Tropico 4 – How to Unlock (It’s a Trap) Achievement

Tropico 4 – How to Unlock (It’s a Trap) Achievement 1 -
Tropico 4 – How to Unlock (It’s a Trap) Achievement 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, We hope you find this Tropico 4 – How to Unlock (It’s a Trap) Achievement guide useful.

There seems to be no information about how to obtain the achievement. I searched on YouTube and found old videos with maps that do not even exist in the game anymore. It’s not easy, since it’s “hard” to achieve and requires an incredible chance.

I have obtained it today myself by using this technique.


You will first need to own Junta Military DLC. This DLC includes The New Sparta, and there will be a lot of rebels attacking you in this mission.

What is the overall strategy?

Play the game as you would any other mission. Build your economy until you can afford to upgrade Mausoleum.

Once you’ve reached the point in your main quest where you have to HAVE 30 soldiers make a hard save. Because you might fail. By this time, hopefully, you have upgraded Mausoleum. You should build it on a spot that is not occupied, because if any civilians die then you will not unlock the achievement! (From my experience)

Also! Any of the scripted rebel attacks will not attack Mausoleum.

It is okay to have a scripted rebellion attack after you recruit 30 troops. They will most likely target your bunker. BUT! If you want to repel their attack, you can dismiss all the soldiers and close down every empty spot in every military structure including your palace.

You will want to wait about a month before issuing an “Lure Rebels” order so that all who survived the previous attack on your Mausoleum will do it now. There should only be around 20 men.

If you don’t succeed, try again. I did it in the second attempt as my first one had a civilian casualty.

If you think I’ve forgotten to mention anything, please let me now.

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