Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – How to create HORSE Units

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – How to create HORSE Units 2 -
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – How to create HORSE Units 2 -
In this guide you will know how to make horse units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator


Video Tutorial



Although video has subtitles, I will write instructions also here just in case. 
– First, enter in the Workshop and look for a faction called “Horses Caballos Morrión” (if you’re asking, ‘caballos’ means ‘horses’ in spanish and Morrión is my name). 
– Select the faction tab and choose my faction. It has a yellow horse icon. 
– Like the faction, install and subscribe to it and then download an editable copy, so you can modify the units I created. 
– The faction will appear in ‘Custom Content’. 
– The units you have downloaded are named EDIT from 1 to 8 and Horse 1-2, Gold 3-4, Silver 5-6 and Team 7-8. 
– You can’t edit units with the hose icon, because the game will bug. You can only edit units called EDIT. These units are the horsemen associated each one to the horse with the same number. If you edit the unit called EDIT1 and you place the Horse 1 in a map, the ♥♥♥♥ will appear with the unit EDIT1 and with all the changes you’ve made to it. 
– Horse 1 and 2 have no armor and 400hp, 3 and 4 golden armor and 700hp, 5 and 6 silver armor and 700hp, 7 and 8 team color armor and 500hp. So in total, you can have 8 different types of horseman at the same time in a game. 
– In the video I put examples of units I created myself 
Thanks for following this tutorial! 
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Deleting the Units

If you want to delete my units: 
– First, unsuscribe from the faction. 
– Delete units in the units tabs in ‘Custom Content’. 
– Enter the game directory (Right click to the game in the library, local files tab, explore button. 
Usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Totally Accurate Battle Simulator). 
– Enter TotallyAccurateBattleSimulator_Data, Custom Content, CustomUnits. 
– Find the units folders (11111110, 11111111, 22222220, 22222221, 33333330, 33333331, 77777770, 77777771, 88888880, 88888881, 99999990, 99999991, 453453453, 453453454, 1492149292, 1492149294) and delete them. 

Written by Morrión

This is all about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – How to create HORSE Units; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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