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Hello, this guide will cover all 119 achievements and explain how to get them.

About and tips

Hello everyone, english is not my main language so sorry if there are mistakes in text.
Kills with fire dont count as yours, so dont kill bosses with fire, explosion potions, incarnation potion, fire staffs… wont count as your kill. You can damage enemies with fire but last hit must be anything except fire.
Dont fight if its not worth it, take it slow and safe.
Will build this guide slowly, so if achievement you need still isnt here just be patient. Will add 10 achievements every day untill guide is complete.

A Long Way Down

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - A Long Way Down - 3B0917DReach the second level of the Dungeon of Doom.
This one will come naturally.

Dare Devil

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Dare Devil - 82271F9Quaff an unidentified potion.
Just quaff any potion you find in chest or on the ground and achievement is yours.

Knife Fighter

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Knife Fighter - C5BDB80Defeat 20 enemies with the same dagger.
Use 1 dagger to last hit enemies, it will be done in just 1 or 2 floors.


Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Swordsman - B393783Identify a sword by defeating 20 enemies with it.
Equip unidentified sword and kill 20 enemies. Simple as that.

Feel the Force

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Feel the Force - 7E34377Read a Scroll of Detect Magic.
To identify scroll you must read it (except if you play wizard, then some may get identified automatically). So eventually you will get this one.

You Lucky Bastard

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - You Lucky Bastard - 9046DD7Use a scroll to identify a benevolent magic weapon or armor.
Once you found scroll of identify just use it on unidentified weapon or armor and eventually you will get this one

Better Safe than Sorry

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Better Safe than Sorry - 0965DF7Use a scroll to identified a cursed magic item.
Once you found scroll of identify just use it on unidentified weapon or armor and eventually you will get this one.

Nimble Fingers

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Nimble Fingers - 97EC1C2Pick a lock on a door or chest.
Just stay close to locked door or chest, open your inventory and click on lock pick.

Like a True Tombraider

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Like a True Tombraider - A6A43BFDisarm a trap.
Once you spot trap just equip tool in one hand and use it on trap.

You Should Move to Hamelen

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - You Should Move to Hamelen - 5F592F0Kill 100 rats in a single dungeon run.
Once you find first few floors full of rats kill them all slowly and dont use fire, since fire kills wont count. When you see a lot of rats that usually means giant poisonous rat will be boss.

Better Than the Pied Piper

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Better Than the Pied Piper - 21FC9B3Slay a giant poisonous rat.
He is easy boss to deal with, nothing special about him.

Fighting Fire with Steel

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Fighting Fire with Steel - BA367C6Defeat a kobold mage.
Early game boss, if you have fire resist potion drink it before fighting him. But even without it he will die in 4-5 hits.

Your Very First Goblin!

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Your Very First Goblin! - B50C82CDefeat a goblin.
Goblins are common enemies of early game. You will get this one in first few hours of gameplay.

Batteries Not Included

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Batteries Not Included - F45137FRecharge a spent magic staff.
Once you have scroll of recharge and magic stuff just use staff until it is depleted. Than read scroll of recharge and achievement is yours.

Finders Keepers

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Finders Keepers - 2DE7842Collect 48 arrows.
Save every arrow you find and eventually you will have 48 in your inventory.

Deep Delver

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Deep Delver - 3B0917DDiscover 5 levels in the Dungeon of Doom.
This one will come naturally.

Rest The Bones

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Rest The Bones - 2D0D019Put a Skeleton permanently to rest.
For this one you need to kill skeleton and then read scroll of last rites next to his corpses.

Simply Being British

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Simply Being British - EE7080CBrew some tea.
You need tea leaf and hot water. There are few ways to get this one.
1. Find hot water in pool and use empty flash to grab it. Then open inventory and drag tea leaf to flask of hot water to combine them.
2. Find water and put it in flask, equip it in hand and hold it above heat source. any fire will do, after 10 seconds or so you will get message on screen “boiling”. after that message you must back off or flask will explode. Now you gave hot water so just combine it with tea leaf.
3. Place tea leaf and water in oven to combine them.

Tribal Teeth

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Tribal Teeth - 3E63FF2Craft a necklace of orc teeth.
When you kill orc he drop 1 teeth you can pick up. So 6 orcs needed for 6 teeth and you need a rope. Once you have both components find forge and combine rope with stack of 6 orc teeth.

Blood, Sweat, and Magic

Unexplored - Full Achievements Guide - Blood, Sweat, and Magic - B2E6E3FForge a runic item.
Just find forge, and in it combine your starting weapon with any sigil. Any weapon that is not magic will work.

Written by WOLF19830

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Unexplored – Full Achievements Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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