Time Wasters – Rapid Fire Tips and Tricks

Time Wasters – Rapid Fire Tips and Tricks 1 - steamlists.com
Time Wasters – Rapid Fire Tips and Tricks 1 - steamlists.com

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These are quick tips and tricks to help you get through the champion wave.

Rapid Fire

If you’re just starting do not stress about beating higher levels of waves. Make sure you have enough space cubes to buy permanent upgrades. These upgrades are refundable so you can decide what you want.

Captains regardless of the captain you’re using, increase their weapon to level 3 to give yourself an early advantage. (For instance, I begin with Azurene’s plasma and plan to acquire Corrosia’s slime and Raven’s missiles. So, I have these three captain’s weapons at level 3.

Planet upgrades by having the gold planet unlocked can help get higher levels faster, as long as you stay within the radius and the gold vault pick ups.

Try to find the best version of weapons as quickly as possible! Try to concentrate on just one weapon at a. The time cube shop helps tremendously. To upgrade the weapons faster, I recommend re-rolling the time cube shop.

Pay attentively to the timers of space, time cubes, and gold! Pick them up as soon as possible to reduce downtime. Be cautious in case the waves become too thick.

The slime of Corrosia and the boxing glove are the most effective weapons to survive the tougher waves. Corrosia’s slime slows down anyone trying to get your butt tapped, and Ram’s boxing gloves knocking anyone who is foolish out of your face. Would also make a swirl using Corrosia’s slime, creating layers of slow waves when they get particularly thick and spicy towards the close. Note, you do NOT need Ram in your crew slot His boxing gloves are sufficient. Would prefer super plasma and certainly super missiles than super boxing gloves.

For DPS my personal favorites is Azurene and the new Raven however I don’t think it’s too important… I think… Also, the Power-Ups upgrade to weapon damage, critical chance and critical damage help to get rid of the mobs more quickly.

Space cube chance, the space cube from elite powers ups, will help stockpile space cubes quicker to unlock more upgrades!

That’s how I managed to beat the champion wave! I hope you found this useful.

Personally, I’d like to keep Raven’s and Corrosia’s weapon levels at 3 so that I can add them to my team with weapons that are already powerful.

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