Total War: WARHAMMER III – Chinese Voting Down This Game

Total War: WARHAMMER III – Chinese Voting Down This Game 1 -
Total War: WARHAMMER III – Chinese Voting Down This Game 1 -

Because someone’s annoying marketing;

NO Political Discussion Here



If you really love Total War, or Warhammer, or just this game, and you may found over 45% Negative reviews on the first day of release.
Then you checked all the reviews, of all languages, so you get lots of Chinese words and you may not understand why.
That’s true. Even you use google translate you may still not be able to get the point. Because (maybe) only Chinese players are experiencing this S*** marketing and they are only talking about the result, not reason.
So, I’m a Chinese studying in UK and I would try to explain this issue in English so the world knows what they have done.
And, why I’m posting this in “guide” section? I want more people to understand the issue. Post in review of the game or discussion board will not be found by you, because they are ranked in some way. This is not the best place for the issue, but best place for me to tell you the story.

So, What Happend??

I don’t know that was who’s idea, CA? SEGA? To be fair I would use THEY to represent the marketing team.
One month (approximately) before this game is released to normal players on Steam, in China, the game was given to many (note I didn’t use “some”, academically) streamers of a streaming platform, a similar version of YouTube.
And this is what I observed:
1. They are streaming the game for unlimited hours
2. They are uploading gaming strategy videos and recordings of every factions in the game of whole campaign game-play.
3. A wide range of streamers are playing.
4. A wide range of community are discussing the game.
This is what I heard, I can’t verify but I believe it can be true:
THEY are giving the game for free to a extremely large range of streamers, even they have not played Total War or know anything about Warhammer before.
Reason is simple, this is just marketing. Paying some streamers, get more players that out of the Total War and Warhammer community.

And why people feel angry

Yes, you think people can choose not to watch those streamers.
Just get the game for a bit late may not make you angry.
But image:
One of your friends, maybe only play CS, LOL, PUBG, and he just know nothing about Total War or Warhammer, ask you if you have heard about this game.
You say yes and pre-ordered.
And he started trying to discuss some game-play and strategy of the game. And then —
“What? You haven’t played the game yet!?”
This is funny. And this is a marketing strategy that some Chinese media using, in progress, to sell some 1 dollar dolls by 1000.
The release time of the game is 8:00 in London, but 16:00 in China. And this is the first week that school starts term 2 in China, people don’t have much stuff to work on.
So they have to wait the whole day
You understand, if THEY want to make the release time same over the world, 8 in London is exactly 16 in China.
But considering streamers are already playing happily for a month, it starts to be unfair a bit.
Especially the game added nothing on the release day and the performance of the program is not improved. What pre-ordered guys got, is almost same as what THEY give to streamers ONE MONTH AGO.
Especially streamers got SSD and good graphic card, some players may not, their experience of the game is even worth than what they watched, or known, one month ago.

What I think

Please tell me if I written anything wrong. But no political discussion, no opposing without evidence.
I’m not the type of player that loves watching videos, I prefer playing the game myself.
I just feel funny for the marketing. But chasing for money is what THEY should be doing. That’s fair.
But what I don’t like is what I got for the price.
The performance of the game program is still not good enough.
Lacking of factions and units.
Old factions are not playable for now.
A Taiwan guy said that the marketing will result in more players, which means more game contents in the future. That might be true, but for political reason, you might know what will happen.
I wish this is true. If my money spent for pre-ordering went to those streamer’s pocket, THEY should return them in future, by adding more content, instead of developing one and another charged DLCs.

Written by AsunoHikari

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Total War: WARHAMMER III – Chinese Voting Down This Game, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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