Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Multi Battle Tips

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Multi Battle Tips 1 -
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Multi Battle Tips 1 -

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Final Bar of Theatrhythm Line offers exciting opportunities for fierce, competitive multiplayer fun! It can take some time to get your head around these challenges, especially if there are many. The requirements to win a Multi Battle become clearer each time you participate.


Multi Battle Tips

The most important factor determining who wins a Multi Battle is rhythm. If you can achieve the best timing and provide protection for those moments when you fail, you will be able rake in the wins.


Rhythmic precision is crucial.

The single-player mode of Theatrhythm could make players too comfortable. You should be able complete most quests if you have the right party with enough critical hits. You can also complete a music stage even if you don’t have the best rhythm. If you have enough items and a healer, you can. Theatrhythm rewards RPG experience and knowledge, making it very accommodating for single-player content. Multi Battles, however, are a competition for rhythmic and musical skills.

Multi Battles are about recognizing that your opponents can achieve a score just as important as yours. You need to be more realistic. Each Rainbow Critical decision is a step closer to our goal. Anything less than that allows your rivals to pass you.

A rhythm that is perfect for bursts is essential. Timing modifiers such as Mini Triggers or Judgment can open you up to attack from lower-skill opponents, allowing them to gain an advantage. Please master timing your responses during these bursts. However, you can reduce the damage caused by these bursts by having a good supply of Rainbow Critical hits.


Recruit A Healer To Your Party

Multi Battle is the worst thing that can happen to you. The knockout penalty will take away some of your points and could even make you lose to other players. Even for highly skilled players, avoiding being knocked out by bursts like Chocobo Stampede or HP Swap is more complicated.

Add a character specializing in healing to your team to avoid a penalty. These characters will help you regain your health and prevent you from being knocked out. Defense types can also be helpful as they have abilities that significantly reduce enemy damage. Last, characters of the Hunter type have abilities to avoid damage if not timing correctly.

When putting together your party, looking for the following abilities in any character is important. You can experiment with various characters and abilities until you find the Multi-Battle party best suited to your needs.


Ability Commonly Associated Character Type Effect Target Times Usable Activation
Brace Defense Type Keeps the party from being knocked out with 1% HP Party 1 If you take enough damage to have your health bar empty
Mighty Guard Defense Type Greatly reduces damage taken. Active until the end of the MS. Party 1 When the song is half over
Full Cure Healer Type Restores 100% of the HP Gauge Party 1 When your health bar drops below 15%
Curaga Healer Type Restores 50% of the HP Gauge Party 1 When your health bar drops below 30%
Mirage Hunter Type Avoids Damage Party 6 When a Trigger earns a Bad or worse (50% chance of success)
Regen Healer Type Restores a tiny amount of HP with every trigger hit. Active until the end of the MS Party 1 When the MS begins
Blink Hunter Type Avoids Damage Party 4 When a Trigger earns a Bad or worse

Summon stones can restore your burst gauge.

No matter what burst rules you may have, these tips will help you win Multi Battles. You can also use your summon stone to gain an advantage in Multi Battles that require bursts. Summon stones can have effects that increase your party’s attack and damage. This allows them to take down more foes and speeds up the filling of their burst gauge. Some summon stones can also increase the speed at which the burst gauge returns to its original state. This effect will ensure that your burst gauge fills faster, which can cause your opponents to feel a lot more pressure and even lead to them losing.

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