Valheim – Infinite Rare Materials

Valheim – Infinite Rare Materials 2 -
Valheim – Infinite Rare Materials 2 -
Gather as much as you need of some of the more Materials in Vanheim including:

Copper, Iron, Surtling Cores …


Farm by exploiting a new World

Dungeons do not respawn but surface materials such as copper/tin will. If you are unlucky with your world seed you might have to sail or run all over the place to get what you need. Rather than hope you get lucky you can just load up a new world with what you want – if you have a seed for it. 
Position yourself in your “main world” next to storage as you will likely come back encumbered. Then make a new world that has whatever you need. 
Note: changing worlds will remove all buffs/debuffs such as rested/poison. 
When you type in the seed instead of the random one it gives you for a new world be sure to copy/paste the seed and note the case sensitivity as it will make a difference. 


Copper is annoying because you need a 2:1 ratio to make bronze. Not much is really made with raw copper unless you are a fan of sneaking around with a knife. 
Create a new world with exactly this seed: 
Run straight north and loot the copper. Return to your world put copper in the box – repeat as needed. You can get Tin nearby from the water edges as well but normally you get plenty of Tin as you only need half as much to make Bronze. 

Queen Bees / Honey

Valheim - Infinite Rare Materials 
Run South East keeping the tree line on your left. There will always be a bee hive here. Shoot it with a bow and collect/repeat as needed. You can get some core wood here from some of the beams as well to unlock some recipes sooner (make a workbench and middle mouse click or chop them down if necesary). 


Iron is collected in the swamp and requires the Swamp Key from the second boss to open the gates to the dungeons. 
Seed : klW6PHmPNj 
Note: the l is a lower case “L” not a 1. 

From Spawn run north west. Hug the coast or the forest line to avoid running through the swamp as much as possible. You can make all the iron you will need for a very long time with 1-2 runs depending on how many people you are outfitting. You will likely want tier 2 troll armor, poison resistance potions and healing potions. If you are alone you can exit to remove a poison debuff – if you really want to cheese the only hard enemies (slimes). Make sure you have a shield. 
Skip to 5:06 to see the map. Note the upside down “U” right before the terrain changes from Meadow to Swamp. Follow the left side straight north to find the first dungeon. 

Written by glythe

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Valheim – Infinite Rare Materials; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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