Trackmania – Starter Access

Trackmania – Starter Access 1 -
Trackmania – Starter Access 1 -

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Access to Starter Access (available to anyone)

Starter access lets you access the current campaign and the official training campaign. Both are accessible by clicking ‘Play’ then the “Solo” tab.

  1. You can access the basic track and replay editor by clicking on the ‘Create” section.
  2. You can also design basic car skins with the editor in the game. However, you are not able to make use of them.
  3. You can connect to the internet servers for Royal Ranked Arcade, Royal Ranked, and Arcade Rooms.
  4. To find them, go to the main menu and click Play. Then, click on the Live tab.
  5. Royal and Ranked lets you invite your friends to play with you.

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  6. There are two servers that you can join in Arcade Rooms. One server changes between the current campaign tracks. Another server displays maps from the selected maps made by players and is updated every hour.
  7. There may be multiple servers for each of the options. If you’re looking for an opponent to play with, I suggest joining their game instead of connecting to the same server.

Note: That in-game chat is not available to players who don’t have paid access.

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