Total War: WARHAMMER III – What are Trials of Fate and Units Available?

Total War: WARHAMMER III – What are Trials of Fate and Units Available? 3 -
Total War: WARHAMMER III – What are Trials of Fate and Units Available? 3 -

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This guide may not cover the absolute best way to beat the trials, and it is far from the only one.
But this is how I managed to obtain over 100,000 on each trial on the first try with very little effort. This demonstrates the viability of the strategies outlined here.

What are Trials of Fate?

This is a new gamemode for TW: Warhammer 3 that offers a few worthless achievements and new parts. Daniel the Daemon Princess Use it in your campaign! Of course, everyone plays Daniel.

Total War: WARHAMMER III - What are Trials of Fate and Units Available? - What are Trials of Fate? - 14753FE

There are five tests: Black Fire Pass Hel Fenn Fallen Gates

Altar of Ultimate Darkness

Realm of Tzeentch.

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The goal is to earn at minimum 100,000 points in each trial to get all of the Daniel components and an achievement. (There are actually several achievements.) You can complete the trials in any sequence and at any point.

You earn points for killing waves of enemies.

The trial continues until your units are all dead, routed or you choose End Trial from the pause option.

Available Units

In each of the 5 trials, you must use the exact same premade army. What you start with, is what you end up with. There are no additional reinforcements available for the player.

Army list:

Kysis Crystal-King

Your lord – a daemon Prince of Tzeentch. A flying spellcaster who has a massive health pool (21,458) and 700 barrier. He only has 10 armor and pathetic melee stats.

Bound abilities:

Gaze of Fate, 3 uses. Stops one enemy unit from moving. Also gives a -40 attack at melee range.

Gehenna’s Golden Globe, 2 uses. This is a powerful wind spell that deals 100% armor-piercing damages.

Spells (Overcast available for all):

Pink Fire of Tzeentch , a breath spell.

Tzeentch’s Firestorm – a spell that creates multiple small vortexes.

Infernal Gateway – a powerful stationary spell. If it hits, a single overcast will kill a majority of infantry.

Laozi, Lord of Liars

Your hero: a Tzeentch cultist. A spellcaster on the ground. Just as weak at melee as the lord but slower and with a smaller health pool.

Bound abilities:

Magma Storm, 2 uses. A stationary vortex with a large diameter and an extremely powerful power.

Greater Gate of Tzeentch , 1 use. Summons Lord of Change. Summoned unit is timed out and will die eventually.

Gate of Tzeentch, 1 use. Summons Pink Horrors. The summoned units will eventually die due to timeout.


Flame Storm, a moving vortex spell.

Burning Bolts that Pierce through the Skin A spell of bombardment.

Burning Head – a wind magic. Good for destroying infantry with low armour.

Non-hero/lord units

Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch , 5 units. A good lineholder unit. Shield for missile defense.

Chosen of Tzeentch , 2 units. Elite infantry with large armour-piercing capability.

Exalted pink horrors of Tzeentch , 2 units. Solid ranged units with decent melee statistics

Chaos Knights of Tzeentch , 2 units. Can be used as a flanking weapon or to shut down missiles.

Doom Knights of Tzeentch , 1 unit. Flying cavalry is used against enemy air forces or as ground knights.

Soul Grinder (Tzeentch), 1 unit. Melee Monster with good ranged attack.

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