Valheim – Dedicated Server on Windows with PowerShell

Valheim – Dedicated Server on Windows with PowerShell 1 -
Valheim – Dedicated Server on Windows with PowerShell 1 -
Downloads SteamCMD, Creates Server Folder, Installs server, Manage Server including Starting, Stopping, Restart, Validate, Update, Check process, Backup, and monitoring with Discord Alerts.




create a windows user: non-admin to install, run steam-server-manager, and game server.


Open and forward ports for game server. Port 2456 and the 2 following ports (optional)

2456 – server port 
245. – query port 
245. – port 

Download and Extract Steam-Server-Manager

Download and Extract – 
Run SSM to create config-local\local_settings.ps1 
./ssm you should see the help menu appear 


SSM to Path 
You can add SSM to PowerShell Path. meaning you can run SSM commands from any directory. – You also will not need dot forward slash ( ./ssm). ssm  
Custom Backup and ServerFiles Directories 
you can specify server files location and separate backup locations, like separate drives. – 

Install Valheim Server

Open a PowerShell terminal NOT as admin. 
cd Path\To\Steam-Server-Manager  
From Path\To\Steam-Server-Manager 
./ssm install valheimserver  
It will ask if using Anonymous login for steamCMD. 
Use Anonymous Login? Press Enter for Anonymous 

Steam-Server-Manager Commands

ssm Menu ./ssm menu – Use interactive Menu instead of commands 
start server ./ssm start valheimserver – Starts sandstorm server process 
stop server ./ssm stop valheimserver – stop process for sandstorm server 
restart server ./ssm restart valheimserver – restarts process for sandstorm server] 
AutoRestart server ./ssm install-restart valheimserver – Creates a Task to Restart/Update server once a day 
validate server ./ssm validate valheimserver – Validate App ID files 
monitor server
./ssm monitor valheimserver – checks process for sandstorm server, starts if porocess not running. =used by install-monitor 
install monitor ./ssm install-monitor valheimserver – Creates Scheduled Task to check if server is running every 15 minutes 
update server ./ssm update valheimserver – updates server files 
backup server – > ./ssm backup valheimserver – Creates zip folder of server files in backups folder 
restore server – > ./ssm restore valheimserver – Creates zip folder of server files in backups folder 
details server ./ssm details valheimserver Get details on server and host 
query server ./ssm query valheimserver Get gamedig details on server 
Update ssm – ./ssm ssm update – Downloads and overwrites ssm github files 

Locations of folder and config files

Server Files  
Launch Param Vars  
changing ports and server after install 
Change hostname here 
Path\To\Steam-Server-Manager\\valheimserver\Variables-valheimserver.ps1 – Launch param and editable vars unique to instance 
ssm settings  
Change default ssm settings in 
Add Discord Webhook 
Change Custom backup and server files directories 

More info 



Written by Robomikel

This is all about Valheim – Dedicated Server on Windows with PowerShell; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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