The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Witcher 3 – Best Quest Story Order

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Witcher 3 – Best Quest Story Order 1 -
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Witcher 3 – Best Quest Story Order 1 -
This Quest guide advises as to when Quests should be begun, not to when they should be completed. This is due to some Quest objectives being spread over a large geographic area.
Furthermore, the order is chosen based on my own preferences for the most logical story.

Quest Interconnected:
^Quest is connected to the one above.
^^Quest continuation marker

Quest Type (Level)
M = Main Quest
S = Secondary Quest
C = Witcher Contract




QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
Kaer MorhenKaer MorhenM(-)
Lilac and GooseberriesWhite OrchardM(-)
Twisted FirestarterWhite OrchardS(-)
A Frying Pan, Spick and SpanWhite OrchardS(-)
The Beast of White OrchardWhite OrchardM(3)
Precious CargoWhite OrchardS(-)
Contract: Devil by the WellWhite OrchardC(2)
Missing in ActionWhite OrchardS(-)
The Incident at White OrchardWhite OrchardM(2)
Imperial AudienceVizimaM(2)


Act I


QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
Funeral PyresMurbydaleS(3)
Bitter HarvestPontar Border PostS(9)
Man’s Best FriendNortheast of Inn at the CrossroadsS(-)
At the Mercy of StrangersGreyrocksS(-)
The Nilfgaardian ConnectionHeathertonM(5)
Wild at HeartBlackboughS(7)
Defender of the FaithSouth of BlackboughS(10)
Bloody BaronCrow’s PerchM(6)
Family MattersCrow’s PerchM(6)
^Ciri’s RoomCrow’s PerchS(5)
^Princess in DistressBlackboughM(5)
Master ArmorersCrow’s PerchS(24)
Contract: ShriekerCrow’s PerchC(8)
Face Me if You Dare!South of Crow’s PerchS(25)
The VolunteerWhite Eagle FortS(13)
Death by FireNorthWest of Codger’s QuarryS(10)
Defender of the FaithSouth of BlackboughS(10)
Lynch MobHangman’s AlleyS(7)
Hunting a WitchMidcopseM(5)
Wandering in the DarkThe MireM(6)
^Magic LampThe MireS(6)
Love Cruel Snares?CondyleS(10)
Last RitesBlackboughS(9)
Contract: Jenny O’ the WoodsMidcopseC(10)
An Invitation of Keira MetzMidcopseS(6)
^A Towerful of MiceFyke IsleS(6)
Forefathers’ EveFyke IsleS(7)
A Favor for a FriendMidcopseS(6)
^For the Advancement of LearningFyke IsleS(8)
A Greedy GodWastrel ManorS(7)
Highwayman’s CacheEast of Boatmakers’ HutS(-)
A Dog’s LifeSouth of Boatmakers’ HutS(5)
Contract: The Merry WidowLidenvaleC(10)
The Fall of the House of ReardonLidenvaleS(6)
Ghosts of the PastReardon ManorS(6)
Hazardous GoodsEast of LidenvaleS(-)
Fools’ GoldLurtchS(6)
Ladies of the WoodCrookback BogM(6)
The Whispering HillockCrossroadsM(5)
^^Forefathers’ EveCrookback BogS(7)
Contract: Swamp ThingCrookback BogC(12)
Return to Crookback BogDownwarrenS(9)
Witcher WannabeLidenvaleS(10)
Contract: Woodland BeastPontar Border PostC(6)




QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
Contract: The White LadyDrahim CastleC(16)
Pyres of NovigradNovigradM(10)
Novigrad DreamingNovigradM(7)
^Haunted HouseNovigradS(7)
Broken FlowersNovigradM(11)
Message from an Old DriendHierarch Square (Book Store)S(-)
Contract: An Elusive ThiefTretogor GateC(13)
Face Me if You Dare! (Contd)South of Tretogor GateS(25)
Following the ThreadNovigradS(11)
Contract: Deadly DelightsCanal BridgeC(15)
Black PearlHarborsideS(13)
Get JuniorNovigradM(12)
^Honor Among ThievesWhoreson Junior’s CasinoS(9)
^The Gangs of NovigradNovigradS(9)
Empty CoopEast of Honeyfill MeadworksS(-)
A Barnful of TroubleCarstenS(11)
^^Get Junior (Contd)Temerian HideoutM(12)
^^Get Junior (Contd)OxenfurtS(12)
A Favor for RadovidOxenfurtM(9)
Redania’s Most WantedEst TayiarS(12)
An Eye for an EyeTemerian HideoutS(12)
Novigrad HospitalityNovigrad-Oxenfurt RoadS(12)
Spooked MareNovigrad-Oxenfurt RoadS(12)
Fencing LessonsVar Attre VillaS(12)
The Flame of HatredNovigradS(10)
A Feast for CrowsThe BitsS(20)
Count Reuven’s TreasureNovigradM(12)
Drunken RabbleThe Golden SturgeonS(8)
A Walk on the WaterfrontHarborsideS(12)
The Play’s the ThingNovigradM(11)
A Poet Under PressureNovigradM(13)
Little RedYantraS(15)
Contract: The Apiarian PhantomHoneyfill MeadworksC(14)
A Dangerous GameRosemary and ThymeS(12)
CabaretRosemary and ThymeS(14)
^^Face Me if You Dare! (Contd)HarborsideS(25)
Carnal SinsVilmerius HospitalS(16)
The Nobleman StatuetteNovigradS(14)
The Soldier StatuetteNovigradS(14)
A Matter of Life and DeathThe BitsS(12)
Of Dairy and DarknessAbandoned ManorS(9)
Novigrad, Closed City I/IINovigradS(11)
A Tome EntombedNovigrad SewersS(13)
The Dwarven Document DilemmaFarcornersS(2)
Now or NeverNovigradS(14)
A Deadly PlotPassifloraS(14)
Out On Your Arse!HarborsideS(14)
Warhouse of WoeHarborsideS(13)
Destination: SkelligeHarborsideM(16)




QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
The King is Dead – Long Live the KingKaer TroldeM(16)
Contract: Muire D’YaeblenKaer TroldeC(18)
The Family BladeKaer TroldeM(17)
Echoes of the PastDruid’s CampM(17)
Missing PersonsLofotenM(15)
NamelessFreya’s GardenM(14)
^In Wolf’s ClothingFreya’s GardenS(25)
Taken as a LassFreya’s GardenS(25)
For Fame and GloryLarvikS(15)
Contract: Strange BeastLarvikC(16)
The Mysterious PassengerLarvikS(14)
The Last WishLarvikS(15)
Contract: Missing MinersBlandareC(27)
The Sad Tale of the Grossbart BrothersBlandareS(26)
Practicum in Advanced AlchemyGedyneithS(24)
Shock TherapyGedyneithS(24)
Adandoned SawmillSouthWest of GedyneithS(24)
Armed AssaultSouthWest of GedyneithS(15)
The NithingRannvaigS(14)
Contract: Missing SonRannvaigC(29)
Contract: Here Comes the GroomSpikeroogC(19)
Master of the ArenaSpikeroogS(14)
The Path of WarriorsAn SkelligS(16)
The Tower Outta NowheresAn SkelligS(30)
Contract: In the Heart of the WoodsFayrlundC(22)
Contract: The Phantom of EldbergArinbjornC(17)
^^Black PearlArinbjornS(13)
Stranger in a Strange LandKaer MuireS(14)
The Cave of DreamsSoutheast of Kaer MuireS(14)
A Hallowed HornKaer MuireS(12)
The Lord of UndvikUndvikS(17)
^^Master Armorers (Contd)UndvikS(24)
Iron MaidenHarvikenS(19)
The Price of HonorHarvikenS(14)
^^Following the Thread(Contd)Faroe IsleS(11)
Contract: DragonFyresdalC(28)
Contract: Skellige’s Most WantedFyresdalC(29)
Peace DisturbedSouthEast of Kaer TroldeS(25)
An Unpaid DebtKaer TroldeS(15)
King’s GambitKaer TroldeS(18)




QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
^^Black Pearl (Contd)HarborsideS(13)
^^Following the Thread (Contd)NovigradS(11)
Of Swords and DumplingsGlory LaneS(24)
Contract: Doors Slamming ShutKingfisher InnC(24)




QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
Contract: Missing BrotherInn at the CrossroadsC(33)
^^Master Armorers (Contd)Crow’s PerchS(24)
Contract: The Griffin from the HighlandsCrow’s PerchC(24)


Act II


QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
Ugly BabyCrow’s PerchM(19)
DisturbanceKaer MorhenM(-)
The Final TrialKaer MorhenM(19)
To Bait a ForktailKaer MorhenM(19)
The BastionKaer MorhenS(23)
Monster SlayerKaer MorhenS(26)
Greenhouse EffectKaer MorhenS(27)
Berengar’s BladeKaer MorhenS(27)
The Witchers’ ForgeKaer MorhenS(30)
No Place Like HomeKaer MorhenM(19)
Va Fail, ElaineKaer MorhenM(19)
Brothers in Arms: NilfgaardVizimaM(22)
Blood TiesNilfgaardian CampS(12)
Contract: Patrol Gone MissingNilfgaardian CampC(7)
The Truth is in the StarsBenekS(-)
Contract: Phantom of the Trade RouteBenekC(23)
Contract: Mysterious TracksLidenvaleC(20)
Contract: The Mystery of the BywaysOretonC(22)
Contract: The Beast of HonortonOretonC(25)
^Where the Cat and Wolf PlayHonortonS(25)
^Take What You WantHonortonS(25)
Contract: The Oxfenfurt DrunkOxenfurtC(26)
Rough NeighborhoodOxenfurtS(10)
Without a TraceOxenfurtHos-S(32)
Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt ForestOxenfurtC(35)
Brothers in Arms: NovigradTemerian HideoutM(22)
Contract: Lord of the WoodCunny of the GooseC(25)
Brothers in Arms: NovigradNovigradM(22)
Brothers in Arms: SkelligeSkelligeM(22)
The Isle of MistsUndvikM(22)
The Battle of Kaer MorhenKaer MorhenM(24)
Blood on the BattlefieldKaer MorhenM(20)




QuestLocationQuest Type (Level)
Bald MountainBald MountainM(26)
Final PreparationsNovigradM(-)
Blindingly ObviousNovigradM(28)
Reason of StateNovigradS(30)
Evil’s Soft First TouchesThe Seven CatsHoS-M(32)
Rose on a Red FieldGarin EstateHoS-S(33)
Open Sesame!Auction HouseHoS-M(34)
Avid CollectorAuction HouseHoS-S(34)
Dead Man’s PartyBrunwichHoS-M(33)
^A Midnight ClearBrunwichHoS-S(33)
Scenes from a MarriageVon Everec EstateHoS-M(35)
Whatsoever a Man Soweth…The AlchemyHoS-M(36)
The Great EscapeNovigradM(28)
Through Time and SpaceNovigradM(26)
Battle PreparationsNovigradM(28)
The SunstoneSkelligeM(28)
Child of the Elder BloodSkelligeM(31)
Skjall’s GraveHindarsfjallM(28)
Veni Vidi VigoSkelligeM(28)
On Thin IceUndvikM(30)
Tedd Deireadh, The Final AgeUndvikM(30)
Something Ends, Something BeginsWhite OrchardM(30)
Faithful FriendWhite OrchardS(30)


Written by Takashi

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Witcher 3 – Best Quest Story Order, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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