theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa – A Guide for the grind

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa – A Guide for the grind 1 -
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa – A Guide for the grind 1 -
A guide to get your first or next diamond or rare Fallow Deer on Te Awaroa. Spots, mechanics and the most effective practices explained.

If you get a trophy with the help of this guide, make sure to post it in the comments and so i know it works. I would love to see all your trophies! 🙂

Happy Hunting!


The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa – A guide for the grind


Trophy Fallow Deer? What’s That?


There are two kinds of of animals that can be considered trophy animals: 

Diamond scoring Fallow Deer:

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa - A Guide for the grind 
A Fallow Deer scores diamond if it reaches a score of 251.7. Only Level 5 Fallow Deers (and in really rare cases also level 4) can reach diamond. You don’t need to waste time trying to shoot the level 3 Fallow thinking it’s a diamond. 

Rare Furtype Fallow Deer:

There is 3 rare Fallow Deer furtypes. They are piebald, albino and melanistic. 
Piebalds are not that easy to spot on first glance, but a second look should make you wonder why this animal suddelny has white spots 😉 theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa - A Guide for the grind 
Albinos are really easy to spot. See a white Fallow Deer? Shoot it! 
Melanistic Fallow Deer are my personal favourite, but also really rare. If one of your Fallows looks like a black Fallow Deer, there is a high chance it’s a melanistic 😉 


The most important thing in this game to get your trophy animal is the place. Animals spawn all across the map, but different animals have different areas where they will appear. 
For hunting trophy animals (Diamonds and Rares), its the easiest to intercept the animals while they are drinking. Drinkzones are pretty similar from map to map because the animals are limited by the places they can go. This practice is a great way of getting your Fallow Deer Trophy on this map since there are many open areas around lakes and shores. 


But a common problem with this map is that Fallow Deer arrive very late to their drinking spots. Its common that you will wait 1.5 ingame hours for most of them to arrive, some take even longer. 

The Spots

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa - A Guide for the grind 
In the picture above you can see the best spots on which you will find Fallow Deer on Te Awaroa. 
#1 – This spot is not really well known, but harbours some of the best Fallow Deer on most maps because of this. On both these lakes you can expect 5-10 Male Fallow Deer Drinking in their drink times 
#2- This spot is a very well known spot across the community. It will hold up to 10 Fallow Deer Bucks per drinktime and it is very easy to spot them since there is almost no trees around. If you find a server (unless you are on your singleplayer map), and no Fallow Deer drinkzones have been discovered here, make sure to check it out! 
#3- This spot is also very well known and it holds a great variety of different animals due to its position in the middle of the map. While you will at best find 5-7 Fallow Deer Bucks drinking here, chances are high you will run across some other animal trophy here. On all the maps I have seen Fallow Deer have only been seen drinking on the east side of the river here, they will travel to the other side however. 
#4- This spot is a gem for a high quantity of Fallow Deer herds. If you start at the west side of this zone and walk east alongside the coast you will find guaranteed Fallow Deer herds drinking here. If you travel the entire coast here you will come across atleast 9 Fallow Deer Bucks drinking. 
#5- This is a really good spot, I personally have gotten many Diamonds here. It is also a spot that barely gets hunted on multiplayer games, so make sure to check this one out! 
#6- This is a spot thats not easy to hunt. There is not many Fallow Deer here and you have to run a long distance. The most usual run starts at the west outpost and goes along the shore towards the bridge to zone #4. The beauty of this spot is that its almost NEVER hunted in multiplayer maps, and also barely on singleplayer maps. This makes it a good candidate for spawning trophy animals. When I first discsovered this spot, I had been grinding the other spots for weeks. My first run here produced 1 Diamond, 2 level 5 Trolls and 3 high scoring Golds. if you have never been here, make sure to check it out! 

Singleplayer Grind

The singleplayer grind can be a long and tidious process, but can produce some of the best Trophys in this game. Here are some things you have to consider: 

The process


Singleplayer grinding differs a great deal from multiplayer hunting. The biggest difference is that you will be hunting this map for the entire time you play this game, so you have to treat it this way. 
Spawning System 
The spawning system in COTW works like this: If you shoot a Gold male Fallow Deer (for example), the game will respawn this Fallow Deer as a male Fallow Deer, but with a different score. This way it is possible for the gold male Fallow Deer to respawn as a Diamond male Fallow Deer, but NOT as a Silver female Fallow Deer. They can become a different score, but never a different gender. 
Drink Zones 
You have to treat your drinkzones well in order for them to not despawn. You can shoot a max of 4 animals (or 16 if you shoot from a tripod) in an area to not delete your zones. If you shoot more than this your zones will dissapear. However this is not the end of the world. A deleted zone will be randomly regenerated in the general area of the old zone. Just check the next drink time and you will find animals in the general area again. 
will be deleted once you shoot every animal in the herd in a short period of time, even if the hunting pressure is not too high. This comes really into play when you have drinkzones of solo male Fallow Deer. If you shoot the deer, it will delete the zone. They should be in the general area again next time, but it can cause some zones to move to different areas. 


If you have the Tent DLC it will help you out a great deal. Below is a picture for my favourite tent spots to get from hotspot to hotspot quick. 
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa - A Guide for the grind 
In my opinion you don’t need any other tents than these to effectively grind for Fallow Deer. But really its all personal preference. Make the grind as easy as you can, so it wont be such a hassle to run from the outposts to the spots, that would take alot of precious hunting time. 


Tripods are really useful when hunting for Fallows in their drinktime. You will be able to kill 16 Animals from it instead of only 4 if you dont use a tripod. Its totally possible to carry one with you and deploy it when you see some Fallow Deer. There is a spooking distance for the Tripod, but it is very small compared to Tents. 
For some more useful tipps for singleplayer hunting make sure to check out the last section of this guide. 

Multiplayer Grind

The multiplayer grind is most of the times more effective than singleplayer grinding, but it has some disadvantages. 

The perfect server

…does not exist 
But you can get really close! Make sure to look for servers with following traits: 
1. Servers with low playercounts! So other hunters will not disturb your hunt. 
2. Servers with owners that have a low hunter level. These servers are usually hosted by newer players that have most likely not checked your favourite spots for trophys yet. HOWEVER make sure to give them some tipps if their server proves to hold a trophy for you! And if you see a Trophy you dont want/you already have, make sure to tell them abut it. This way they can learn the game and maybe you even make their day with a nice diamond or rare 🙂 

Written by Fives

Hope you enjoy the Guide about theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – The Fallow Deer Of Te Awaroa – A Guide for the grind, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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