Trials of Fire – Item Cards

Trials of Fire – Item Cards 4 -
Trials of Fire – Item Cards 4 -

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The Items

Different hero has different itemization strategy

Trials of Fire - Item Cards - the Items - 6FD1D87

The Carry The Alchemist, the carry

Green heavy armor, On the other hand, comes with 3 armor and one card. Blue/purple armor, however has half as much armor and half as many cards. This build isn’t possible without the use of the majority of cards from armor.

It is better to have 3 armor and one useless card than 5 armor and 3 useless cards. Green heavy armor is available. He might also find the armored Advance somewhat annoying.

This build doesn’t require weapons. Accessories are drawn from cards and offer some quality.

The deck contains four cards from equipment (3 cards for drawing and one from armor).

Trials of Fire - Item Cards - the Items - C695707

Trials of Fire - Item Cards - the Items - 6EAFC99

Supports for the warrior and the occultist:

Warriors and occultists wear heavy armor, however the occultists typically wear more since they can use a random god cards.

The weapon, accessories, and passive enabler (for alchemists, of course) are roughly Force Field.

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