Unturned – Modify Custom Difficulty Settings for Normal & Hard Mode

Unturned – Modify Custom Difficulty Settings for Normal & Hard Mode 1 - steamlists.com
Unturned – Modify Custom Difficulty Settings for Normal & Hard Mode 1 - steamlists.com

This guide will go into the difficulty settings that can be used for players who find Normal mode too easy, yet Hard mode too difficult.


Let’s say you’re decently good at Unturned and you prefer the singleplayer experience.
You try out Normal mode, and you realize it does not present any meaningful challenge.
You try out Hard mode, and you realize it’s way too difficult.
In Unturned, you can modify the difficulty to be extremely specific, this guide will provide a good base line of a decent in-between of Normal and Hard difficulties.
NOTE: For this guide, you’ll be working off of the DEFAULT SETTINGS of the HARD difficulty.


STEP 1: Open the game.
STEP 2: Click Play.
STEP 3: Click Single-Player.
STEP 4: Set difficulty to Hard mode.
STEP 5: Click “Advanced”, right next to the difficulty option.
You should now see a huge list of specific settings with very specific numbers, don’t feel overwhelmed, as only a couple settings need to be changed.


Settings not mentioned here should be kept at the default hard mode values.
Most of The check-box settings come down to personal preference.
Spawn Chance: 0.250
Quality Full Chance: 0.055
Gun Bullets Full Chance: 0.038
Gun Bullets Multiplier: 0.175
Magazine Bullets Full Chance: 0.038
Magazine Bullets Multiplier: 0.625
Crate Bullets Full Chance: 0.038
Crate Bullets Multiplier: 0.875
Battery Chance: 0.525
Min: 0.300
Max: 0.525
Tire Chance: 0.775
Spawn Chance: 0.275
Loot Chance: 0.400
Crawler Chance: 0.138
Sprinter Chance: 0.163
Flanker Chance: 0.038
Burner Chance: 0.038
Acid Chance: 0.038
Damage Multiplier: 1.250
Armor Multiplier: 0.875
Can stun: YES
Weapons Use Player Damage: NO
Food Use Ticks: 275
Water Use Ticks: 245
Experience Multiplier: 1.250
Can Stop Bleeding: YES


If this is still too difficult or too easy, remember that this is mostly just a good baseline too work off of.
If you feel as if you’re getting a frustrating lack of items, you can turn up that value! Same goes with any other setting you are feeling just isn’t right for you.

Written by BinkleSnarf

This is all about Unturned – Modify Custom Difficulty Settings for Normal & Hard Mode; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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