Trapped on Monster Island – Game Walkthrough

Trapped on Monster Island – “” Game Walkthrough 1 -
Trapped on Monster Island – “” Game Walkthrough 1 -
Description of how to achieve the game’s different endings and unlock the different gallery entries.


Game Overview

While it may not be immediately evident, there is a goal to the game. Once you reach the island, you are trying to escape by defeating the four guardian beasts at each of the island’s four shrines so you can go home. In order to do this, you will have to breed progressively stronger monsters to conquer new tribes of monsters, allowing you to then go and conquer more monsters. Yay! 
First step – go to the Kagura Games website, search for this game, and follow the steps to download the patch. This game is almost unplayable without it. 

Important Concepts



Each of the monster villages (except the Minotaurs) has a monster somewhere in the village that serves as a “shopkeeper”. You can spot them because they will not move. If you talk to them, they will offer you two different types of item. In order to pay for those items, you will have to breed with that monster the indicated number of times. This jumps time ahead, so be careful. While a lot of the items offered are consumables that buff your partner, some are useful items that make exploration easier. Some useful items you can find this way are: 

  • Demonic Beast – Map. Allows you to fast-travel to conquered villages. 
  • Giant Slug – Emergency Rations. Allows you to restore stamina without resting. 
  • Goblin – Exploration Set. Decreases stamina consumption from walking. 
  • Fairy – Mark. Basically a portable fast-travel point. 
  • Orc – Fruit of Finesse. Teaches monsters new skills. 
  • Tentacle – Fruit of Vitality. Makes monsters younger.

Each shopkeeper also stocks a different kind of seed. The price goes up each time you buy something. 

Time Progression

Every time you rest or breed with a monster, time advances. Typically, having 1 baby=1 year. This mostly matters because monsters age. If you allow too much time to pass, the monsters you have bred will die out and you will have to start raising that species again (if you need them), so keep an eye on the population. 

Interacting with Monsters

There are basically three ways to interact with monsters: 

  • In combat. Monsters appear randomly in the wild near their villages. If you lose and do not have a monster escorting you, they will kidnap you and take you back to their village. 
  • Blood bonding. More on that below. 
  • “Talking” to them. If you walk up to a monster in a village and select “talk”, you can choose to breed with it, unlocking a scene. If you rest in a monster village without another monster escorting you, the monsters will also breed with you (unlocks a different scene).


Blood Bonding

The optimized way to make stronger monsters. If you walk up to a monster and select “blood bonding”, you will see a condensed scene (does not unlock a scene) and breed with the monster. More useful – if you open your menu, you can see the list of monsters available to bond with, allowing you to choose the best one. 


Once you breed with a monster, that monster will protect you, preventing other monsters from breeding with you. There are several stages to pregnancy – you can move it along by resting, mating, or just skip straight to the end at any rest point. Once you give birth, you can choose to stay with your current partner or leave them, allowing you to get a new partner. 

Breeding Strong Monsters

Each generation of monsters gets progressively stronger (usually), gaining better stats and skills. In order to make stronger monsters quickly, leave your partner after you give birth, then go to your blood bonding menu and choose the strongest monster of the desired type to breed with. Each village has limited space as well, so you might need to wait for some of the older monsters to die off before you can accommodate more new ones. 


Combat is simple JRPG-style combat. Your character does not deal any damage, but supports your monster partner with skills. You are helpless by yourself, so you need a partner outside of conquered villages if you want to avoid being kidnapped. Probably the most important aspect of combat is elemental strength/weaknesses. Earth beats water, water beats fire, fire beats air, and air beats earth. Skills will say if they have an element. Monster elements are as follows: 

  • Earth – Demonic Beasts, Orcs 
  • Water – Giant Slugs, Tentacles 
  • Fire – Goblins, Minotaurs 
  • Air – Fairies


Walkthrough Part 1. Gathering Allies


The Ship / Island Arrival


  • After gaining control of your character, pick up the gem. 
  • Go south down the steps and give the gem to the rich woman, then go down the stairs to enter the ship. 
  • Talk to the sailors in here and enter the store room, then leave and go back to the ship’s deck. 
  • Head north, and you should be interrupted by another cutscene. 
  • Select “Yes” when the voice asks you if you want to escape. 
  • After washing up on the beach, loot the barrel to get your alternative outfits. 
  • Go north into the jungle and go through the long cutscene.


