Ultimate Zombie Defense – Strategy Guide & Gameplay

Ultimate Zombie Defense – Strategy Guide & Gameplay 1 - steamlists.com
Ultimate Zombie Defense – Strategy Guide & Gameplay 1 - steamlists.com

A very plainly written, very simple, excruciatingly boring guide… yet also very short, so it’ll be over quickly, don’t worry.

Tip Number One – A horizontal line of undefended turrets

Presumably most people playing a zombie survival game enjoy or at least have heard of the zombie genre. For the one person who hasn’t / the one person who bothers reading this guide… a zombie is a reanimated corpse with a single driving motivation – the consumption of brains, and potentially also human flesh depending on the film/book/etc.
Zombies do not enjoy eating the following things:
– turrets
– tesla tower thingies
– sushi, apples, other types of food… etc
– Bulma
So tip number one is the zombies are after your delicious, soft, spongy brain. They don’t care about the wall of turrets spitting a seething deadly mass of powder propelled lead in their direction.
I see lots of videos of people playing and constructing elaborate bases… valuable turrets carefully hidden away behind all kinds of elaborate walls and barber wide and other defences. The problem with this is once a zombie (or boss zombie) aggros the walls surrounding your turret, they keep smashing everything else around – all your defences, and turrets, will crumble.
Instead – construct a horizontal wall of turrets along one side of the map. Make sure it is not near any spawn points… and do not go near it unless you need to reload, and only then carefully.
The zombies will always run toward you. So long as you stay reasonably central in the map/far away from turrets, they will not attack any turrets. They will head toward you in a direct line, ignoring your defences. The only issue you have is when you need to reload the turrets. If playing the bridge, be careful and make sure no zombies are near.
Try playing the mall – head up to the top room on the lower level, and you can construct a line of turrets in a room with a choke point. See the terrible photo taken using my phone like an idiot caveman moron rather than as a screen shot like a sensible gentlemen with some basic IT know how. This is the top room, lower level, of the mall level. So long as I don’t go near the turrets when zombies are near, they do not get targetted.
So… do not build and defensive structures beyond turrets. Once you have a few, build some tesla towers behind them. Then aim for the… I forget what it is called, but the massive **** off tesla tower. It will kill any non-boss/special zombie, on medium at least, up till level 40 at least.

Tip number two – level up the auto shotgun

This really doesnt need to be a second tip, but Steam seems to want me to make two sectoins.
Anyway, you need to upgrade your guns. For your secondary weapon, you need the auto shotgun. You need to upgrade that to max by level 40… the sooner the better. Without it the boss fights take forever.
At level 40 (on medium) you get four bosses. Two of them are Happy the clown… he soaks bullets. The mini gun maxed is sloooow. The auto shotgun is pretty quick.
To win the boss fights where there are multiple bosses, you should leave Lord Souplex (or whatever he is called) to last. He splits into smaller versions of himself – they are the only boss that will catch you. So take down everything else first, then kill him.
The other bosses you can easily beat just running backwards, reloading, shooting. Souplex you will need a few of your turrets remaining, and the big **** off tesla thing… when he splits into smaller versions, without some support, he will keep knocking you down.
Anyway… that’s it. Auto shotgun. Turrets in the horizontal line, teslas behind = profit.

TiP NumBEr ThrEe – there is no tip/spoon/etc

There is no need for a third tip. I’m just getting carried away… all full of self important because I’m writing a guide.

Written by Arparp

This is all about Ultimate Zombie Defense – Strategy Guide & Gameplay; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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