Unturned – How to Be Good Playing PVP Mode Tips

Unturned – How to Be Good Playing PVP Mode Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Unturned – How to Be Good Playing PVP Mode Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Want to become better at unturned Pvp and Combat, read these tips and tricks to become better


Changing Your Gamma To Hack The Unturned Night System

if your like me, you’ll hate fighting at night… especially without night vision goggles, or a well-lit environment, however it can be overcome with just one very simple trick. 
when its at night, type in your search bar on your computer ‘Gamma’ or ‘Calibrate Color Display Color’, then open the application, inside the application move to next until you see a slider you can change. turn it all the way up to increase your gamma and lower it to lower your gamma, continue through the rest by clicking next, then click finish and return to your fully lit daytime Unturned. 
*as i am writing this i have realized that the gamma does not change in screenshots so your just gonna have to trust me* 

Using Third Person To See Around Corners

Now, this may seem kinda obvious to most, but using third person especially in close quarter environments is very helpful to look around corners and get the upper-hand against you opponent/s. 
To activate third person mode simply click ‘H’ and to return back to first person mode click ‘H’ again 

Gun Usage To Get The Upper-Hand on Your Opponents

Almost all guns in Unturned have a upside to using them, weather it be their fire-rate, range, ammo capacity or recoil, each gun has an upside. however some guns are used in different situations depending on what is going on. 
for most guns you’ll find that the higher the DPS, the shorter the range, this however does not include the Grizzly or Matamorez as these are high power weapons *suggested to use*. but for guns like shotguns or carbines, there range is less than acceptable for a long distance combat such as in a field. 
-Devils Bane 
These guns are great for close-quarters combat such as in a building or through a players base 
-Calling Card 
-Peace Maker 
These Carbines are great for mid-range combat such as on a hill or in the streets in a city or town 
These Assault Rifles have higher range than the carbines above but some will deal less damage than guns such as Scalar 
These Snipers are in my opinion the lower class of the snipers as they are bolt-action, however should be used for extremely high ranged damage over a long distance. great for use for defending skybases, average for raiding, great for defending teammates in combat. 
Amazing guns for close-quarters, mid range, long distance. all-rounders in every class and can deal tremendous amounts of damage at long distance. you should use these in almost every situation. apart from very close quarters in a building, where you should use a shotgun. 
The Do-not-uses incredibly poor in every way avoid using this if possible 
These Handguns are a great exception to the guns above, these are good early game for a good first kills but use other guns inf possible 
-Rocket Launcher 
Incredible for raiding but use in high-intensity combat doesn’t serve much use as the bullets shoot very slow, in DPS and travel slow. great use for raiding or killing a group of people very quickly. 
-Hell’s Fury 
Average Mini-gun which has incredible fire-rate, as this gun needs to be charged up, it wont serve a good use in a quick gun fight, however could show efficiency in crowds 
Sadly this once amazing gun is not really of much use now, a lot of recoil and high fire-rate means that this gun is beyond uncontrollable for the average player and cant raid anymore, use this one if you have to but if other options are available use them instead 

Written by CupOJoe

This is all about Unturned – How to Be Good Playing PVP Mode Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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