Demonic Beasts


  • When you can, start breeding with the Demonic Beasts to get a stronger partner. Make sure to use the blood bond menu to ensure you are selecting the strongest one each time. 
  • When you have a Demonic Beast that is ~12-15th generation, you can stop. 
  • Go south to exit the Demonic Beast cave. The Demonic Beast right outside is the shopkeeper – breed with him to get the “Island Map”, allowing you to fast-travel to previously-visited villages. 
  • With your strongest Beast in tow, head directly west from the cave entrance until you see another cave near a rest point. 
  • Enter the cave to find the Giant Slug village. Use your strongest earth skill to defeat the 3 slugs.


Giant Slugs


  • Start breeding with the Giant Slugs. 
  • Stop at the ~12-15th generation. 
  • Use the map to fast-travel to the Demonic Beast cave. Exit and head east, and then north until you find the Goblin village. 
  • Use your Giant Slug buddy to defeat the 3 Goblins.




  • Start breeding with the Goblins. 
  • Stop at the ~12-15th generation. 
  • Use the map to travel to the Demonic Beast cave. Head south and then east to find the Fairy village. 
  • Use your Goblin buddy to defeat the 3 Fairies.




  • Start breeding with the fairies. Stop at the ~12-15th generation. 
  • Use the map to travel to the Goblin village. The Orc village is sort of to the south. 
  • Use your Fairy to defeat the 3 Orcs.




  • Start breeding with the orcs. Stop at the ~12-15th generation. 
  • Travel to the Giant Slug village. Go west and then south to reach the Tentacle village. 
  • Use the Orc to beat the 3 Tentacles.




  • Start breeding with the tentacles. Stop at the ~12-15th generation. 
  • Travel to the Fairy village. Go east (you need an Orc) with you to move some boulders). 
  • After moving the boulder, go through the area to the cave. 
  • The volcano will remove 20 stamina unless you have a Tentacle partner. Go through the first door on the North wall to go back outside. 
  • Rest up at the rest area, then enter the other cave you can see to find the Minotaur village. 
  • Use a Tentacle partner to beat the Minotaur.




  • There is a Minotaur in the most southwest cave in the Minotaur village. 
  • Alternate breeding Fairies, Orcs, Tentacles, and Minotaurs until you have a ~12-15th generation Minotaur to prepare for the next stage and keep your monsters from dying out.


Walkthrough Part 2. Temple Run


Earth Temple


  • Travel to the Demonic Beast cave. 
  • Leave the cave, then go north to find the Earth Temple. 
  • Grab the Earth Orb.


Water Temple


  • Travel to the Goblin Village, then go east to find a river with a cave on the other side. 
  • Use a Tentacle partner to cross the river and enter the cave. 
  • Head north, keeping toward the left side of the map. Enter another cave to find a rest area. 
  • Switch your partner for a Fairy, then use them to lower the rope. 
  • Climb up the rope and exit the cave, then grab the Water Orb.


Fire Temple


  • Travel to the Minotaur village. Exit and head west to enter the volcano. Bringing a Tentacle partner is helpful to deal with the heat. 
  • After entering the volcano, head east and then south. Your goal is the room’s northeast corner. When you get there, go straight to reach a new area. 
  • Head north through this new room to find two exits. The west exit leads to a rest area. Go through the east exit. 
  • Grab the Fire Orb.


Air Temple


  • Travel to the Giant Slug village. From the first rest area (next to the shopkeeper), head north. 
  • When you reach a pool of water, go around it to the left, then follow the water stream into another cave area. 
  • Follow the tunnel, then head north towards the pale-colored water. 
  • Go straight to exit the water. If you have an Orc partner, they will restore your stamina after leaving the water. Go north to reach a new area. 
  • Continue north past the rest area to exit the cave. Grab the Air Orb.


Slaying the Guardians

All 4 Guardians need to be defeated within 5 years of beating the first one, so you should prepare before attempting it. Ideally you want a Fairy, Orc, Tentacle, and Minotaur that are each generation 15+. It is recommended to start saving in a separate save file once you start going for the boss run, and save after each boss. 

  • Use the Earth Orb to go to the Earth Temple with a Fairy companion and challenge the Golem. Use air element attacks to take it out. SAVE. 
  • Use the Water Orb to go to the Water Temple with an Orc companion and challenge the Lamia. Use earth element attacks. SAVE. 
  • Use the Fire Orb to go to the Fire Temple with a Tentacle companion and challenge the Dragon. Use water element attacks. SAVE. 
  • Use the Air Orb to go to the Air Temple with a Minotaur companion and challenge the Griffon. Use fire element attacks.


The End?


  • After defeating the fourth Guardian, the Goddess will ask if you want to stay or leave. If you want to see all of the endings, select “leave”, then reload your save and fight the last Guardian again, otherwise just choose “stay”. 
  • After the cutscene ends, you will be back on the island near the Demonic Beast cave. 
  • SAVE THE GAME. You can keep reloading this save to get each of the 7 different endings and unlock all the scenes.


