Trials Fusion – All Challenges Guide

Trials Fusion – All Challenges Guide 1 -
Trials Fusion – All Challenges Guide 1 -

This video guide covers all 285 challenges in Trials Fusion. It is fully timestamped. It was a huge task to complete, but I also made this video to help others. Check out my other Trials Fusion video, which contains every Platinum Medal (including DLCs!):


Video and Timestamps

Each track pack contains the challenges, but YouTube and Steam have a limit on the characters. Here is a pastebin that contains specific times for each challenge. – []
[Greenhorn's Grove] – 0:47
[Arctic Open] – 14:34
[Urban Sprawl] – 29:32
[Cactus Challenge] – 44:26
[Rainforest Rumble] – 1:04:05
[Skill Showcase] – 1:14:42
[Expert's Club] – 1:32:18
[Master's Gauntlet] – 1:56:30
[Riders of the Rustlands] 2:28:51
[Empire of the Sky] 3:00:17
[Welcome To the Abyss] 3:37:45
[Fire in Deep] – 4:28:27
[Fault One Zero] – 5:07:49
[After the Incident] – 5 :52:07
[Redlynx and All-Stars – Redlynx] 6:28:30


Written by Uzzbuzz

This is all about Trials Fusion – All Challenges Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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