Trials of Fire – Power/Heroes Cards

Trials of Fire – Power/Heroes Cards 1 -
Trials of Fire – Power/Heroes Cards 1 -

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The Heroes Cards

Power Cards

Resourceful(Alchemist,S tier, low priority to upgrade): When you draw, draw one more and lose 1 resilience.

The 1st or 2nd important power source in this build.

One card draw one card is one thing. With this power the other hand, a single card draw two card is entirely another level. You can also use the resourceful on the occultist’s early game such as occultist mind blasts, call to the flames, draw two cards.

Plotting(Alchemist,S tier, mid priority to upgrade): when you create or draw cards, you may have 1 more option and grant 1(or 2 – defence,per card.

The 2nd or 1st key power source in this build.

Plotting can help with three things: defence deck manipulation during draw, and better quality of cards when designing them.

Note the occultist in the initial stages.

In the final game, plotting generally grants 30+ defense per round for the alchemist. Be aware that the maximum number of cards that you can hold is 6, and when combined with resourceful, you can easily overdraw. Therefore you can purposefully discard weakness card this way.

Experiments(Alchemist,A tier, low priority to upgrade): when you create or draw cards, you get 1 willpower.

The 3rd or 4th most crucial power source in this build.

This is a common dead card in the early game so don’t overthink it. In the late game, this is also optional to use.

Sheltered(Warrior,A tier, mid-high priority to upgrade): when you get defence from other heroes, +1 to all attacks, note that it does not reset after turn.

This is the third or fourth most important power in this build.

These four powers allow you to plot defense and draw quality, be resourceful when it comes to draw numbers, and do more damage.

Other alchemist powers: repeat resultwith high potential, this build, and double the fun, but cost too much and is a bit too much. Not recommended for cataclysm 10.

Other warrior powers: resilence(B tier), good defence card. Its on-play defence trigger’s power is sheltered.

Other occultist powers: irrelevant.

Basic Cards

Unstable Elixir(Alchemist,S tier,high priority to upgrade): create one(two if upgraded) basic card in hand, reduce cost by 1.

Metamorphosis’s most powerful synergy card. If you are in need of a fireball, create a random 3 cost card, if you are short on mana, make a random 1 cost card. If you have extra willpower and don’t know what you’re searching for, make an unintentional 2 cost card. Refer to the previous section for the metamorphosis table.

Don’t say goodbye.

Call the Flames, Mind Blast (Occultist):

Early game carry cards, works well with warrior’s passive, resourceful power and plotting ability. Alchemists are now able to carry the game.

Action Cards

Metamorphosis(Alchemist,S tier, high priority to upgrade): Preferred to have 2 copy in deck.

The first copy of the unstable elixir and metamorphosis are most important upgrades, the second copy is able to wait just a bit, but not too long. Because draw manipulation and the passive of alchemists tend to take charge of the second copy randomly.

Shattering Arrow(Alchemist,B tier, no priority to upgrade):

Inferior substittue for metamorphosis. Because in this build alchemist is able to have more cards in their hands, and with damage buffs from occultist such as demonic fury and dark gift, shielded from warriors, it does severe damage.

Smart Infection(Alchemist,C tier, no priority to upgrade):

It’s good to morph some random 2-cost card to 1-cost, it’s also good to morph smart infection into 2-cost fireball(guaranteed),it’s also good to smart infect all of your summons. Have it in the main deck if there is no better …..

Elixir of Power(Alchemist,D tier):

One card for one is worse than an unstable elixir. Don’t choose.

Frenzy potion(Alchemist,B tier, mid-high priority to upgrade):

Usually worse than an unstable elixir when it’s used to alchemist because alchemist’s hand are either too full or too empty, random 1-3 card is either not enough or be too many.

Other heroes can also use it to discard cards. It’s a benefit to the build, but isn’t vital.

Warrior Cards:

Bulwark, stride with a challenge Protect, Bulwark, (upgraded)parry, tackle are generally good, all cards that keep the team survive are generally good. The most useful warrior cards are found in items.

Offering(Occultist,S tier,mid priority to upgrade):

3 cards for 4 willpower active triggers for occultist removal of cards. Only occultist’s cards that are worth upgrading.

Firestep(Occultist,S tier):

Activate alchemist, alchemist draw 1(2 if resourceful). Passive random trigger for occultist between alchemists and occultists. Draw 4 on Alchemist.

Dark Gift(Occultist,A tier): Destroy a card in a friendly heroes’ hand and to grant that hero +2 damage and +4 defense.

Occultist’s passive, guaranteed trigger on alchemist(again resourceful). Enhance the quality of the deck by destroying an unwanted card from the alchemist.

Demonic Fury(Occultist,A tier):

Occultists’ passive random trigger between alchemists and occultists, a great early-mid-game carry.

Corrosive Temptation(Occultist,D tier): Magic attack 3, you gain acid and return to your hand.

It’s the D tier of the occultist. However, if the alchemist can transform the card. It will cost zero and 0 and 0, and with plotting’s defense on the alchemist, you can shot an opponent.

Signal Shot Hunter’s card If it can transform into a signal shot it will cost zero and activate all summons and cause some range damage—huge damages if there are summons on board.

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