Uncharted Waters Origin – How to get 24 level fast

Uncharted Waters Origin – How to get 24 level fast 1 - steamlists.com
Uncharted Waters Origin – How to get 24 level fast 1 - steamlists.com

Hey there, welcome to this post, We are going to tell you everything there is to know about Uncharted Waters Origin – How to get 24 level fast in this guide.

This guide will assist in quickly reaching 24 levels from 20. While not a comprehensive guide for level ups, here are a few shortcuts with different degrees of effectiveness that should help.

Understanding and insights on how to advance independently are available here; please keep in mind these are estimates only and should only be used at your own risk.
If you award me, I will continue working on this guide.

Quick Steps from 20lvl to 24 level.

There are several steps to follow:

(mine was 3 Galley 2 Pinnace, 3 Galley) (mine set-up was 3 Galley,2 Pinnace)

Two ways to make them: create them (F2P) OR buy them through Auction (P2W).

It is possible to use 3 way-conquer. However, it is not recommended since you’d spend a lot more time trying to conquer another ship. For comfort, i recommend having 5 ships.

2 – Go to West Coast Africa.

Find ARGUIN (African West Coast).

4 – Sail to ARGUIN

5 – Buy GOLD here.

6 – Create auto-fights (40 with pirats) near ARGUIN but only to gain EXP by fighting LVL

WARNING! There are pirates with a level 20-35. Make sure you have your squad ready to face them.

7 – Wait until Auto-Fights (40 – over.

8 – Set sail back to ARGUIN

9 – Sell the goods you gathered through fights but are not profitable.

Buy GOLD a second time.

Repeat 11 to 24 lvl.

12 – Set sail for any capital (I picked LONDON because I created ships here) to SELL all goods.

13 PROFIT = 24 lvl plus 1 million.


You can accomplish this quickly by creating many (200 auto-fights) and going to bed without exit game.

In the morning, you will have plenty of EXP as well as Goods,

You may lose trade goods or even battles.

So progress could be stopped before you gain 24 levels, until you awake.

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Actual for VERSION to be released in May 2023

Attention! The game is still in development.

The delivery time, the trade routes and goods may vary.

The author of the guide does not take any responsibility, for any actions,

As a result of using the information in the guide.


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