Walkthrough Part 3. Post-Game Wrap-Up and Gallery Clear


Unlocking the Endings

The steps to unlock the endings for the Demonic Beasts, Giant Slugs, Goblins, Fairies, and Orcs are the same for each. After you get an ending, just reload your post-game save and go for the next one. Even though the game doesn’t save after each ending, your gallery will still update. For each of these species: 

  • Birth at least 10 monsters, 
  • Breed with at least 6 different monsters in that species’ village. DO NOT use the blood bond menu, it does not count. You have to walk up to a monster, choose talk, and then breed with it. This also unlocks scene #1 for that monster type. 
  • After completing the first two steps, rest in that species’ village without a partner to protect you, unlocking scene #2 for the monster type. After you give birth, choose to stay in that village to unlock the ending and final scene for that monster type.

To unlock the ending for Tentacles: 

  • Breed a Tentacle with the skill “Ecstasy Mucus”. If you are having trouble, use a “Seed of Finesse” on a higher-tier Tentacle to get the skill. 
  • Breed with at least 6 different monsters in the Tentacle village. Same rules apply as with the previous species, and this unlocks scene #1. 
  • After completing the first two steps, rest in the Tentacle village without a partner to unlock scene #2. After giving birth, choose to stay and unlock the final scene.

To unlock the ending for the Minotaurs: 

  • Find the “Engagement Ring”. Use the Fire Orb, then go south to enter the cave. Head into the cave exit to the left. Use an Orc partner to move the boulder and find the ring. 
  • Breed with the same Minotaur four times. Same rules apply as with previous species, and unlocks scene #1. 
  • Rest in the Minotaur village without a partner to unlock scene #2. 
  • When the Minotaur proposes, accept to unlock scene #3.


Frequently Asked Questions


I found a red/blue/green orb. What do they do?

No idea. I found three orbs in the following places: 

  • West of the Demonic Beast village with a Beast partner. Your partner will find the orb and give it to you. 
  • South of the Demonic Beast Village. Use a strong partner (Beast, Orc) to move the rock. 
  • South of the Goblin Village. In the beach area, use a Fairy partner to fly up a cliff.


How do I change my clothes/skin tan?

In your inventory, go to Items > Key Items, then select the outfit/tan you want. 

What do the seeds and fruit do?

Seeds increase your partner’s stats. The “Fruit of Vitality” makes your partner younger, and the “Fruit of Finesse” will give it a random skill it has not unlocked yet (if any). 

What do the hearts/stars next on monster status pages mean?

The star appears when you have 100 intimacy with a monster. I do not know what this does or what the heart means. 

I got the title “—– Princess”. What does this mean?

Each title corresponds to a monster race and gives you the ability “—– Breed Ban” for that race. The skill description says it prevents monsters of that type from breeding with anyone else, but they already can’t, so I’m not sure what this accomplishes, or how to unlock these titles in the first place. They just kind of happened for me and I was skipping the dialogue. 

How do I unlock more skills for my character?

You can unlock skills for the main character by doing the following things: 

  • Give birth 5/10 total times. 
  • Breed three times with a given species. 
  • Breed once with each of the seven different species. 
  • Reach an elemental level of 2.0 or greater in each element. This goes up when you give birth to monsters of the related element.


How do I skip dialogue?

Hold “CTRL”. This will skip dialogue in a lot of RPGMaker games. 

I found a “Love Nest”. What is it for?

Found between, the Demonic Beast, Fairy, Tentacle, and Slug villages, it allows you to quickly breed large numbers of monsters while taking up less time than normal (two per year instead of the normal one). This will not give you elemental XP, and you are breeding with the same monster each time, so the quality of each offspring will be one generation better than your current partner, but will not improve beyond that. It can be useful if you are really trying to optimize and want to pick the absolute best monster from each generation, but it is kind of easier to just keep breeding normally. 

My main character is really weak in combat. Is there any way to do damage with her?

No. The heroine’s combat stats do not increase, and she is basically guaranteed to lose any solo fight she ends up in. You should have a partner with you at all times if you are outside of a village you have conquered to protect you. The heroine’s true power is in her support abilities, some of which are really good. In particular, “First Aid” (breed 3 Giant Slugs) and “Massage” (breed 3 Minotaurs) are really solid support skills, though if your minion is hench enough they really won’t make much difference, as even the Guardians do not scale well against really high-level partners. 

Written by carlthekatt

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Trapped on Monster Island – “” Game Walkthrough; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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