Troublemaker – “Hey Look! I’m Smart!” (Achievement Guide)

Troublemaker – “Hey Look! I’m Smart!” (Achievement Guide) 5 -
Troublemaker – “Hey Look! I’m Smart!” (Achievement Guide) 5 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, We hope you will find this page helpful as we provide information regarding the Troublemaker – “Hey Look! I’m Smart!” (Achievement Guide).

Achieving “Hey Look! I’m Smart!” requires completing this achievement guide.

Chapter 15 requires you to play three characters other than Budi to complete the mission.
At some point during this guide, there will be a task related to an achievement listed – “Hey Look! I’m Smart!”.

Once you take control of Boby, you will discover that each mission task is drawn from your past experiences.

Here are the cheat sheets xD


– Outweary


– Taqueria

Troublemaker -


– Abused

– Aside

– Audio

– Bodies

Troublemaker -



– Guises

– Gussie

– Uses

– Sausage

Troublemaker -


– Adagios

– Adipose

– Adipous

– Gaudies

– Pagodas

Troublemaker -

DUUUUUUDEEE You bright head, how did you know that answer? ?

Based on
This statement. – []

Input all letters on the screen into Angram Resolver – []

What about the other achievements?

It can be acquired naturally, so don’t worry. It’s New Game Plus+. Case closed.

GIT GUD is required for the achievement that relates to medallion ranking. It would be best if you did it all by yourself. It’s already been explained how to do it.

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