tModLoader – Crafting Items and Types of Weapon

tModLoader – Crafting Items and Types of  Weapon 1 -
tModLoader – Crafting Items and Types of Weapon 1 -

This is The Ultimate Azuraria Guide! Your one stop shop for all things Azuraria!
This guide will follow progress and crafting! and will be updated along with the mod!

Crafting Items!

Azuraria has many crafting items, artillery are rather complicated after all.
Early Game!
Early game is home to the T0 guns, these belong to no faction, and represent humanities effort to fight off the sirens before the shipgirl leak.
The first Gun you’ll be able to craft is the Loose Cannon, crafted with only wood and iron, this cannon is from years pasted, during the age of sail, the damage is low, but at least its something.
Rusty Steel
Although not the safest, rusted steal is still stronger than iron, its crafted with any iron bar and stone, it can be used to make lots of lower quality weapons.
Steel Bar
Refined steel is made by combining rusted steel in a forge, this can be used to craft much more advanced weapons and items, it forms the backbone of crafting Kansen weapons.
Duct Tape
Early during your adventure, you might not have access to welding, so we use tape! its made with glowsticks and bottled water, make sure you dont sniff any of the glue while your crafting!
Gun Parts
Duct tape and rusty steel can only get you so far, youll need to craft gun parts sooner or later. these include Breaches, Cradles and Gun sights. These are made with steel and tape, and will be used in almost all guns for the majority of your adventure.
Advanced Gun Parts
These are parts of mid-later game weapons, these include Small and Large Torpedo Tanks, Powder Kegs, Welding Wire as well as HE, AP and SAP shells. These are crafted with steel and hardmode ores, as well as explosive pixie dust.

Weapon Types!

Weapons in Azuraria are grouped into 4 main types, and can then me broken down further from there. This section will roughly go over them!
Destroyer Guns
Destroyers tend to have high DPS, but low alpha damage. Destroyers also carry lots of volatile torpedoes, secondary projectiles that deal high damage. Some Destroyers may favour their guns over their torpedoes, and visa versa.
Cruiser Guns
Cruisers act as the middle ground between Destroyers and Battleships, they have more powerful and numerous guns than Destroyers, but lack the high damage of Battleships. Cruisers may also carry torpedoes and Floatplane Tenders. Cruisers may feature lots of high damage torpedoes, these are known as Light Cruisers or Torpedo Cruisers. However, Cruisers may ditch the torpedoes entirely and opt into large guns and powerful secondaries, these are Heavy Cruisers, but may also step the line into Battlecruisers.
Battlecruiser Guns
Occupying a strange place in ship design, Battlecruisers can boaster guns similar to those of Battleships, although they may be less numerous, or they may give up secondaries for the damage of their Main Battery.
Battleship Guns
Battleship guns take the cake for some of the largest guns ever made, they tend to have very high alpha damage but lack impressive fire rates. Battleships also have very powerful secondaries, comparable to the main batteries of Light Cruisers or Destroyers. They also common have Floatplane tenders, or sometimes a small torpedo tubes.
Aircraft Carriers
Aircraft Carriers, or simply Carriers get their damage from the large airwing. Carriers can deal constant damage, applying debuffs to opponents. Carriers may also have Anti Aircraft guns, or simple Artillery, similar to that of Destroyers, These are called Light Carriers, while carries that focus on a large airwing are called Fleet Carriers or Heavy Carriers.
The silent killers of the ocean, submarines are able to sink below the waves and avoid all damage and aggression. Submarines carry large amounts of Torpedoes that deal extremely high damage These are called Attack Submarines, While some Submarines also carry Destroyer sized artillery and various AA guns, as well as occasionally Floatplane tenders, these are called Cruiser Submarines. in each case, submarines are always the last to fire, with torpedo fire rates often almost 2 seconds.

Written by Lotus (SSB-47)

This is all about tModLoader – Crafting Items and Types of Weapon; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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