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V Rising – Single Player Server Settings Guide 1 - steamlists.com
V Rising – Single Player Server Settings Guide 1 - steamlists.com

It was suggested to me to post this server settings guide here so tadah(Makes the Solo player experience more engaging)


First off select ‘Private Game’.
1) Under Game settings, Set Server to PVE “hard”.
If you have ever played a game like this before/aren’t really new to gaming or just want a reasonably tough PVE experience I’d suggest this, otherwise leave it on Standard.
Then go into the advanced settings
2) Set the “Resource Power Multiplier” to 3 or higher
(Wacking resource nodes is not very engaging so i’d recommend this) Unless you like mind numbing grind. For reference 3 is a bit longer then most things you break in Minecraft with the right tool. The Default of 1 will see you needing roughly 20 or more seconds per node, About 4 to 5 Full weapon combos.
3) set Sun Strength Multiplier to max(5) so its more of a real threat (You will start taking damage as soon as the sun hits you, But will still have plenty of time to get in the shade), Then set the day-night cycle to 3600 seconds, ‘Day Time length’ to *Medium*.
This is to add meaning to the coffin sleep mechanic and more reasons to have a base and need to be in/Near that base.
Note: I originally suggested ‘Long’ for Day time length. I had it set on Medium but My days were much shorter then Night time, Thought that by increasing it from Medium to long it would Even out the Day Night cycle, I was wrong. There appears to be no way to have a Day length equal in time to the night Length. Its either Long Nights(Medium) or long Days(Long). I hope they fix this.
4) Turn off Castle decay by setting the ‘decay rate’ to 0.
Is only meant to clean up servers with to many abandoned bases.
5) Set: “Blood essence drain rate” to 5(Max)
It is basically base power and anything lower than 3 makes it a forget about feature. (Everything that has blood Drops essence)
6) Set: “Durability Lost Multiplier” to 4 (Higher or lower based on how much you like this mechanic in other games)
At the default Value of 1, Its basically a completely redundant factor. Should Further add consequence to dieing and generally make you put more thought into long trips from the base.
6) uncheck the box for “blood-bound items”
To create atleast some consequence for dyeing.( You will drop everything on death) can be recovered if you make it back to your corpse (Darksouls style)
7) uncheck “Teleport bound items”
Its a setting to enable gank opportunity’s in PVP, In single player it only serves as an annoyance since no PVE enemy’s are a threat when moving. And yes that is a ‘Uncheck’, Its worded in a confusing way, like most of these settings.
7) Toughen up progression: make everything take longer to refine and craft, plus cost more.
The base setting are balanced for pvp full loot, obv that’s WAY to generous for PVE.
“Crafting & Building” Values that i use:
(in order)
Lastly Just make sure you check the box “only solo play”. ( I allways set a password anyways Just in case the “soloPlay” setting doesn’t work as it should.
Thing’s to note:
You may want to increase your Build costs if you set your “Resource Power Multiplier” Higher then 3.
If you left the server on the “standard” PVE setting but want to retain meaningful Crafting and Building: Under the “Items” section: Set everything that is not “inventory stack multiplier” to 0.75 or lower
If you are concerned about letting potential friends in to play with you (Id make all of these setting more intense, Including Increasing the damage that enemy’s can do) Uncheck “Only solo play”. Increase clansize limit to 10, Max concurrent players to 60 and set a password. (Beware that this could make your World susceptible to Dev mandated server Wipes)
If you have any suggestions for further increasing ones engagement with a single player server, plz let me know.

Written by Violen Vaymire

Hope you enjoy the Guide about V Rising – Single Player Server Settings Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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