Total War: WARHAMMER III – Console Commands & Modding Tutorial

Total War: WARHAMMER III – Console Commands & Modding Tutorial 1 -
Total War: WARHAMMER III – Console Commands & Modding Tutorial 1 -

I honestly don’t understand why I was asked to create another guide for this mod. It’s just copied and pasted, guys. It’s there. Because the ‘alt-tab” guide at the top is unique because the only way to get there would be to search the web for the page, this cuts down on the extra time spent searching (or (depending on your internet speed) when you could be spouting blood for your version Khorne.

This Stuff

This adds many commands that can be used to help with mod creation and testing. Enter the order in a text box. The new button is located at the top left (. See screenshot). Press the button to the right to perform it.

Total War: WARHAMMER III - Console Commands & Modding Tutorial - Them Stuffs - CCE768C

List of DB keys and where to find them –

Some commands have arguments in italic, and you must provide a valid value there. Use wh_main_emp_empire rather than faction_key

Give gold number – giving the player a number of gold (.) can also be damaging. If you select a settlement, it will give gold the faction that owns the settlement.

Give gold – gives 50000 Gold to the Player, same faction as above.

fow on – fogs of war

fff – fog of war off

am – Restore selected points of char movement

mov – Gives the selected character a buff with bonus motion points (after you have ended the turn)

move off – Removes the buff with bonus motion points from the selected character (after you have completed the turn)

au unit_key number – Add number of units with unit_key for selected army*

au unit_key – Add unit with unit_key for selected army*

Add axp to any unit of a selected army.

Add axp to select units of the army – Add 1 rank.

Add xp to selected character – Increase the number of XP points for that character.

Primary number – Set the primary slot level for a region to the number

primary – Set primary slot level for the selected region to maximum

region – grants 1000 growth, 1000 Horde growth, and 1 turn build speed for all player regions

region off – Turns off region

gr – Gives the player ownership of the chosen region

gr faction_key – gives faction_key ownership over the selected region. If a faction has no regions or armies on a map, you can’t provide them with one. Instead, spawn them an Army first

Abandon – The region is left to its own devices

Kill – Kills (or injures if immortal) the chosen character and his army

Technology – Gives the player +2000% research speed.

technology number – gives the player number% research speeds (can also turn out to be negative)

Technology off – Remove the technology bonuses

Global rec number – Changes the player’s global recruiting time by how many turns (use a negative value to lower)

Global rec off – Remove the global recruitment time bonuses

Healing number – This process determines the health of each unit within the chosen army. It can be between 0-100

to_pool agent_key subtype_key – Adds a lord into the player faction recruit pool. The name won’t be filled out and the character won’t be immortal. Cross-race stuff won’t work without table adjustments. See link below for Lords.

item ancillary_key- Gives the player an (ancillary key that characters can equip). Mounts won’t work because some items are culture-locked.

tele – First select a character. Next select another character or a settlement to be a teleport target. After that, type tele to teleport the character

at trait_key – Adds a trait the selected character, e.g. add trait wh2_dlc09_trait_defeated_settra

Trait_key points – For traits with multiple levels

rt trait_key – removes a trait

Subtype faction_key units can be spawned – This will spawn an army next to a selected character or settlement. Use one of the generals instead
subtypes[ – [] – []

], faction_key, and units are
Optional – []

Here are more command descriptions since I reached the workshop word limit – []






Agent agent_type agent_subtype

bb building_key



cinv, cinv2

Show css, Show mp, Export Map

bbf, add ancillary skills, reset skills, eliminate skill

under, runder, eb, reb, feb, rfeb, ingred, legend

Commands relating to resources will likely require one of the pooled resources.

res pooled_res_key numbers – Add the number of a pooled_res_keys to the player faction (.) can be negative; see the
Discussion thread – []

For a complete list of keys, click here

hef_inf Number – Gives the player a faction boost that increases the number of High Elf influences per turn. It can also be negative

hef_inf Off – Remove the High Elf influence bonuses

Give slaves number – gives number of slaves to player faction. It gives 10000 slaves if it is not used with a number

Other_res Number – This is a way to modify chivalry. Type other_resnum to adjust how many you get each turn. You don’t have to specify the resource name.

Diplomacy commands can be used to disable fog of war and allow you to choose any region.

alliance – Make a military alliance to the owner of the character or settlement currently selected

Peace – Make peace with the owner or the character of the selected settlement or character

Trade – Make a trade agreement to the owner of the character or settlement currently selected.

confederate – confederate is the owner or character of the current selected settlement or character

war – Starts a battle between the player (or the owner) of the current settlement or character

Vassal- Something like the above

Milaccess – Military access

defiance – a defensive alliance

Alliance2, peace2, trade2, confederate2, War2, vassal2, miaccess2, defalliance2- The same commands as above, but can target any 2 factions and not necessarily the player faction. To do this, select the first region, select the second region and type the command (, for example, war2.

Commands for executing Lua code – []

: lua, e, ee

Commands for printing game information – []

Information, more information, comps, coords, and dump UI

For example, you can type ” give gold” without a /) in the chat text box and you will get 50000 gold.

Helpful tip: You can type commands outside of the textbox and then paste them in.

Some commands, such as unit giving or char movement points, work but you will need to reselect it to see it in UI. The UI doesn’t automatically refresh.

*For cross-faction stuff, it is possible for spawned units to T-pose during battle and LLs not to work. This means they will require table edits which is beyond the scope/purpose of this mod.

Mandras has contributed some code.


Compatible with all script mods. If the text box in the screenshot does ‘t show up for you, it is likely that another script mod has bugged out. This then breaks script mods such as this one. Unsub the mod and sub to force a download to test it out.

MP compatible. If you don’t feel safe with your friends, don’t play with them.

List of DB keys and where to find them –

If you don’t have WH3 Steam[ – [] – []


Required Mod To Use Commands – []


You most likely have the mod installed if you are reading this. Think about it. Click the link to go to his website to purchase cuifi.

Total War: WARHAMMER III - Console Commands & Modding Tutorial - BUY THIS MAN SOME COFFEE - 6ADC535


Written by Pandora’s box

This is about Total War: WARHAMMER III – Console Commands & Modding Tutorial; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel we should add more information or we forget/make a mistake, please let us know via commenting below and thanks! See you soon!

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