Valheim – Health And Stamina Explained

Valheim – Health And Stamina Explained 1 -
Valheim – Health And Stamina Explained 1 -
Health and Stamina mechanics explained


Food Stats Explained

You have a base amount of 25hp. A food that has 10 Health will increase your max amount of health to 35, however you only get 100% of the maximum amount (10) the instant you eat the food, this amount decreases with a completely linear interpolation between 100% of the amount (10) down to 0% of the amount (0) over the course of the duration of the food. IE: Lets take a food that has 10 health and 600 seconds duration; You will have 10 extra maximum health the instant you eat the food, and will have 5 extra maximum health after 300 seconds, because 5 is half of 10 and 300 is half of 600. This is why you will notice that after you have fully regenerated your health, that it goes down over time (even with food in your stomach), this is because the maximum amount of extra health that you have degrades over time. You’re able to mitigate half of degradation from replacing food as soon as you’re able to, this is because you’re able to replace food after half of its duration has elapsed. 
This is the amount of health that is restored over time, the tick-rate is every 10 seconds, so a food with 1hp/tick of Healing will restore 1 health per 10 seconds. This health regen persists for as long as the duration of the food. 
This is the amount of time that the food will regenerate your health for from the Healing stat, is also the amount of time that you will get the extra maximum health/stamina from the Health/Stamina stats, however you wont have 100% of the Health/Stamina amount for the entire duration due to degradation which is explained above in the ‘Health’ stat. 
You’re able to replace a food once the duration has reached half, ie; if a food has a 600 second duration, then you will be able to replace that food after 300 seconds, this is represented by the food icon flashing. Optimally you should always replace foods as soon as you can as then it will bring the Health amount of the food from 50% back up to 100%, instead of it continuing to degrade below 50%. 
This stat works the same way as the Health stat does, except it gives stamina instead of health. 
It has degradation that works in the same way as the Health stat does, and the duration works in the same way as the Health stat does. The only difference between the Health stat and the Stamina stat is that stamina has no regeneration over time like health has with the Healing stat. 
I could write an explanation for Stamina, but it would basically just be a copy/paste of the Health stat above with the words ‘health’ replaced with the word ‘stamina’. 

Health/Food/Stamina HUD Explained

Health Bar: 
Not much to explain here, its a health bar… Each segment of the health bar represents 25hp per segment, you have a base of 25 health (1 segment). 
Stamina Bar: 
Not much to explain here, its a stamina bar… Each segment of the stamina bar represents 25 stamina per segment. You have a base of 75 stamina (3 segments). 
Food Bar: 
– The bar to the left of the health bar which i will call the ‘food bar’ represents maximum base health and maximum health bonus from food. Grey is base health, whereas each of the other colours on top of the grey bar are foods, each food bar segment is colour coded to the food that you have currently in your stomach. 
– The height of each food bar segment represents how much maximum health each of the foods are worth, however the height of each of the food bar segments will go down over time due to the degradation that is explained earlier at ‘Food Stats Explained – Health:’. 
– The absolute top of the food bar will always be the same height as the maximum of your health bar. This is because both your food bar and your health bar are both directly correlated, as in; the food bar represents how much maximum health you can have, which in turn is displayed on the health bar. 

Health Regen/Stamina Regen Bonuses

Health Regeneration Bonus: 
This increases the amount of health that you regenerate from the Healing stat of food by the listed amount. IE; if you have +100% health regeneration bonus and the food currently in your stomach heals for 1hp/tick, it will now heal for 2hp/tick instead. 
Stamina Regeneration Bonus: 
This increases the amount of stamina that you regenerate over time by the listed amount. IE; having +100% stamina regeneration bonus will make your stamina regenerate twice as quickly. Unlike health regeneration, stamina regeneration is innate and has no bearing on food because food does not affect stamina regeneration. So therefore you will always benefit from a Stamina Regeneration Bonus even if you dont have food currently in your stomach. 

Written by Banana Duck

This is all about Valheim – Health And Stamina Explained; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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