They Are Billions – Campaign Guide + Technology Unlocked + Beginners Guide [2021]

They Are Billions – Campaign Guide + Technology Unlocked + Beginners Guide [2021] 1 -
They Are Billions – Campaign Guide + Technology Unlocked + Beginners Guide [2021] 1 -
This guide is to inform new players on how to navigate through the campaign with minimal keyboard smashing.



In the Campaign of They Are Billions, the technologies you unlock will more or less determine your play style. Once you successfully complete a mission, you will be unable to reset your tech tree. 
You unlock new technologies by acquiring research points from Colony and Tactical Missions. 
You have three mission types during the campaign 

  • Colony Missions: The core game mode, build a prosperous colony while fending off swarms of infected
  • Tactical Missions: Use your hero to explore pre-apocalypse bunkers and factories to acquire new technology
  • Imperial Army Missions: Deploy Imperial Army Units to destroy a swarm of the infected


Technology Tree

The Full Tech Tree with no purchases 
They Are Billions - Campaign Guide + Technology Unlocked + Beginners Guide [2021] 

Word of Caution

The first technologies available to you look excellent on paper. For a small amount of research points you can purchase technology that provides you with additional starting units. An extra ranger, soldier, or sniper can allow greater map control. You will have an easier time getting resources (wood, stone, and oil) at the start of a mission. Mercenaries I and Mercenaries II will make the first five minutes of a mission much easier. 
I would caution against purchasing these tech slots as they are of diminishing value at higher levels. An extra ranger or soldier does not compare to having access to new building or unit types. When swarms go from numbering a few dozen to a few hundred, I would rather have better fortifications. 
Tech Slots that are useful in first five minutes but diminish in value later in the mission. The tech slots also lead to technological dead ends, purchasing it does not lead to new or better technologies. 
10. points Mercenaries I = +1 Ranger 
10. points Mercenaries II = +1 Sniper 
10. points Military Training = +1 Soldier +20% Defensive Barriers 
08. points Professional Soldier = +1 Soldier 
For 380 research points you get one additional Ranger, one Sniper, and two Soldiers at the start of every mission. Helpful in first few missions, but purchasing them costs other more useful technologies. 

First Technology to Unlock

They Are Billions - Campaign Guide + Technology Unlocked + Beginners Guide [2021] - First Technology to Unlock 
After completing the first colony mission (Hidden Valley) and tactical mission (Last Bunker), you will have saved 370 research points, enough to purchase two items from technology tree. 
With 360 Research Points, I purchased the [ Assault Rifle 120 pts ] and [ Expert Construction 240 pts ]. 
1. [Assault Rifle] – Unlocks the Soldier Unit 

  • As stated in the tooltip, this is one of the most versatile units in the game
  • This unit has armor that allows it to weather swarms more effectively than rangers
  • The Soldier has short range but can fire his weapon at a higher rate

2. [Expert Construction] – Unlock the wood workshop building, which allows you to build cottage housing 

  • This is a prerequisite tech for [cereal farming] and [commerce]
  • Building cottages will allow you to house more colonists than tents


First Five Technologies I unlocked in my Second Campaign

I started a new campaign because I handicapped myself with my chosen technologies 
This tech tree progression allows the player to access powerful units and buildings later in the campaign. 
Technology List 
1. Assault Rifle 
2. Expert Workshop 
3. Cereal Farming 
4. Commerce 
5. Logistics 
Tech Tree Progression on Second Campaign 
They Are Billions - Campaign Guide + Technology Unlocked + Beginners Guide [2021] 

Technology: Logistics Branch

Logistics is a technology once unlocked leads to a fantastic set of new technologies. The daily supply train will now drop off raw resources with every visit. 
The full technology branch is Gold Transport, Wood Transport, Stone Transport, Iron Transport, Oil Transport, Ingot Transport, and Artillery Transport 
It is really the first three of these technologies we will concern ourselves 

  • Gold Transport: +200 Gold every 24 hours
  • Wood Transport: +15 Wood every 24 hours
  • Stone Transport: +8 Stone every 24 hours

I can’t overstate how useful Stone Transport is in building a colony 

  • Most players attempt to rush a soldiers center, to recruit the rangers and soldiers necessary to establish map control.
  • The stone required to build a soldiers centers is usually located a short but significant distance away.
  • The Stone Quarry that will need to be built will be far outside a defensive perimeter, and may be vulnerable on multiple sides.
  • With stone transport, you will have received 24 stone by your 4th supply train. You can build that soldiers center and start pumping out rangers before even building a Quarry.


Technology: Shock Weaponry


Technology 3


Technology 4


Technology 5


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