Tracery of Fate – Basic Gameplay and Tips

Tracery of Fate – Basic Gameplay and Tips 1 -
Tracery of Fate – Basic Gameplay and Tips 1 -

Something that will help you to explore the dying world of Alfira.

Some useful tips for the game

  • There are no usual quests like “go there and bring 10 skins of a killed wolf”, you will have to explore this world yourself, look for the books that will reveal to you the events of that time, old notes of the inhabitants, etc.
  • All interactive riddles or things are highlighted, but how to solve them you must guess by yourself. However you can disable this highlight is the settings.
  • The Book of Life in the Game Menu will become your assistant.
  • The Bane will slowly drain your life energy down.
  • You will have to find a Catalyst item to be able to activate the Stone of Life in the Lower Town.
  • Your actions will affect the world around you. After the activation of the Stone of Life, new monsters may appear to occupy the territory cleared from the Bane.
  • After the activation of the Stone of Life in the Ancient Vale area, a Priestess and a Merchant will be able to enter the area. The Altar of Souls and a Shrine will also be functional letting you to convert some of collected Souls Crystals into your passive skill upgrades.
  • There is a Shrine next to the Priestess. After returning the Relic to the Priestess, you will get additional active weapon skill to choose from.
  • During the combat you will gain special energy called Anger. It is displayed above the health bar. When you will have enough Anger Points to charge your active skill on a certain weapon its’ mark will start glowing. You may spend it to charge the selected active ability of the weapon.
  • Merchant can increase the capacity of your pouches and unlock new item types but will ask you for the Schematics.
  • There are two slots on your body where several consumable pouches are located. On your chest there is a slot for healing and recovering consumables. On your left hip however there is a slot for mines and grenades.
  • You will run out of bullets but they can be restored with Arsenal in each Sentinel Stronghold. A stone showcase with a glass. You will find it shortly before leaving the Tutorial dungeon. By the way consumables are automatically refilled during the purchase from the merchant.


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