Trove – All Trove Commands

Trove – All Trove Commands 1 -
Trove – All Trove Commands 1 -

All important Trove Commands


/chatlist Lists all the players who are in the same chat as you. You can modify it by adding a specific chat after the command e.g. /chatlist .
/clearcornerstone Resets your cornerstone to flat land. This also will delete everything on your cornerstone, forever. One must confirm first before this happens.
/debugtext Brings up debug information: latency, FPS and player coordinates.
/friendlist Opens up the friends list, but works also by pressing the “O” key.
/getworldid Shows the world ID the player currently is in.
/getxp Displays the currently level and how much XP must be earned to level up.
/ignore Puts a player on your ignore list. You can specify the player by typing /ignore.
/joinme Sends a request to join your world. If accepted, the player will teleport to the requester’s
/joinworld Will join world with a specific ID. To denote the world, type its ID after the command e.g.
/kick Kick a certain player from a Shadow Arena which you’ve unlocked. Specify the player name after the command e.g. /kick.
/loc Reports to the chat the current location using XYZ coordinates.
/mastery Shows the mastery rank, stats and experience level.
/quit Shuts the game down.
/respawn Forces the player character to respawn.
/showface Toggles the mask model on or off. Stats from the mask gear will stay in effect.
/showhat Toggles the hat model on or off. Stats from the hat will stay in effect.
/stats Shows the player stats
/tutorial Teleports the player to the tutorial world.
/welcome Shows the welcome screen.
/who Lists every player that is in your current world.
/1 Sends a message to Global chat
/2 Sends a message to world chat.
/join Joins or creates a chat channel.
/leave One leaves the current chat channel.
/reply Sends a reply to the last wisper.
/say Sends a message to nearby players. It can be seen within a 40 block range.
/whisper Sends a private message to a specific player. The players name must be typed after the
command e.g. /whisper .
/join adventure Access to the adventure chat to make groups for adventure portals.
/join fishing Access the fishing chat.
/join price Access the price chat.
/join recipe Access the recipe chat.
/join sa Access the Shadow Arena chat.
/join sky Access the Sky chat.
/join trade Access the trade chat to barter items with other players.
/hideplayer Hide the player model
/large_screenshot Captures and stores a 2x-sized screenshot to four separate files, each a quarter of
the total screen size.
/screenshot Captures and stores a screenshot of the current screen without UI.
/showplayer Shows your character model.
/showui Hides or removes the UI; OR use the F7 key instead.
/timelapse Captures and stores a sequence of screenshots from the position the command is
initiated. A number after the command denotes the amount of screenshots e.g. /timelapse 5. The
default is 20.
/decopreview Preview a specific cornerstone decoration, denoted by the blueprint after the command
e.g. /decopreview.
/dungeon Preview a dungeon fully a*sembled.
/facepreview Preview a specific cornerstone face decoration, denoted by the blueprint after the command e.g. /facepreview .
/floodfill Replaces all connected blocks of the type which you have your mouse over, with the one you have equipped.
/hairpreview Preview a specific hair, denoted by the blueprint after the command e.g. /hairpreview.
/hatpreview Preview a specific hat, denoted by the blueprint after the command e.g. /hatpreview.
/load Loads a specific blueprint, denoted by the file name after the command e.g. /load .
/mf Teleports the player to the Meta Forge.
/save Saves a specific blueprint, denoted by the file name after the command e.g. /save . Typing
only /save will automatically save over the last loaded blueprint.
/settime Sets the time of day, between a value of 0-24 e.g. /settime [15] sets it to 3pm.
/stoptimelapsedungeon Cancels the /timelapsedungeon command.
/timelapsedungeon Previews a dungeon being a*sembled for troubleshooting purposes. To specify a dungeon, type the filename after the command e.g. /timelapsedungeon
/weaponpreview Allows you to test how a weapon blueprint looks in-game.
/drawdistance Increase or decrease your render distance with a specific value e.g. /drawdistance <100>. The default is 128, and ranges from 32-210.
/fxenable Switches on or off special effects, including clouds.
/loddistance Increase or decrease the Level of Detail. Default is 60, and ranges between 15-96.
/msaa Switches on or off MultiSample Anti-Aliasing.
/postbloom Switches on or off Bloom.
/postdof Switches on or off Depth of Field.
/postedge Switches on or off the black borders. Sometimes may not work properly.
/postfxaa Switches on or off Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing.
/postlensflare Switches on or off Lens Flare.
/retromode Switches on or off 16-bit graphics.
/shadercomplexity Switches on or off various shader effects. Turning it off will make it harder to see in dark areas.
/supersample Determine the render strength. The default is 1 (100%); 0 is 50%, 4 is 200%, and 10 is 300%.
/vsync Switches on or off Vsync.
/gamevolume Determine the main game volume. Default is 25, ranges between 0-100.

Club Commands

/club Lists all club commands.
/club demote De-rank a specific player. Type the player name after the command e.g. /club demote .
/club invite Invite a player to your club.
/club kick Kick a player from your club.
/club leave Leave a club.
/club list List the club members
/club log Displays club edits and all club inventories.
/club makeprimary Gives a club priority over others.
/club promote Increase the rank of a player.
/zonerestrict Designates a zone that only club members can access.


/cry Causes your character to cry.
/dance Causes your character to dance.
/laugh Causes your character to laugh.
/pose Causes your character to pose in a battle stance.
/shrug Causes your character to shrug.
/sit Causes your character to sit
/wave Causes the character to wave.
/zzz Causes your character to sleep. Auto-activates if AFK for more than two minutes.

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