely helpful to Arca. He begins with 10% Might and increases cooldown at every 10 levels until he reaches 30. They give Arca a lot of flexibility. …. is what he’s looking for.

The weapon

Ah, Fire Wand. Fire Wand is one the most powerful weapons available in the game. It begins by doing 20 base damage, and three slow fireballs are fired simultaneously at random targets. As it progresses, the damage gets more severe and it increases 10 base damage per level. The Fire Wand increases speed as it progresses, with its base speed increases by 20 percent for levels 3, 5, 7, and 8.

The Fire Wand can be transformed into Hellfire by mixing Spinach and evolving by combining Spinach. It still fires randomly but has more power than before it evolved. It loses speed and volume however, it gains in Area, Pierce and meteors can crush groups of enemies easily. A small knockback (1 ) is added to add flavor.

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