Time Wasters – Tips How to Get More XP

Time Wasters – Tips How to Get More XP 7 - steamlists.com
Time Wasters – Tips How to Get More XP 7 - steamlists.com

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Time Wasters – Tips How to Get More XP Following this guide each steps.

Have you ever been killed by enemies because you didn’t have enough health, or don’t deal enough damage? It’s likely because you don’t have enough xp. But of course, there are ways to earn a lot more xp. This guide will help you to get xp faster.

1# Gold Bugs

Time Wasters - Tips How to Get More XP - 1# Gold Bugs - E6128A3 These semi-enemies appear to be there to annoy and steal the xp. But that’s not true. They are actually vaults. They collect xp and multiplies it. Having said that we don’t know exactly how much they multiply the xp. What we are certain of is that it multiplies it higher than 1.0x. In the event of killing the gold bug, it releases all the money it earned.

When should you kill it? It should be killed before the first boss becomes active. If you kill it too soon you won’t earn any xp.

2# Upgrading Powerups

Time Wasters - Tips How to Get More XP - 2# Upgrading Powerups - 28B844B Gaining more xp isn’t the most efficient way to do so. You will require a lot of Space Cubes to make an important difference in your xp. You can only upgrade Captain Powerups to upgrade Gold Powerups.

There are 3 Gold Powerups.

Gold Find: Earn more xp/gold when you pick them up (Possibly the most valuable gold upgrade)

Asteroid gold Gold: More gold and xp from asteroids. (A mid-upgrade).

The SS Gold Bug Vault The vault’s pickup multiplier is increased (The most efficient gold upgrade)

It is recommended to upgrade SS Gold Bug Vault and Gold Find powerups. Asteroid Gold is kind of mid-range because asteroids don’t have a lot of gold to begin with. Space Cubes are another reason why planets shouldn’t be upgraded. You might be able to upgrade their initial powerups, but their later powerups don’t need to be upgraded.

3# Swarms of Enemy

Time Wasters - Tips How to Get More XP - 3# Enemy Swarms - BEEF403

Enemy Swarms are a great way to gain lots of gold/xp and are useful in the beginning of the game. Enemy Swarms as I prefer to refer to them, are ships that surround you after a certain amount of waves. The first ships to spawn at wave 5 are the Enemy Swarms.

Red ships are extremely weak in defense. They have low health and can spawn in large groups and that’s the reason they are so successful in earning gold and xp.

-White ships on the other hand are more effective in terms of defense. They’re the stronger versions of the red ships, which means they’re more difficult to farm for xp/gold, but they still give the same amount as the red ships.

4# Asteroids

Time Wasters - Tips How to Get More XP - 4# Asteroids - EEA82EC It is one of the least effective methods to earn xp/gold. Why? First asteroids only drop a small amount of gold. They’re useless after the second boss. But they are still good in giving xp during the early in the game.

5# Bosses

Time Wasters - Tips How to Get More XP - 5# Bosses - 5E322BD

This is pretty straightforward The xp you earn is earned once you take down the bosses. You don’t get a lot in xp, but atleast you get space cubes so you can use that to upgrade powerups.

6# Planet/Gold Refinery

Time Wasters - Tips How to Get More XP - 6# Planet/Gold Refinary - A13FC51 It’s one of the most ineffective methods to earn xp. It’s probably not upgraded. It can make a big difference if it’s upgraded, but it’s not that much. There are two options: either stay in the planet’s zone to obtain slightly gold or collect the vault once in a while.


This guide will change when more information becomes available, however, since there isn’t a wiki at the moment, all information comes from playing the game. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything or did something wrong 🙂

We hope you found it useful; it has been our pleasure to walk you through the Time Wasters – Tips How to Get More XP. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions for how we can improve this page, do let us know in the comments. I appreciate your time and effort, and I wish you a wonderful day! FoundCrab, the post creator and author, served as an inspiration for this entry. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website on a regular basis for more posts.

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